Don’t Say I Never Told You So

The subject getting rich or “getting” anything for that matter is mainly focused on physical acquisitions.

An act of acquiring physical things – i.e. A job, a promotion, clients, good grades, a car, a house, a baby, a husband, a girlfriend, playstation, perfect health, a sexy looking physique, etc – believing that these external factors are going to giving you what you really want: Happiness.

Take you Musa for instance, you would like to receive and abundance of finances through a multiple of sources & in increasing amounts that would elivate the comfort and pleasures of life for all the people you love (with you realising that how we ard all connected has expanded to the entire universe, yourself included) without you having to lift a finger or driving to work for it.

And you have began identifying this as an emotion, or Energy in MOTION.


Thank the Lord for Robert Kiyosaki’s teachings in “Rich Dad Poor Dad” which I believe was the very first time in your current life you heard of the truth meaning of Financial Freedom.

Which is building, creating or buying a system that generates income(s) that you dictate, without effort, in as many streams as you would want.

But in your sudden enlightenment have forgetten that even if you would have become “African’s Multi Millionaire That Nobody Knows” there is a good chance that you’ld still won’t be happy.

Which in you case means Freedom.

“Happiness cannot be found in things, but in the Creator.”

A formula you perpetuate within this blog, which is serious need of a new look mind you, and your other social networking accounts that (wo)man is also a creator since we were created in the image and likeness of God and therefore use God to co-create our experiences. Good or bad.”

All this for the simply purpose of being happy – that’s why I love you blog title so much…expect for the “pursuit” part, it’s as if you are affirm the image of always seeking instead of the image of “being” happy.

I believe it was Bob Proctor who said that all of the most truly successful people – true success means being Happy AND Rich, an oxymoron in your world I’m sure – he had met, was inspired by or coached to wealth (physical, relational, financial, emotional and spiritual wealth) meditate.

If I told you that for you to ride a bike, you need to use both your feet but then you kept on using one and kept on falling whose fault is it?

Just like I am telling you that in order to be the awesome successful you long to be and you don’t embrace my wisdom and you keep on falling, whose fault is that?

Meditation always you to be in touch with the organised syndicate that runs your life, it is unconscious that is why you don’t CONSCIOUSLY acknowledge this.

You are soul, spirit, energy, formless and therefore abundant, unlimited, free successful & simple, God, Universe – cause – and all else is physical, effect…which can be changed and manipulated to your benefit.

All this is done by Thought.

You know this, but it hasn’t become your way of life yet.

It is not that I am sick that makes me sick, but the thought that I am.

When I THINK that I am limited, my actions will act in accordance with that “thinking.”

When I THINK that I am unlimited, my actions, no what anyone says, will act as if Nothing Is Impossible.

And you need to first feel before you can create or manifest it.

And what better place to feel it first that giving it to yourself through meditation.

A status is an emotion, my cashflow rich assets are not the cause of my results.

I am.

I am.

And since all of us are connected – give love to a stranger and the form of a silent prayer and the universe will conspire to give it back to you in some form, person of circumstance hence the connectivity – by saying “I” I also mean “You,” since you and I are One.

One just like God or the Universe are separate yet singular.

It’s gonna weird at first with your comfortable clothes, sitting in silence of 15 mins or more managing the chaos of your thoughts into focusing on your breathing.

But that will soon where of with practise and you will become to feel your soul and your unlimited abundance you radiate in, with love.

All we are is love, a self deception we’ve been trying to execute hence the struggle and misery we come across.

All things are effortless, it’s believing that it’s not that makes us unhappy, as will try to force the effort out which then becomes our experience…

How To Make Money Doing What You Love

@thube asked me when last I updated and with my recent Loral Langemeir add on MySpace, with her asking me how far I am with my cash machine, a thought came to me:

Money, like all physical things, began as a thought.

An idea.

This thought, formless, can be turned into cash money in exchange for much needed services or products.

And since everyone things about money – how scarce it is or how abundant it is – one could say money, in its formless, is in the air.

Much like love, but then again in a mystical way is there a difference?

Bob Proctor said in You Were Born Rich that “you must love people and use money.”

Which makes sense since appreciating the gift giver more than the gift can only led to the giver feeling compeled to give more.

Or at least would find it much easier to give than if the receipt were to be an ungrateful receiver.

I don’t know about you but if someone does flips and goes on a headspin after giving them a presie, I wouldn’t mind giving her more of them ’cause the act also makes me feel good.

…maybe that’s how God feels…maybe that’s what fuels the Universe…it can’t help BUT give.

Because it feels good, with lucrative returns included!

So if find a need that I can satisfy and that is how I receive money.

Getting to keep it and make this money work for me is another matter.

Actually, here is a recommendation that will link you up to America’s Money Making Expert (or is it “Millionaire Making Expert?” …same thing), President of Loral Langemeier who said to have authoured Millionaire Maker, and Put More Cash In Your Pocket.

Emotions Are Like A Passing Parade…

I’m only tired because a portion of my energy is locked from not loving someone or something.

Now how can I love someone who hurts me?

This is my pride talking.

We tend to flaunt our sensitive pride as sensitive egos, that we choose not to confine, just waiting to be attacked so they can counter-attack like an endless “bubble of anger” that bounces from one thing or person to another all the way to work and back.

An emotion – energy in motion – of anger we hold still and thus concentrating thoughts – just like in a form of a prayer or deep meditation – of whys and hows until we either get sick or another almost similiar experience manifests.

A prayer or meditation is a prolong thought about a thing, held with a corresponding feeling with the conscious or unconscious intent of seeing it become physical.

Which it does in one form or another. It depends on how clear the image(s) was during the prayer/ meditation/ creative process.

For those not in the know We create all that we have through the intentional intensity or repetition of our thought(s).

And by holding on to an energy in motion, an emotion, you are in fact creating a corresponding manifestation of that emotion.

That’s how we create.

We work at holding an emotion of an image we would like or – in the case of fear and worry – not like to experience and then go out in to the world expecting to experience it…which we do.

It’s hard to swallow I know, why do you think I’ve been making repeated updates regarding this concept?

I try to get my head around this by emphasizing with repetition.

We repeat for emphasise.

Because like it says on the Bible I enjoy quoting selectively: What I pray for, God answers, even before I ask.

It’s called co-creation something I will go in-depth on at a later stage.

I’ve opened a lot of brain teasers with this update, especially when it comes to the technique of releasing limiting self defeating beliefs which is in alignment with what I wrote about in my MySpace blog.

Other issues that have come out for me are questions I need to hear being answered from within, like how I can release the hurt I feel from being disrespected and humiliated from someone I love…oh well there’s always chocolate for me to eat in the interim! *giggle giggle*

Until next time, I wish you love unconditional from multiple unexpected sources daily, in various forms and in abundance!

Gratefuly yours,

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS I attracted this ebook for your instant download titled 7 Step Success Formula, having gotten the time to read it with me blogging and internet surfing from my Nokia 6085 Phone
, and I hope it is to your approval and benefit.

Sizo bonana!

This Is What I Do On An Average Day

I am reading a chapter – Chapter 9: Persistence – from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, a summarised version of his The Law Of Success in Sixteen Lessons.

I am also steadily going through Wallace D. Wattle’s The Science Of Getting Rich – Chapter 15: The Advancing Person.

I’m also reading Neale Donald Walsch’s website Conversations With God – Book 2.

And every time I go in my car I put on a recorded teleseminar with Alex Mandossian and Bob Proctor which I downloaded from The SGR Website.

My status update on some of my social networks – Facebook then it’s Twitter and MySpace – do not have enough character spaces to allow me to make this update possible, so thought I would get that out of my chest right here.

I feel much better now!!

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele