The Lies We Tell Ourselves Become Our Truth

My observation has led me to believe that I’ve been living a lie.

We all are.

And if we lie to ourselves long enough we come to believe our repeated lies that either bring fear or love into our lives.

This became clear when revisited the idea that my life is just a reflection of my focus.

The heavy head, dry throat, body tension & fatigue, limited air intake when I wake up in the morning…but wait a minute, I said to myself as the sleep begins to wear off, I’m sure I slept sober last night.

My thoughts begin to clear and that’s when I realised that the previous day’s emotional disease not only refused to phase off with my transition from my conscious to dream state but – like all thoughts we hold on to for long periods, manifested into the body.

I immediately identified this imbalance and began putting a principle I learned that can fix this for me.

“Focus on how you would like things to be rather than how things were/ are.”

Since I had images of wealth in reserve, images I am currently, progressively working on making my physical reality, I started fueling my lungs with emotions of joy, faith, love, gratitude, hope, pride…deceit?

I was lying to myself.

A lie I continue to invite others to embrace and practice religiously, pun intented.

How can I tell people to lie to theirselves, the same lie was processing through my veins just a moment ago, when I was not feeling the happy feelings of joy, love, etc, when all my body is giving me feedbacj that all is not as well as it should be?

I should be ashamed.

…then again isn’t everyone doing this?

Isn’t eveyone lying to themselves?

“I can’t do this and that.”

“I’m ugly.”

“I’m going to be successful.”

“I’m sick.”

“I love you.”

All the above are lies that can change in a split second, some take time for us to believe, but when we do we begin to live them.

(c) Musa Tshoaele

What Is Really The Source Of Your Money?

From John Harricharan <> another Foster Hibbard message:

#3 The Money Source by Foster Hibbard

When you think about the source of your money, the most natural thought would be an employer, customers, clients or patients.

Instinctively, these would be the answers for most and all of these answers would be wrong.

It is important to realize that everything comes from within us.

Where does love come from?

Love returns to us measured in the amount that we radiate out.

Does health come from doctors and prescriptions?


Health emanates from within us to the degree that we concentrate upon health and all that it entails.

And, finally, financial success is within us.

To the degree that we pour out loving service will money come pouring back to us.

Love, health, success and money are nothing more than a mirrored reflection of whatever is within us.

The Universe can only mirror what we give out.

John is the award-winning author of the bestseller, “When You Can Walk On Water, Take the Boat,” and creator of the ground-breaking “PowerPause” system for success.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

"You Have Absolute Control Over But One Thing, And That Is Your Thoughts."

“Believe and succeed.”

What is even more effective than believing & acting like the person you want to become is eventually coming to a place of a deep Knowing.
Knowing that you are and therefore becoming that very person.

Progressively shifting from a place of believing that you are, to a place of Knowing that you are.

Coming to a point of not needing anything outside of yourself to define who you are, because you have already defined who you are from within.

This comes through repeated grateful, relaxed, joyous and passionate self suggestion.

“I know I am, I know I am, I know I am, and it makes me happy & grateful!”

Knowledge Is Power.

Intentionally expect the best in yourself in a relaxed, comfortable manner.

Going with the flow of the voice within and trusting in its guidance & truth.

There is something that I noticed with the ignorant, those who lack the knowledge, who have the perception that only harm would come to them if they were to come to the township, for example.

The harm they expect is the harm they get.

Backed up with the desire, determination to see it become real is a prayer of grateful thanks to you and your family. Blessings that are sent into the Universe that come back to the source with the same emotion but this time in tangible form.

Every creation by us is a blessing.

Every constant thought backed up by a strong feeling is a prayer.

That is why it is written that every prayer is answer, not by God per say but by you.

“By thought we are giving it, by action we receive it.”Wallace Wattles.

Much like Mark 9v23.

It is in opening ourselves up to opportunity after coming from a space of gratefuly receiving and owning the thing, that we begin attracting ourselves to the thing we choose to become, do and have, and it us.

Miracles originate from a state of mind of belief, and it is even better when you know.

Just like when an effect manifests, caused by an earlier vibrational signal whether conscious or subconcious, we sometimes say (if we are honest with ourselves sometimes – in some mystical way – we admit this to ourselves, softly, internally that): “I knew it!”

You knew it, and that’s why it happened.

It is through our own thoughts, through own feelings, through our our words and action that we subject ourselves over and over again to the negative and the positive we are exposed to in our lives.

Only an open mind can begin to understand and want to know why and how it can change this.

Constant Knowing is stronger that constant believing because with a constant belief you have a space for doubt, whereas with a constant knowing your manifestation signal is strong, air tight and powerful.

Every other energy unit – all things are energy, see E = mc2 – around us therefore has no other choice BUT to reciprocate our constant vibes and return back to us the thing we desire, through the vibrations we send out.

We’re at all times vibrating to a certain vibration.

It is in this vibration that we create our experience$.

This is called the creative process, which can be manipulated to our advantage.

So even as I wrote thus I was in the creative process, something is going to manifest from these thoughts that I had.

And even as You are reading this right now, you are in the creative process, something Is going to manifest from your vibrational state.

It has been discovered that the most powerful vibrational object comes from one’s mind/ thoughts, see ““Think & Grow Rich,” Chapter 13 The Brain – A Broadcasting And Receiving Station For Thought

“We are what we think about.”

So what are you thinking about?

How are you thinking about it?

Is how you are thinking giving you the results you are experiencing?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to achieve better results than the ones you have right now?

It’s only wishful thinking if you don’t have the open mind to entertain change, this idea of real freedom.

Because it can be different…if you want it to be, and are willing to take the necessary steps to make it so.

Here is a book that you can read, because what is needed here is a change of mindset, I am changing my mindset by changing my perception – and When You Can Walk On Water Use The Boat does this so perfectly you can’t help but want to learn more.

And that’s why I’m here 😀

If you don’t have the open mind to read this, the results will not be as fruitful as if you were.

All the best to your Pursuit Of Happiness!

I love you.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

"Suffering Will Only Teach You That You Didn’t Have To Suffer In The First Place."

“I learned that no matter how bad things appeared to be, if you choose to change them and if you have a sense of purpose, you can overcome.

It’s in remembering and applying what you’ve already learned that you find the answers to your present problems.”John Harricharan

With that said, learn not to curse your creations – what you are currently experiencing & have experienced are of your own creations*, because it is in cursing them that you are then cursing yourself. And thus find yourself in a negative space, that will from there only produce more negative manifestations.

A Creative Spirit always creates, it is always creating.

Because that is all it is.

Exactly that, Creative.

What this Creative Energy attracts as an effect are creations which, come to think about it, are neither “good” or “bad.”

We – Creative Spirits, living within a physical body – are the ones who say whether one thing is bad because it hurts or whether it’s good because it feels good.

To find out what is true to us we must see to how it feels to us from our soul’s perspective, and not allow our mind to “tell” us how we should be feeling.

We have built in navigational systems that tells us, and at times scream to us through our gut feelings, intuitions, instincts & still small voices that, at one time, where allowed to openly guide us through the first steps we took on this earth but now are silenced even before they speak to us by anything & everything that we could get our “ears” on.

{When was the last time you played make-believe with yourself and had an intensional “out of body” experience, like seeing yourself reading this blog entry as if you’re standing at the corner of the room?

Looking at your posture, facial expressions and hearing your thoughts and feelings, what would you say to yourself in gently guidance, and loving support, & suggest you do to make you feel even better?}

Hence the overly “wonderful” experiences we have come to live with every passing day of our God forsaken lives.

God forsakes nothing.

This is just another of our self loathing creations taught to us by sources of which we have held so highly that they begin to resemble the demi gods they still warn us against worshiping.

I do not have all the answers.

I do, though, have all of MY answers, and I choose not to shove my truth down your throat until you come to accepting them as your own.

What I can do though is show you to the place that can leads to your own Truth.

To point for you that place.

And that place is within.

And when the time comes for you to own, understand, accept and become your Truth, you will come to see that your Truth is the Universal Truth.

Your Truth is intrinsically My Truth.

Because there is only one of us.

Because when I give to you, I give to myself.

When I take from you, I take from myself.

“Do unto others, what you want others to do unto you.”

And when these deeds come from a space of Love, all that you and I can only receive IS Love.

Love is all that Is, and all that Is is made off the stuff we are made off therefore All That Is, is the Love We Are.

We, you & I, are love.

And I love you.

Now do you see why every non-loving act brings to us so much pain, hurt & struggle, amongst others?

Because it’s not who we are.

* If you do not have the open mind to willingly accept this, then you immediately accept life as it is, Appearance Vs. Truth, even though it is said that “for every shadow there is life. For the shadow to be there, life has to also exist.”

The mind is like a missile guiding system, all that it notices and become its reality is were the focus is, and thus will hit it dead on.

Change your focus – through persistently, gently working on programming the mind with this new habit that can only be mastered through practise – and you change your outcomes.

“Listen to you heart and soul in your quiet times and you’ll see how much you remember and how much you really know.”When You Can Walk on Water, Use the Boat

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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