Laws Of The Lawless

41B7NXyandLI’m due another one pager.

I do my best to write a blog that is at least 1 page long.

Something informative that you might gain from.

Usually I go back to one of my earlier posts to see what I can rehash, for the sake of updating my blog.

I usually like to add a picture or two just to add some weight or depth to my post.

It was something I read in one of his earlier “How to Blog” posts by Darren from ProBlogger.

Shoot, it’s been years since I mentioned him and I’m not too sure if Darren is as relatable as he was in 2012, but I’m sure he is.

But I learnt a whole lot about blogging from him and I learnt even more about writing from Dr. Joe Vitale, who also starred in The Secret.

The Secret was an awesome book, in the sense that it gives you the option to run with it.

By “it” I mean the idea of changing things for the better, through the Law of Attraction.

An introduction module if you will, not the by and all.

This led me to the true understanding of the law.


You can meditate and visualize and writing your goals down every day, but you need to take inspired action.

No action.

Nothing changes.

Just like me wanting to update my blog frequently.

Thinking about it, won’t change anything.

I need to do something about it.

Like writing a one page draft without any idea what the blog is going to be about.

And then subtly referring readers like yourself to links that might be helpful.

Because I’m being nice and these non-affiliated links is my way of buying my way to heaven because I’m a sinner.

Did you know that the devil is a concept that was created by Christianity?

~ Musa

Deciding On A Topic For My Blog

Have you ever had so much info about a particular niche (the definition of a niche is a topic, I always wondered what that was but anyways…) you were interested in but failed to present them in a clear and focused voice?

It hit me today that my inability to have a more consistent single minded focus in my real world has pored over into my cyber-world or blogsphere in this case.

Musa’s Journal (now known as “The Pursuit Of Happiness”) covers:

  • my day’s thought, poem or comment AND
  • the law of attraction and self development AND
  • network marketing

I don’t know about you but I see 3 possible blogs here.

Take for instance a capitalist like Peter Scott for instance, I could write about him and others like him on blog Number 1.

And post articles about law of attraction teachers like James Ray or even David Schirmer, who also featured on The Secret dvd – a motivational and inspirational dvd about how – by changing your thinking and feelings – anyone can be and do whatever they want – in blog Number 2.

But instead I also included personal entries as well into a system I am succeeding in turning into a source of income.

Why do I want to make money from my blog?

I have lost too much income during the years I was not a Blogger not to use network marketing as a system to increase my bank account.

If the thought of me doing what I can to make money work for me and not the other way around – as mentioned in Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad does not sit well with you, then I’m deeply grateful for having read this amidst the “dollar-generator” within Musa’s Journal [now The Pursuit Of Happiness].

I am still finding my ground as a ProBlogger.

I am 2 months older than I was in May 2008 😉

And truth be told the suppressed courage and excitement molds into fear every time I think of writing my next posting.

But through prayer and asking God for advise & guidance makes it possible for me to make my deadlines and that’s always cool.


Never thought blogging can be a place I can write up all my insecurities on.

So ja, otherwise what I can improve upon when it comes to Musa’s Journal – The Pursuit Of Happiness – is concentrating on one topic and work on expanding it.

And thank you for taking the time to read this.

PS: I saw that also offers Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

It’s a recommended read, especially if you want to improve on your personal financial situation.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele