The Magic Of Believing Success Is Assured

You wouldn’t say but in life the only barriers we come across are the ones we set for ourselves.

We limit ourselves because we either tell ourselves that it won’t work (whatever “it” is – usually it’s guidance from God) in anyways even before we actually tried it or we get concerned about what the other person would say of thing about us as we strive for what we want.

Most of the life transforming, income generating, perfect relationship building, physical health stimulating, career advancing ideas never materialize because they only happen in the mind.

I’ve come to see that the only thing responsible for my success, or lack thereof, is my limiting thinking and limiting beliefs on how I should or shouldn’t go about becoming a success, a high achiever.

We must find a way around these limiting beliefs and one way to do this is through action.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” – Susan Jeffers

Another way of breaking through the concerns we have taught ourselves to accept is to imagine it going the way we would want it.

This reminds of the coach telling some footballer in the movie Any Given Sunday that he must see it before he does it, “See it before you do it!”

‘Cause you see what’s cool about that – emotional, vivid, clear, sensory visualization – is that if you do it well and often enough, you become an expert in something that you haven’t done at a physical level.

An expert in your own mind. And once you own it here *pointing at head* then the next level of existence is its materialization.

Imagine and imagine and imagine it until we have the confidence to doing it on the physical plane.

I also found that one needs courage to even begin to apply the steps I offered above, but then again we have God as a resident cheerleader for that exact reason.

Ask God for guidance and the courage and strength to act on that guidance. Jesus did, and look what a difference we are told he made – and still is, making in the world.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010. All rights reserved

Neville’s Lazy Person’s Guide to Riches & Success

I read a book where the author suggests I sleep my way into success. Not in the scandalous way that some would akin sex and success with, but literally using my nap time to achieve success.

The doctor who wrote this book calls it “Nevillizing” your goal. Which is a process of visualizing what you want to achieve, as you are about to go to sleep.

But not just visualizing the desired goal but activating all five senses as you visualize.

Take owing that beautiful house you want, but have no idea how you are going to pay for it, for example, what would you see as you are walking through it? What sounds do you hear as you approach the sliding door or balcony leading you to the lawn or ocean view outside? How do the rooms smells like? What favourite dish do you smell your chef cooking? What does it taste like? Do you feel the heat of your fireplace or the cool air con against your skin?

Keep in mind that the “how” you will leave for the Divine forces to deal with, what you will be focusing on with this exercise is the desire and clarity of detail in the “what” of your desire.

Feel the realness of each of your senses as you proceed, in your mind’s eye, to whatever location you want to explore in your mental home, feeling yourself going through your home, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling and feeling, with such intensity that must feel like, as you are drifting off to sleep, that you are in that very house right there and then.

Going over and over this sensory, vivid images in your mind until you drift off to sleep (this mental game can be applied with matter goal you would like see resolved in whatever area, be it money, health, relationships, etc), and every time you go to sleep, night after night, making it a point to practice this “emotionalized” visualization & falling asleep in that state – would produce for you miraculous outcomes that are in harmony with the clarity of your nightime conjuring, that will blow you mind.

I guess the idea was so thrilling to me that I ended up attracting the guy that “originated” the idea. In fact I believe Neville Goddard held evening seminars dedicated to the using vivid of imaginations, triggering as much pleasing senses & crystal clear creativity as you can, to achieve whatever desire you want. Having personally experienced and receiving testimony from others to back this up.

Go to this link to download a 2 part audio of Neville’s Goddard’s technique to success.

It’s too good to be true, and since I am one who does that which most call going against the grain, I am opening my mind to the idea of using the “creative power of my imagination” to mold life as I what it to be.

It’s past 3:10 am and I feel every time I “do” what I feel needs to be done so to generate the income to pay off my expenses at the end of the month it feels off-ish.

I told myself, after quitting my job last month, that I will use the principles Infinite Intelligence inspires me to use so to produce the effortless, unlimited, liberating results the corporate life wasn’t not producing for me.

The “experienced,” the “qualified,” the “experts” talk about how there are no short cut to success, yet they seem to ignore how this friend of mine continues to repeat in his videos, audios and reading material he left for me that “what the mind of man can conceive, and believe – the mind of man can achieve.”

“A belief is only a thought you keep thinking.” – Abraham, The Vortex

“Beliefs are how we create reality.” – Dr. Joe Vitale, [affiliate link] Spiritual Marketing

I have been doing, and doing, and doing not allowing myself to just be. And begin to vibrate into a new, higher vibration that matches my desired goal. Allowing Inspiration to guide me through this manifesting process with the ease and flow I believe all success should came by.

We got sold the idea of how success should be hard for us & scoff at others who successes come easily for them, associating criminal or scandalous acts as the reason behind their achievements in our jealously.

And yet I still say, “What the mind of man can conceive, and believe – the mind of man can achieve.”

Hear what this friend of mine has to say about his version of “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Riches” & I dare you to be one of the few who will commit themselves to practicing this manifestation process until the unbelievable results show.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010. All rights reserved.

Why The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

He calls it scripting.

How he writes out a detailed perfect day he would rather be living rather than his current experience at that time.

With him putting emphasis on the positive feelings he would feel if he were to be receiving, right now, the things he is scripting about.

I tried it this morning, it felt good.

He claims that every script he wrote on his journal that is dedicated for scripting became an actual experience.

I mean what do I have to lose?

(I have found the magic in the results does come from the methods themselves but from the intention behind the methods.)

Any excuse to feel good right now I am taking.

Who knows, maybe if I script out a joyful relationship with my mother, filled with a deep seated love, happiness & laughter I would be helping God co-create it for me.

(c) 2010 Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Mind The Happiness, The Only Place Where True Happiness Can Be Found

Visualizing myself doing something successful or visualizing a particular future event play out to my benefit has stopped me from setting myself up for failure.

Because my attitude towards it will not be of one who is already defeated but of one who sees herself/ himself as one who is a champion.

Acting it out “again” in life would just be a formality because I would have “already” won, in the mind.

You can be anyone, do & have anything you want in your mind, and if these images of positivity are held with positive emotions and the intent to make real in the physical, God will show you how.

All you need to do is to take the inspired action that comes to you in the form of a hunch, instinct, inspiration.

That is God speaking to you, instead of you to Him, and for you to receive all you need to do is take action, especially if this act makes you uncomfortable.

For success lies at the end of your comfort zone.

For success to appear in the physical, it must first be created in the spiritual – that being your mind.

Like Mindset Expert Shelby Collinge put it: “Worry Is A Prayer Of What You Don’t Want.”

And God answers ALL prayers, most of which we reject because in taking action would take us out of our comfort zone.

At times He speaks so softly that we would need to remove ourselves from noise and find a spot where we even clear all thought and become intimately aware of our breathing, and wait patiently until the voice or idea – which we might even claim as our own – comes to us from within.

An act of going within to find God that takes patients and persistence to master…and courage too.

All the answers you need are within.

Some of which come in the form of visualizing for success (from a house chore to a board meeting presentation), instead of using visualizing for failure which leads to fear, doubt, worry – mental blockers of success.

We tend to go back to our experiences or something someone we held highly said about a particular event in our lives which led to an unwanted outcome.

And it is that outcome we project into the future when something similar arises in our lives.

“It always happens like this, I know it!”

And so it shall, not realising that faith in failure will produce that outcome just like faith in success will produce its corresponding outcome.

It’s the movie we play, influence by the people we hang out most with, the tv programmes we watch, the news, and what we say that inspires us to act – at times unconsciously – with the sponsor thought of negativity.

All we can ever create are negative results.

When on the other hand reading and implementing positive, inspiring, motivational, loving information and associating oneself with successful people can only lead to happiness.

Which I believe every human seeks, not knowing that it can be found within. And there’s no need to chase it.

If you see it in the mind with the intentional emotional purpose to acquire it (no matter how “unrealistic” it way seem), a way will be shown to you. All that is needed from you is to act when it shows up.

“By thought the thing you want is brought to you, by action you receive it.” ~ Wallace Wattles

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele, Copyright (c) 2009 – All rights reserved.

Imagine Yourself Successful

Imagine Yourself Successful.

Always picture yourself successful.

Visualize the person you desire to become.

Set aside time each day to be alone and undisturbed.

Get comfortable and relax.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your desires and goals.

See yourself in this new environment, capable and self-confident.

Reflect On Your Past Successes.

Every success, be it large or small, is proof that you are capable of achieving more success.

Celebrate each success.

You can recall it when you begin to lose faith in yourself.

Set Definite Goals.

Have a clear direction of where you want to go.

Be aware when you begin to deviate from these goals and take immediate action.

Respond Positively To Life.

Develop a positive self-image.

Your image, your reactions to life and your life and your decisions are completely within your control.

I was advised to read and read again this “bible” of mine and now I see why, it’s as if new concepts are being introduced to me.

The statement: there is a difference between knowing something, and doing something comes to mind.

The above exercises was extracted directly from Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich (

– Tshoaele

Work On Changing Your Inner World First

It all starts with you.

When you look up and witness a world that you would rather not have to live through and experience, go inside yourself and change from within.

If you want to receive love from the world, then love yourself first so that you can give others the love that you Are, which will in turn be returned back to you.

If you want to receive happiness in your world find something to hold on to that makes you happy and give happiness to yourself 1st.

You will then find yourself giving others the happiness you are filled with, which in turn will be returned back to you.

If you want to witness more money in your world, simply give it. You would find yourself attracting opportunities that would bring in more money than that you gave out.

It all starts with you.

Because changing the world outside of you, usually this is you trying to change other people, is like weed out the problem at branch level and not at root level – the “root” that you are.

Like the saying goes: “The Way You See The Problem, Is The Problem.”

Change how you react/respond to life. You would then be changing your circumstances.

Like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can hurt you without your consent.”

update: so practice, practice, practice, practice giving to yourself – done through the thought of love to each and every cell in your body played out through visualization – and spontaneously giving with the mental email of love, health and prosperity to the Universe, telling that you have more than enough.

Even smirked about it – 😉 – but do it and practice, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, all rights reserved.