You Fear the Sabre-tooth

6753809I read somewhere that the brain is wired since the stone age to think negatively so to protect us from the dangers that existed then.

Sabre-tooth as an example.

These days this negative thinking works overtime, stopping us from getting ahead in life.

Because we fear trying something new.

Fear of the Sabre-tooth.

This happens without us even realizing.

Without reading, preferably instructional books, then nothing will contradict that thinking.

You could even try swapping listening to the car radio station or your phone playlist for an audiobook.

The hours you spent while traveling, could be spent sharpening your mind against the Sabre-tooth.

Marvel_avengers_alliance_sabretooth_by_ratatrampa87-d6tj8tgThe benefits of investing in yourself will eventually be seen via your outlook in your life.

Maybe that’s what you need.

Maybe that’s what need.

A different outlook.

That comes from developing a habit of reading or listening daily to go sh*t.

~ Musa

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know…

You remember the text I told you about that ma aunt sent me?

Here it is:

Jack MA, The Richest Man in China said:images

“If you put Bananas and Money in front of Monkeys, Monkeys will choose Bananas because monkeys do not know that Money can buy a lot of Bananas.”

IN REALITY: If you offer JOB and BUSINESS to people, they would choose JOB because most people do not know that BUSINESS can bring more MONEY than Wages.

Similarly, Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best selling book “RICH DAD, POOR DAD” said:images (1)

“One of the reasons poor is that are poor, is because they are NOT TRAINED TO RECOGNIZE ENTREPRENEURSHIP OPPORTUNITIES.”

“They spend too much time in school and what they have learnt in school, is to WORK FOR WAGES instead of MONEY WORKING FOR THEM.”

“Profit is better than Wages, for Wages can make you a living but Profits can bring you a Fortune.”

THINK INVESTMENT and stop fighting over increments of salaries, it still won’t be enough

Hear this from a Professor to freshmen and women during their orientation: (Actually he is an Acting DVC Academic at a small/new university in Kenya):

“Academic excellence is overrated!

Being top of your class does not necessarily guarantee that you will be at the top of life.

You could graduate as the best student in Finance but it doesn’t mean you will make more money than everybody else.

The best graduating Law student does not necessarily become the best lawyer.

The fact is, life requires more than the ability to understand a concept, memorise it and reproduce it in an exam.

School rewards people for their memory.

Life rewards people for their imagination.

School rewards caution, life rewards daring.

School hails those who live by the rules. Life exalts those who break the rules and set new ones.

So do I mean people shouldn’t study hard in school? Oh, no, you should. But don’t sacrifice every other thing on the altar of First Class.

Don’t limit yourself to the classroom. Do something practical. Take a leadership position.
Start a business and fail. That’s a better Entrepreneurship 101.

Join or start a club. Contest an election and lose. It will teach you something Political Science 101 will not teach you.

Attend a seminar.

Read books outside the scope of your course.

Go on missions and win a soul for eternal rewards…

Do something you believe in!

Think less of becoming an excellent student but think more of becoming an excellent person.

Don’t make the classroom to be your world but Make the world your classroom.

Step forward, try politics, try farming, try business, try an extra thing.”

Don’t feel shy to share with your children.


Which my aunt did, hence me paying it forward on here.

Not that you are my children, the one I already have is a handful.

But why should I be the only one getting informative message?

~ Musa

A Business Like No Other…

new-mlm-companiesI think network marketing levels the playing field.

I could be wrong, it’s just my observation.

From my limited observation, businesses are handed over from generation to generation.

The only legacy I’ve seen being left the masses is poverty.

Some families are brought up with the option of aspiring to be business owner, while other families are sold the idea of becoming employees or self employed.

Asking the government to fix this in the form of land distribution, for instance, is as effective as the removal of our now current President from office.

But network marketing nullifies this dependent mindset.

The right one also offers you training and mentorship on how to succeed by also developing a business owner mindset.

But the best ones allow for your network marketing business to be passed on from generation to generation, just like these families I spoke of earlier.

With the right training to develop your skills, I believe anyone can succeed in what they put their minds to.

Multi level marketing included.

One of the hiccups I have with conventional business is the start up capital, amongst other uncertainties.

But obviously if you are committed enough and want it badly enough then you can find solutions around that.

I guess one chooses ones battles.

With me preferring minimum start up capital.

Minimal operational costs.

No overhead.picture2

With some part time but consistent work ethic, the results are predictable.

Results that can supplement my current salary.

Results that can be on par with my current salary.

Results that can eclipse my current salary.

A business like no other.

Look as a disclaimer, anything legit that allows you to make extra income is great.

Be it MLMs or another job or part time gig or strip joints.

I’m just talking about what I’m exposed to.

Do you due dilengece.

This working you way up to your salary month end only to start at zero the following month, is insane.

But most of us are doing it so it’s ok right?

I don’t think so.

~ Musa

When They Interview Me 5 Years From Now I Will Tell Them…

Looking back, all I could do what fantasies with Intent & Emotion of the life I was going to live.

Believing in my dreams with the growing desire of wanting them to become reality was one of the things that keept me alive.

And in any case when it came to real material possessions, all I had was my mind.

The greatest and the most powerful assest every (wo)man has at their disposal.

And I played with it like a shark needs water to breath.

Everyday I imagined the impossible as if it was real, for me in any case.

Making whatever “realistic” plans to reach my “unrealistic” goals.

Every morning when I woke up I reminded myself who I was.

I was the end result of my successfully accomplished goals.

My stride was different.

My use of grammar and speech “improved.”

My carriage was full of self pride.

The vision I kept imagining in my head become clearer.

It began to be part of my memory, as if I’ve lived it before.

All the while being open to anyone or anything that will makes this lifestyle, my lifestyle, I kept closer to my heart than the lungs I breath, a reality for me.

(c) Musa Tshoaele

Blog Post That Gives More Than It Takes

That’s one of the principle written in one of the chapters Wallace Wattles wrote in his personal development & success book The Science Of Getting Rich.

Which you can download at or amongst others.

The chapter in question (Chapter 14) is titled “The Impression Of Increase.”

What it basically says is that the Universe is a formless substance that is perpetuated by growth, evolution & increase.

So if you perform an act that promotes this “idea of increase” – aligning yourself with the harmony that IS the Universe – then you will find yourself exposed to & receiving more resources or opportunities to help you do more of these “acts of more” that promote the impression of increase.

Which is part of what the Universe, the “all of everything,” is.

For example Wallace Wattles, & yes we’re still talking about one of his books The Science Of Getting Rich downloadable here – suggests that we must give in use value than what we take in cash value.

It’s the universal “give more than you take” principle.

Were he even refers to selling a hunting rifle to an Eskimo as opposed to selling him a painting.

The rifle is worth more value to him than a painting because he will use the rifle to get him the fur & food he needs to make him rich, not like a painting which won’t do him, financially that is, any good by just hanging on his Eskimo wall.

This makes me think of what Robert Kiyosaki said in one of his books about the difference between an asset and a liability, assets being things that bring money IN your pocket, whereas liabilities are things that take money OUT of your pocket.

Like your house “own” for instance.

Many people think that their house is an asset when in fact it takes money OUT of your pocket, that’s why you pay a mortgage on it.

It’s only an asset to your banker because she’s the one receiving the income every month from YOU, in the form of you paying off your house every month.

It only becomes an asset to YOU when you rent it out so that, after all the respective expenses, the tenant pays off the mortgage for you and you still have a profit left over, the profit that goes into your pocket.

Come to think about it I recommend you get a copy of Robert T. Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” if you want to get an idea of how the mind of a rich women or rich men thinks via your local bookstores, a second hand (used) book outlet like the one we have here in Southgate Mall (even Protea Gardens sometimes has a temporary exhibition of books of this nature), friend, family, library or you can order it on

It has come to my observation that depending on where you are in your life the effects that The Science Of Getting Rich has can vary from person to person, maybe it’s because we all might not be going through the same things at that very point in time.

One woman took the practical principles contained in this book & after implementing them in her own life created an idea that cashed in for her millions of dollars, from reading it in just one sitting – with continuous reference to it throughout her journey to success.

And there was one guy I read of who read The Science Of Getting Rich through a number of times before he FINALLY GO IT!

Which led to him also getting a license for hosting a seminar about it.

Just writing about it now makes me want to go back to it and devour all the juicy richness of its wealth consciousness content and gaining more from it than I did from my last reading.

“When you read a book through the second time around you don’t see in it something that you never saw before, but you see in yourself something that wasn’t there before.”

I got that quote, and have more in reserve, from an audio I listen to every time I get in my car and have on repeat, by Earl Nightingale which I downloaded from a Mark Victor Hansen website.

I want to end of this update by saying that success is a mindset and that it comes from the habits we partake in our daily lives and moments.

So are you current habits progressively driving you towards the financial success you want or are they keeping you in the spider-web of lack and limitation that is echoed by the company you keep?

I mean come on…you want to be rich but you surround yourself with poverty?

How does that work?

That’s like going around in circles and thinking you are making progress.

“If you do the things you keep doing, you will keep getting the things you’ve always gotten.”

So here I am asking you to be have an open mind in grabbing a copy of The Science Of Getting Rich that would allow you to take that very important first step towards the life you laugh about with your friends.

A life the other 3% of the people in the world, who make 97% of the money that is being earned in the world are living.

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Deciding On A Topic For My Blog

Have you ever had so much info about a particular niche (the definition of a niche is a topic, I always wondered what that was but anyways…) you were interested in but failed to present them in a clear and focused voice?

It hit me today that my inability to have a more consistent single minded focus in my real world has pored over into my cyber-world or blogsphere in this case.

Musa’s Journal (now known as “The Pursuit Of Happiness”) covers:

  • my day’s thought, poem or comment AND
  • the law of attraction and self development AND
  • network marketing

I don’t know about you but I see 3 possible blogs here.

Take for instance a capitalist like Peter Scott for instance, I could write about him and others like him on blog Number 1.

And post articles about law of attraction teachers like James Ray or even David Schirmer, who also featured on The Secret dvd – a motivational and inspirational dvd about how – by changing your thinking and feelings – anyone can be and do whatever they want – in blog Number 2.

But instead I also included personal entries as well into a system I am succeeding in turning into a source of income.

Why do I want to make money from my blog?

I have lost too much income during the years I was not a Blogger not to use network marketing as a system to increase my bank account.

If the thought of me doing what I can to make money work for me and not the other way around – as mentioned in Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad does not sit well with you, then I’m deeply grateful for having read this amidst the “dollar-generator” within Musa’s Journal [now The Pursuit Of Happiness].

I am still finding my ground as a ProBlogger.

I am 2 months older than I was in May 2008 😉

And truth be told the suppressed courage and excitement molds into fear every time I think of writing my next posting.

But through prayer and asking God for advise & guidance makes it possible for me to make my deadlines and that’s always cool.


Never thought blogging can be a place I can write up all my insecurities on.

So ja, otherwise what I can improve upon when it comes to Musa’s Journal – The Pursuit Of Happiness – is concentrating on one topic and work on expanding it.

And thank you for taking the time to read this.

PS: I saw that also offers Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

It’s a recommended read, especially if you want to improve on your personal financial situation.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele