The Struggle to Success

Sometimes you have to be knocked down to get ahead in life.

Because of the person you need to become once you get up.

But some just stay knocked down.

Life will knock you TF down, that’s inevitable.

But it’s imperative that you find a way to get up.

That is the price you have to pay for what you want.

Things don’t just come to you, on the regular, without you playing your part.

You got to have your teeth knocked in.

You got to get that gut check.

You want to succeed?

That’s the gauntlet you have to go through.

You get knocked down so that you can dust yourself off and rise.

It’s in your rising that you will find your salvation.

Get the F up!

Become alive.

Your soul yearns for that taste of being alive.

Life is working in your favour, believe it or not.

You might be having your dips in life, but you have more peaks than dips.

Your focus is on how s*** life is.

The important part is to remember that you are going through the dips.

Don’t camp there.

Keep going.

Crawl if you have to.

You have to go through the furnace to become the person you need to be.

Lift your head up so that your line of vision will allow you to see opportunities to get you ahead in life.

Not the obstacles you keep looking for on the ground.

Only then will you be within eye view of the things that you want.

Life is conspiring for you and not against you.

Life is outside your comfort zone, so in order for you to succeed, shit needs to be uncomfortable.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

If you having it easy in life, then you’re not progressing towards success, but away from it.

It’s a process.

Like, how bad do you want it?


~ Musa

The BS Story You Keep Telling Yourself…

I just realized something, I’m 35 and I don’t have a pension fund.

This was a result of me jumping from one company to another.

Yes, it’s my fault.

Leaving permanent, 4 year government job I had in favor of fulltime stock trading, was a very risky move.

That stunt came back to bite me in the ass, when that venture failed.

Mainly because I did not initially find someone who was already succeeding in what I wanted to do.

And modelling their success habits that will allow me to be as successful.

Mentorship, would have this most very lucrative for me.

I had to go to corporate world with zero pension fund, bouncing from one pension fund-less job to another.

This was due to the kind of temporary jobs I’ve been getting.

Temps jobs don’t come pension benefits.

Now because I’ve been relying on a company to determine my future financial security, I’m left caught with my dick in my hand.

I’ve been relying on other people to provide a level of security that they themselves aren’t aware of.

There’s no power there.

That part of my life has been titled as one of my greatest failure.

But I’ve now found that it’s one of my greatest successes.

Because of the lessons it has taught me.

More of a warning.

That you are leaving yourself too exposed if you success depends on someone else’s decision.

Your chances of success will tilt in your favour when you take 100% ownership of your level of success in your life.81x2aSRQqGL

Saying that anyone or any institution is the reason behind why you’re not getting ahead in life, is a bullshit story you keep telling yourself.

So much so that you believe it.

And because of your belief, this has become your reality.

Just because things are dire for now, does not mean I’m f***ed for life.

Especially when books by Anthony Robbins paint a different picture of my possible future.

~ Musa

Be The Best, Especially When They Are Not Looking

I saw this cool thing while browsing the UFC videos on facebook.

There was a backstage interview they did.

Where a current fighter was giving props to a retired mma fighter.

Sometimes what you do inspires others.

Even when you’re not noticing that you are.

These days people only do good if someone is recording a video of them doing so.

It’s quite sad.

As if to say if noone sees the good I’m doing, then what’s the point.

Got to get those likes, you see?

So my plea is to do good.

Especially when no one’s looking.

Try to be the best version of yourself.

Whether there’s a phone recording you or not.

Try to be the best version of yourself, even if your current environment is trying to choke that out of you.

~ Musa‎

“Dead Or Alive, You Are Coming With Me.”


Been having a lot of pent up anger of late.

It compounds.

Lack of sleep.

Haven’t been reading a good book for almost a week now.

Missing out on my daily meditations.

Haven’t been rewriting my goals.

Not been listening to motivational audios.

Skipping motivational & educational videos.

It’s been months since I’ve been visualizing my success.

I haven’t been exercising as much as I did.

Been poorly taking my vitamins and supplements.

All things happening daily, gradually, to a point where I feel exhausted physically and mentally.

Dropping my emotional intelligence.

I’m in the business of where losing your cool would cost you your job.

That love and hate relationship of being concerned of losing the job you hate.

Where now I incorrectly blame others for my lack of self mastery.

You attract what you are.

Happiness is an inside job.

Won’t happen overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.

The rest is just consistency on your part.

Change begins when you take 100% responsibility of what’s happening around you.

To you.

Through you.

~ Musa

You Fear the Sabre-tooth

6753809I read somewhere that the brain is wired since the stone age to think negatively so to protect us from the dangers that existed then.

Sabre-tooth as an example.

These days this negative thinking works overtime, stopping us from getting ahead in life.

Because we fear trying something new.

Fear of the Sabre-tooth.

This happens without us even realizing.

Without reading, preferably instructional books, then nothing will contradict that thinking.

You could even try swapping listening to the car radio station or your phone playlist for an audiobook.

The hours you spent while traveling, could be spent sharpening your mind against the Sabre-tooth.

Marvel_avengers_alliance_sabretooth_by_ratatrampa87-d6tj8tgThe benefits of investing in yourself will eventually be seen via your outlook in your life.

Maybe that’s what you need.

Maybe that’s what need.

A different outlook.

That comes from developing a habit of reading or listening daily to go sh*t.

~ Musa

A Business Like No Other…

new-mlm-companiesI think network marketing levels the playing field.

I could be wrong, it’s just my observation.

From my limited observation, businesses are handed over from generation to generation.

The only legacy I’ve seen being left the masses is poverty.

Some families are brought up with the option of aspiring to be business owner, while other families are sold the idea of becoming employees or self employed.

Asking the government to fix this in the form of land distribution, for instance, is as effective as the removal of our now current President from office.

But network marketing nullifies this dependent mindset.

The right one also offers you training and mentorship on how to succeed by also developing a business owner mindset.

But the best ones allow for your network marketing business to be passed on from generation to generation, just like these families I spoke of earlier.

With the right training to develop your skills, I believe anyone can succeed in what they put their minds to.

Multi level marketing included.

One of the hiccups I have with conventional business is the start up capital, amongst other uncertainties.

But obviously if you are committed enough and want it badly enough then you can find solutions around that.

I guess one chooses ones battles.

With me preferring minimum start up capital.

Minimal operational costs.

No overhead.picture2

With some part time but consistent work ethic, the results are predictable.

Results that can supplement my current salary.

Results that can be on par with my current salary.

Results that can eclipse my current salary.

A business like no other.

Look as a disclaimer, anything legit that allows you to make extra income is great.

Be it MLMs or another job or part time gig or strip joints.

I’m just talking about what I’m exposed to.

Do you due dilengece.

This working you way up to your salary month end only to start at zero the following month, is insane.

But most of us are doing it so it’s ok right?

I don’t think so.

~ Musa

Hell Is An Experience

Carracci-PurgatoryI’m thinking that sometimes we need to pray when things are going right too.

Like right now, as I’m thankful to God that my little girl is healthy and getting stronger by the day.

Almost a month ago she was in hospital being treated for the pneumonia she picked up at creche we think.

It’s a public hospital that means we were kicked out around 7pm and allowed in back in at 7am.

It felt shitty leaving her behind, oxygen mask on, drip in arm, with her feeling sickly.

There was no better time to go to God with her paining like she was.

So, eventually, when the weight of it all brought me to my knees, I started praying.

Not a lofty prayer but a detailed, heartfelt prayer of gratitude.

Being thankful of what I already have and being thankful of what I wanted to see, in terms of a healthy baby that’s being discharged and back home with us.

And I continued spending most of my day being grateful of that truth.

My truth.

A prayer God answered.

Remembering Her in the bad times only to forget or take Her for granted in the good times.

Beka manje, I’m spending my off day with my Beasty and I’m not thanking God for that.

While in this physical life I see hell and heaven as an experience.

Not a destination.

And the further away from God the closer I am to experiencing situations that feel hellish.

But with continuous association and communication with Her I will be guided out of those hell experiences into heavenly ones.

Like the one I’m having now.

And I’m grateful for them.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

~ Musa

Heaven On Earth Is But A Thought Away

I must observe and own my circumstances and experiences as my own creations.

I brought this on to myself the “lack vibrations” my mind was in, leading to the like minded words, leading to like minded acts and the like minded results I am having.

For me to experience different results, I must first change into a vibration of abundance.

Since everything broken down to its microscopic level, a very powerful microscope, is energy.

Everything IS energy.

From a rock to air – and more closer to home – from a thought, to a word, to an act.

They are, we all are, energy vibrating at various forms.


“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” – Sir Issac Newton.

You know it looks so easy on paper, and this is how the process works yet implimentation is another story all together.

I guess it depends on how you look at it: is the glass half full or half empty?

On second thought, pun intended, what kind of results would I be attracting to myself by looking at it half empty?

Then again wouldn’t I just find things that would just support my thinking or my perception of how things are in life either way?

To my benefit or to my detriment.

I could lie to myself for so long, a lie I can remedy with faith.



Faith in the expectancy of all that is good, so to achieve positive results.

Although expecting something positive with anxiety – another term for worry, which is “a prayer for something you don’t want” according to Shelby Collinge – just pushes the thing(s) you want away from you.

Having a “positive vibe” about you is a must have.

While writing this I ask how in heaven can I stay positive ALL the time??

A question I am asking you, a question I asked a colleague: “How can I stay positive all the time, like as in 24/7?”

That was when he suggested thinking about my girlfriend:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

Now that is beautiful, changed my mood same time!

It’s beautiful…just then I allowed my body to relive the sensations I feel in and through my body and mind and soul when I am with her.

Oh my, you see right then and there I had an instant vibrational change.

I don’t know about you, but the more I hold on to my gratitude rock, the more I focus on love – the most powerful vibrational state – the more I am grateful for the mental image that influences my emotions.

And the subsconcious mind is All emotion – the subsconcious is the playmaker of my life.

“Love is all there is.” – Neale Donald Walsch.

That’s something I recommend you save your life with.

A gratitude rock.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Why I Love Women’s Magazine

Why I Love Women’s Magazine

Why I Love Women’s Magazine

The sex articles and the sex tips (usually accompanied with animated pix) keep me coming for more…pun intended.

Then just as I was about chuck away the April 2008 edition of Cosmopolitan, after getting what I wanted from the mag – in preparation for my next meeting with my girl, I came across an interesting “Body & Soul: Mind Health – Happy Thoughts” section (page 164) by Lisa Witepski.

After scanning her articles I came to see that we share the same sentiments [that being on the personal development side since I doubt that we do, sexually I mean].

But enough sex talk let me share with you what she wrote:

“It’s annoying but true that sometimes when you’re trying to avoid thinking about something it repeatedly pops into your head.

While it’s almost impossible to stop unwanted thoughts, you can become more skilled at guiding your thinking, says Johannesburg life coach Kirsten Long of Coach4Life.

These exercises may help:
• ‘Increase your awareness of internal thoughts by stopping what you’re doing from time to time and asking yourself whether your thoughts at that moment were positive thoughts that add value to your life, or whether they were depleting your energy,’ says Long.

• Imagine your brain is a computer: every time a negative thought enters your mind, picture yourself highlighting that thought and then pressing delete. ‘You will find unwanted thoughts come up less frequently,’ she says.

• Your head is seldom empty of thought, so you’ll have to replace the negative thoughts with something else, says Long. ‘For example, replace “should” thoughts, such as “I should phone my mom”, with positive mental comments, such as “It’s great that I spent quality time with my parents last week.”’

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele. All rights reserved.