The Conscious Psychology Of Success

Every thought is a prayer. And it is the dominant thoughts that God answers.

Every word we speak is a prayer. And it is the words we dominantly speak out that God answers.

Every emotion we feel is a prayer. And is the dominate emotions we feel that God answers.

Every act we do is a prayer. And it is the dominate actions we partake in that God answers.

This is, in its simplicity, the basis of the New Thought movement.

Of course you replace God for “Universe” or “Life” or whatever you would want to call the non-physical entity that is considered by scientist as Source Energy.

So how does this apply to you? In the context of the New Thought movement, we attract people and things and circumstances and events and outcomes in our lives at some level (by word and/or thought and/ or feeling and/ or deed/ action).

We have so constructed our lifestyle in such a way that we do this (attracting the events in our lives) by default – this is still obviously within the framework of the New Thought perspective.

In short, all the things that you & I are complaining about or are experiencing, was attracted by us at some plane. But hold on, before you fuel up on me, let me tell why this notion, if tested, can benefit you for the better.

Because if what I wrote is true, you would just need to adjust the way you speak or think or feel or act so that you can receive something better that what you are currently experiencing. The saying, “change begins within” can never be truer.

You can cut this down to a science: whatever it is I am getting was due to a prior dominate mood, speech, act or thinking. So if you do NOT like what you are currently getting from life, change what you are giving.

But I won’t bullshit you into thinking that when you think & feel & speak of the life you want today, all that you are asking (praying/ affirming) for will be delivered to you tomorrow.

Remember, you spent the most part of your life thinking that life, as it is for you today, is just how life is and there is no changing it. So turning around telling yourself the opposite, it’s only natural for you to come across some resistance regarding this “new thinking.”

I say keep at it, when the municipality comes over to cut off your electricity, don’t go and play victim. Acknowledge its existence. See it as an inconvenience but CONTINUE affirming, or even writing out, in present tense, how you life should be. Regardless of things that challenge your conjuring.

Every day of our lives we are continuously shovelled with small amounts of unwanted nuisances but that doesn’t mean we should focus all our energy on piling it up as it happens. Recognise that is comes with the package of being human and find ways of using it as the fertilizer of your garden of life. Use it as a feedback mechanism of finding out at what level of attraction you aiming at.

If what you receive is not what you are wanting, alter what you are praying to confirm with what you prefer receiving.

And as mentioned, prayer equals:




And Feeling.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010. All rights reserved.

Our Faith Is Distorted

We have grown to have so much faith in lack that taking that energy and then channeling it in having faith in abundance is so spaced out that our well-trained, lack-focused mind doesn’t accept or even begin to understand this new state of mind because it is not of our “already set” belief.

And what we believe is our reality.

We believe in lack so much that we reject the idea as of if it’s of another religion, of another dialect & state of being foreign to our own – as if to suggest that there is nothing one can learn from it.

We make real what we believe.

And if our faith lies in lack, that we seek every possible way of how we CAN’T do it, and it is those ways that we encounter & experience.

We make real what we believe.

This leads to something that was said of how the mind focuses on the things we feed it, much like a GPS on a car.

Just like after the mentioning of your left leg would you then become aware of your left leg, just like if I were to talk about the air that is coming in to your lungs.

All the while you weren’t focused on that but now after mentioning it all of a sudden you become aware of It?

Take that and apply it in how your mind functions on a day to day basis, with your possible dominating thoughts of lack…

Just imagine what a mind that is locked in on lack and limitation can produce.

Now would a mind that is focused on, and is willing to defend, faith in lack and limitation be aware and begin to work with the “obvious” abundance and prosperity that life is made of and therefore we are?

No it will not.


Because just like you were not aware of your breathing pattern earlier on, you will not be aware of this Truth – due to the simple reason that the focus is just not there.

What we focus on, expands.

The “lack-filled” mind does not believe in “unlimited potential.”

This (“unlimited potential”) is not real to the mind and thus does not grab its attention.

Just like one would skip the business section on the newspaper and go straight to the TV guide or the sports section.

What we focus on expands.

Seek and ye shall find.

And it is so true.

If you and I make it our intent to notice only a particular car model like a pink Aston Martin V12 Vantage for example – the mind will be set to focus and call into existence that very image we are so intentionally determined to attract in the physical, depending on how clear the image is in our mind.

If we want it bad enough something within will lead us to receiving it to the level of clarity to which we held it in our minds.

Be it via your next internet search, or seeing it painted on a car, billboards or on TV, movie or even hear someone mentioning it.

When it does appear for our external sense to register you usually call it coincidence.

I ask you then how come it didn’t appear before you began “calling on” its manifestation?

And what if I told you that in essence there are no coincidences?

But that is another post all together.

What I want to bring to your attention is the subject of faith.

Faith is a law.

Everybody has faith.

It’s just that the majority of us have faith in lack so much that we will stand by this faith to the point of convincing others into this same set of beliefs.

Whereas a few of us believe in abundance (it is said that about 90-95% of the money being made in the world is received by the 10-5% of the majority that have made it a habit of having faith in abundance).

These select few have so much faith in abundance that they live a completely different life than the rest of us.

Because the community of “they” seek out every single way that will lead them to this abundance they believe in, every single opportunity that will lead them to this abundance they believe in.

We make real what we believe.

It is this state of belief that induces the different mindsets from these above-mentioned elite minorities.

The mind that has faith in lack is a mind that will look for each an every excuse of how it will NOT happen.

The mind that has faith in abundance is a mind that will look for each and every opportunity of how it CAN happen.

Two different personalities.

Two different lifestyles.

Two different responses at what life throws at them, which lead to two different outcomes.

E + R = O

Events + Response = Outcome

Jack Canfield mentions this in his latest life-changing self-help book The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be where he explains that the Events are just how life is, it is how we Respond to it that will determine our Outcomes.

Change the Response and you change your Outcome.

A part of how you can change this Outcome will largely depend first and foremost on How Your Faith Is These Days.

Your past experiences have contributed to a large degree towards who you are right now, but does going back to them in search of the knowledge you need to deal with your current challenges, if those past experiences you seek counseling from are those of your supposed past failures, work towards your benefit?

…hold on, didn’t I put up an update about this?

I guess it is true that we repeat for emphasis.

Be gentle with yourself in everything you do.

Pause for a moment.

Look to where you should rather be focused on and learn with every new step to become of New Thought and learn to believe in abundance, if that is what you decide to choose to believe in.

Look to how things should be, not at how they are.

Just like learning something new, it will take some time, but if you are patient with yourself you will master this.

Time is your greatest ally.

So invest in it.

A grateful mind is a God-like mind from which many favorable creations can manifest from.

The results you have in your life a largely due to the person you are.

We attract, not what we want but, who we are” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

Look to what you want to have in your life.

Identify what kind of person you need to become in order to have these desires.

Then become her or him.

Like Neale Donald Walsh wrote move straight into Being.




In that order.

Become, create definite plans that will lead you into action (Doing) & you will inevitably start Having.

It is said that if you act like the person you want to become for a full 30 days straight, you then convince yourself that you are.

It is said that ”the only person that succeeds is a person that is progressively working towards a worthy ideal.”

I can only tell you so much, it’s up to you to act on what you want to change in your life.

I also took a long time to act and kept on wondering why change was coming in drips and drabs.

Then I realized that if I where to have undertaken everything that I was suggested to perform from the very first chapter of …I don’t know…Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich” as in taken each and every life-changing exercise and implemented into my life, then would have been steady and dramatic.

”Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes”

Something to do with comfort zones.

Like Shelby Collinge would say “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you always got.”

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

"Suffering Will Only Teach You That You Didn’t Have To Suffer In The First Place."

“I learned that no matter how bad things appeared to be, if you choose to change them and if you have a sense of purpose, you can overcome.

It’s in remembering and applying what you’ve already learned that you find the answers to your present problems.”John Harricharan

With that said, learn not to curse your creations – what you are currently experiencing & have experienced are of your own creations*, because it is in cursing them that you are then cursing yourself. And thus find yourself in a negative space, that will from there only produce more negative manifestations.

A Creative Spirit always creates, it is always creating.

Because that is all it is.

Exactly that, Creative.

What this Creative Energy attracts as an effect are creations which, come to think about it, are neither “good” or “bad.”

We – Creative Spirits, living within a physical body – are the ones who say whether one thing is bad because it hurts or whether it’s good because it feels good.

To find out what is true to us we must see to how it feels to us from our soul’s perspective, and not allow our mind to “tell” us how we should be feeling.

We have built in navigational systems that tells us, and at times scream to us through our gut feelings, intuitions, instincts & still small voices that, at one time, where allowed to openly guide us through the first steps we took on this earth but now are silenced even before they speak to us by anything & everything that we could get our “ears” on.

{When was the last time you played make-believe with yourself and had an intensional “out of body” experience, like seeing yourself reading this blog entry as if you’re standing at the corner of the room?

Looking at your posture, facial expressions and hearing your thoughts and feelings, what would you say to yourself in gently guidance, and loving support, & suggest you do to make you feel even better?}

Hence the overly “wonderful” experiences we have come to live with every passing day of our God forsaken lives.

God forsakes nothing.

This is just another of our self loathing creations taught to us by sources of which we have held so highly that they begin to resemble the demi gods they still warn us against worshiping.

I do not have all the answers.

I do, though, have all of MY answers, and I choose not to shove my truth down your throat until you come to accepting them as your own.

What I can do though is show you to the place that can leads to your own Truth.

To point for you that place.

And that place is within.

And when the time comes for you to own, understand, accept and become your Truth, you will come to see that your Truth is the Universal Truth.

Your Truth is intrinsically My Truth.

Because there is only one of us.

Because when I give to you, I give to myself.

When I take from you, I take from myself.

“Do unto others, what you want others to do unto you.”

And when these deeds come from a space of Love, all that you and I can only receive IS Love.

Love is all that Is, and all that Is is made off the stuff we are made off therefore All That Is, is the Love We Are.

We, you & I, are love.

And I love you.

Now do you see why every non-loving act brings to us so much pain, hurt & struggle, amongst others?

Because it’s not who we are.

* If you do not have the open mind to willingly accept this, then you immediately accept life as it is, Appearance Vs. Truth, even though it is said that “for every shadow there is life. For the shadow to be there, life has to also exist.”

The mind is like a missile guiding system, all that it notices and become its reality is were the focus is, and thus will hit it dead on.

Change your focus – through persistently, gently working on programming the mind with this new habit that can only be mastered through practise – and you change your outcomes.

“Listen to you heart and soul in your quiet times and you’ll see how much you remember and how much you really know.”When You Can Walk on Water, Use the Boat

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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I Feel ThaT God Wishes You To Know That…

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

To the point that you see that you are not just giving something to someone so to genuinely help her/ him, for in truth by doing this you are, in some mystical way, helping yourself.

When you give to others, you give to yourself, the same goes when you curse another you curse yourself.

That feeling of anger & frustration that remains with you is because you haven’t forgiven yourself for spitting on your own face.

That’s why you turn the other cheek when you are slapped on the face.

You might as well, since by reacting in the active and seeking revenge on the one who has done me harm, I in fact seek revenge against myself.

Seek And Ye Shall Find.

Then comes the question of pride.

Pride has no place in victimization.

Because once you activate pride whenever you are expected to respond, only perpetuated violence will spam from that.

Giving birth to more violence which then results into more violence, and so the cycle continues.

Like energy, it never ends but changes form.

The only sins that exist in those “not positive,” negative actions that call forth negative consciences which you reply to – as usual – in the negative.

Thus creating & resulting into your “hell” experience.

Because everything that results from your actions at that point in time is fuelled by anger, frustration, hatred, pain, unfairness, disappointment, envy, depression, et cetera.

States of mind that do not speak of the True God

“ok you can edit that for your readers but why would you hide the truth from them?

…Anyways as I was saying – states of mind that do not run parallel with the flow of The Universe, going against the tide per say, and just like pulling your finger backwards towards your wrist, instead of inwards (for in truth you can only find what is real for you, to you, when you go within), it hurts.

So instead of stopping right there and then, throwing all the morals you have been thought and all your current knowing and going within for peace, you continue to create this hell that your bible – a collection of short stories about an ancient God, thus blocking off hearing and knowing the Present God for I would then be coming as to you a gift – speaks of.

Condemning everyone else to hell, especially if they do not support your understanding of the God the Good Book as taught you to come to believe & accept through others.

It’s like holding on to an old image of an old friend you used to know.

You are so caught up in how she looked, how she talked and how she handled herself that you don’t even notice her even if you were to bump into her in the mall.

You just carry on going, not waiting to hear what she has to tell you today, right now. In this very moment.

Because her last message – a message you have held on for a lifetime – is good enough.

Even if I didn’t get, you are still to get it.

But those who speak of it so to repeat it in today’s language, in today mediums, forums, and understandings you choose to ignore…’cause that couldn’t’ be God you say.

“I never did get it,” you say to yourself yet when she shows up in the now, in broad daylight to share with you, through the New Thinking from the renewing of your mind in order to help yourself from yourself but telling you that

“I Still Love You With My Whole Heart No Matter What You Did, Not Matter What You Are Going To Do And No Matter What You Are Doing.”

No, this you cannot accept, so you, yet again, ignore Me and blatantly go passed Me as if we were never friends.

All those memories never happened.

It’s just a pigment of My imagination.

An illusion, just like life.

Just like Me.

Just like you.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Who Is Wallace D. Wattles?

The information gathered on this particular update was received from the Internet.

So I cannot be held liable for possible misrepresentation of person(s) mentioned on this blog.

You cannot expect to have change in your life if you still do the same things you do on a daily basis.

That is one of the many statements made by Wattles, to go out of your comfort zone to be able to live that extraordinary life that awaits you.

Wallace D. Wattles, born 1860 died 1911, is a man recorded as having much failure in his earlier life but later become a very wealthy & successful writer.

As to what those failures were I do not know and does not matter to me.

What intrigues about the man is the book he is best known for: The Science of Getting Rich, also available at

“The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best. Therefore it tends to become the best. It takes the form or character of the best, & will receive the best.”

In his later life Wattles took to studying various religious beliefs and philosophies, i.e. Hegel, Spinoza, Descartes, Swedenborg, Leibnitz, and Schopenhauer to name a few.

And I believe that is was due to the “New Thought” these past teachers were philosophizing that Wattles lost a good position in the Methodist Church because of “heresy.”

At the age of 36 Wallace met up with a Congregational Church minister & professor George Davis Theron, who was preaching a form of Christian Socialism.

And it was from this teaching of “New Thought” – that centred around the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins – that Wallace discovered the “New Thought” principles & put them into practice in his own life & wrote books outlining these principles.

And it is from that experience with Theron that inspired the great and powerful works like The Science of Getting Rich and others such as:

  • Health Through New Thought and Fasting
  • The Science of Being Great
  • The Science of Being Well
  • and a novel – titled Hellfire Harrison
“You don’t have to get something for nothing, but can give to every person more than you take from him.”

Wattles also wrote articles to a magazine called Nautilus, owed by Elizabeth Towne, who published a lot of W. D. Wattles’s articles in almost every issue in the early 1900’s until his untimely death in 1911.

His daughter wrote to Elizabeth Towne shortly after his passing.

I have posted a link to his The Science of Getting Rich free ebook in one of my earlier post, so I’m sure if you can fish around my archives you will find it.

I’ve just realized there is much to cover after writing this.

But nonetheless that is why Wallace D. Wattles is one of my greatest inspirations.

An inspiration I thought is worth mentioning in my blog.

“Give a little child a pencil & paper & they began to draw crude figures; that which lives in them is trying to express itself in art.

Give them a set of blocks, & he will try to build something; that which lives in them is seeking expression in architecture.

Seat them at a piano, & they will try to draw harmony from keys; that which lives in them is trying to express itself in music.

That which lives in man is always seeking to live more.”

~ Wallace Wattles

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS. The excerpts in bold italics were taken from The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.