You Fear the Sabre-tooth

6753809I read somewhere that the brain is wired since the stone age to think negatively so to protect us from the dangers that existed then.

Sabre-tooth as an example.

These days this negative thinking works overtime, stopping us from getting ahead in life.

Because we fear trying something new.

Fear of the Sabre-tooth.

This happens without us even realizing.

Without reading, preferably instructional books, then nothing will contradict that thinking.

You could even try swapping listening to the car radio station or your phone playlist for an audiobook.

The hours you spent while traveling, could be spent sharpening your mind against the Sabre-tooth.

Marvel_avengers_alliance_sabretooth_by_ratatrampa87-d6tj8tgThe benefits of investing in yourself will eventually be seen via your outlook in your life.

Maybe that’s what you need.

Maybe that’s what need.

A different outlook.

That comes from developing a habit of reading or listening daily to go sh*t.

~ Musa

Replace Your S** t Habits With Good Ones

I kept on seeing and hearing the name Simon Sinek being projected in my head.

Simon Sinek.

As if stuck in the frontal lobe of my brain.

Simon Sinek.

All this, haunting, while trying to sleep.

So here I am, writing about him.

I don’t know much about him.

He was first brought to my attention by a business partner who has a background in medicine.

Google Sinek.

From the little I know of him is that he’s a speaker.

He speaks about most about leadership. On what defines a leader and what drives her. Reasons why they are true leaders. Amongst other things.

He’s available on different social media sites, I also follow him on Twitter and IG.

He’s an author as well, he wrote Start With Why.

And there are lots of videos on the ‘Tube that have he’s talks.

I think there’s a vid of one of his talks I posted in one of my blogs that I thought was awesome.

There’s a bias that comes with being a leader that I want to take advantage of.

The monetary benefits of being paid to solve problems being one of them.

It’s as if followers create problems while leaders get paid to solve them.

So I’ve been listening to some of his audios as well. Him, John Maxwell and Gary Vaynerchuk are the 3 guys I’ve been filling my head with of late.

And Eric Thomas. #TGIM

I guess I can be obsessed with certain things in my life, such as my personal development.

If I don’t invest the time for it, noone else will.

Then I will just be like the rest of them, blaming my job or spouse or community or the government or the gods for my current, undesirable situations.

Not realising that the true problem here is me.

I fix me, all else gets fixed.

It’s an inside job.

~ Musa

Chicken Soup For The Soul: Look Out, Baby, I’m Your Love Man

This is one of the inspiring true stories I am currently reading from the motivationally moving best seller, that in Jack Canfield’s and Mark Victor Hansen’s Chicken Soup for the Soul 

Look Out, Baby, I’m Your Love Man

It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. – Whitney Young, Jr.

Les Brown and his twin brother were adopted by Mamie Brown, a kitchen worker and maid, shortly after their birth in a poverty-stricken Miami neighborhood.

Because of his hyperactivity and nonstop jabber, Les was placed in special education classes for the learning disabled in grade school and throughout high school. Upon graduation, he became a city sanitation worker in Miami Beach. But he had a dream of being a disc jockey.

At night he would take a transistor radio to bed where he listened to the local jive-talking deejays. He created an imaginary radio station in his tiny room with its torn vinyl flooring. A hairbrush served as his microphone as he practiced his patter, introducing records to his ghost listeners.

His mother and brother could hear him through the thin walls and would shout at him to quit flapping his jaws and go to sleep. But Les didn’t listen to them. He was wrapped up in his own world, living a dream.

One day Les boldly went to the local radio station during his lunch break from mowing grass for the city. He got into the station manager’s office and told him he wanted to be a disc jockey.

The manager eyed this disheveled young man in overalls and a straw hat and inquired, “Do you have any background in broadcasting?”

Les replied, “No, sir, I don’t.”

“Well, son, I’m afraid we don’t have a job for you then.”

Les thanked him politely and left. The station manager assumed that he had seen the last of this young man. But he underestimated the depth of Les Brown’s commitment to his goal. You see, Les had a higher purpose than simply wanting to be a disc jockey. He wanted to buy a nicer house for his adoptive mother, whom he loved deeply. The disc jockey job was merely a step toward his goal.

Mamie Brown had taught Les to pursue his dreams, so he felt sure that he would get a job at that radio station in spite of what the station manager had said.

And so Les returned to the station every day for a week, asking if there were any job openings. Finally the station manager gave in and took him on as an errand boy—at no pay. At first, he fetched coffee or picked up lunches and dinner for the deejays who could not leave the studio. Eventually his enthusiasm for their work won him the confidence of the disc jockeys who would send him in their Cadillacs to pick up visiting celebrities such as the Temptations and Diana Ross and the Supremes. Little did any of them know that young Les did not have a driver’s license.

Les did whatever was asked of him at the station—and more. While hanging out with the deejays, he taught himself their hand movements on the control panel. He stayed in the control rooms and soaked up whatever he could until they asked him to leave. Then, back in his bedroom at night, he practiced and prepared himself for the opportunity that he knew would present itself.

One Saturday afternoon while Les was at the station, a deejay named Rock was drinking while on the air. Les was the only other person in the building, and he realized that Rock was drinking himself toward trouble. Les stayed close. He walked back and forth in front of the window in Rock’s booth. As he prowled, he said to himself. “Drink, Rock, drink!”

Les was hungry, and he was ready. He would have run down the street for more booze if Rock had asked. When the phone rang, Les pounced on it. It was that station manager, as he knew it would be.

“Les, this is Mr. Klein.” ‘

“Yes,” said Les. “I know.”

“Les, I don’t think Rock can finish his program.”

“Yes sir, I know.”

“Would you call one of the other deejays to come in and take over?”

“Yes, sir. I sure will.”

But when Les hung up the telephone, he said to himself, “Now, he must think I’m crazy.”

Les did dial the telephone, but it wasn’t to call in another deejay. He called his mother first, and then his girlfriend. “You all go out on the front porch and turn up the radio because I’m about to come on the air!” he said.

He waited about 15 minutes before he called the general manager. “Mr. Klein, I can’t find nobody,” Les said.

Mr. Klein then asked, “Young man, do you know how to work the controls in the studio?”

“Yes sir,” replied Les.

Les darted into the booth, gently moved Rock aside and sat down at the turntable. He was ready. And he was hungry. He flipped on the microphone switch and said,

“Look out! This is me, LB, triple P—Les Brown, Your Platter Playing Poppa. There were none before me and there will be none after me. Therefore, that makes me the one and only. Young and single and love to mingle. Certified, bona fide, indubitably qualified to bring you satisfaction, a whole lot of action. Look out, baby, I’m your lo-o-ove man!”

Because of his preparation, Les was ready. He wowed the audience and his general manager. From that fateful beginning, Les went on to a successful career in broadcasting, politics, public speaking and television. – Jack Canfield

Begin your days with inspiration and read a motivational story a day through Chicken Soup for the Soul

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010. All rights reserved.


Here Is Your Friday Story

This is an extract I received from my Insight Of The Day free subscribtion, thanks to Bob Proctor.

I pray you enjoy “my Friday story.”

Dear Musa,

Here is your Friday story,


Many years ago, in fact shortly after I began to study this transformational information, I came across a piece of literature that contained an idea that changed my life.

It explained that every thing around us that has been made by human beings is the expression of an idea, and that you and I have the ability to create ideas.

Think about it, every company, regardless of how large it may be, is nothing but the expression of a single idea that was once in the mind of one person.

Unfortunately with most people their ideas are still born. They never breathe the stuff of life into them.

As I sat here preparing to share this story with you, my mind went back to the first time I came across that idea.

Initially, I don’t believe the dynamic of the idea really sunk into my mind.

But when it did, the direction of my life changed like night and day, and it’s never reversed direction.

Thinking is the highest function of which you and I are capable.

It’s an activity that I spent very little time at for the first twenty-five years of my life.

But then I was introduced to Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, and I began to truly appreciate the creative potential that was lying dormant within me.

I then quickly learned it was a creative potential that lies within everyone, you included.

I have since come to the startling realization that a single idea effectively executed can be worth millions of dollars.

In fact, single ideas have helped thousands of individuals from various parts of the world become millionaires.

For many years now, I have devoted the time that I spend flying to thinking.

If you happen to sit beside me on a plane you may arrive at the conclusion that I have absolutely no social intelligence.

I rarely talk to the person beside me.

I feel that is my time away from everyone and everything, and I spend it thinking.

By the way, I spend a lot of time in the air.

I frequently begin these thinking sessions by asking myself an interesting question. As I begin looking for the answer ideas begin to flow.

In the early 90’s I was on a flight from Toronto to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It’s twenty-five hours one way in the air and of course twenty-five hours back, so obviously that gave me lots of time to think.

I made that trip every month for a few years, and I came to love the time that I was able to devote to thinking.

On one particular flight I wrote at the top of a sheet of paper “$1,000,000.” That’s exactly how I wrote it – a 1 followed by 6 zeros.

And I asked myself, “What’s so special about a million dollars?”

I had earned that in a year back in the 60’s.

It actually wasn’t very difficult. For some reason $1,000,000 seems to be a magic number.

We write songs about it, we fantasize about it, and we ask people “What would you do if you won a million dollars?” Generally they don’t know.

That’s because they don’t truly plan on having a million dollars.

I began thinking, “What did I do at that time that was so different?”

Then I asked, “What do others that earn millions do that is so different?”

Ask and you will receive is wise advice that has been given to us.

As I began asking myself these questions, it dawned on me that people who earn lots of money have many sources of income.

I wrote that on a piece of paper – “Many Sources of Income.”

Then I changed it to “Multiple Sources of Income” which I then abbreviated to “MSI.”

And I thought, “I should run a seminar that teaches people to create MSIs.”

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.

The idea began to build in my mind.

That’s what generally happens with good ideas – they attract other good ideas that are in harmony, and the idea builds.

I was getting really enthused.

I made up my mind I would teach others.

I would run such a seminar.

And I would get some of my friends to do it with me.

When I got to Kuala Lumpur, I was really enthused.

I phoned Mark Victor Hansen in Southern California, then Val Van De Wall in Western Canada. Mark phoned Jack Canfield and Berny Dohrmann.

They all loved the idea.

The team was formed.

The group of us decided to run a week long program teaching people how to earn a million dollars by setting up MSIs.

We had a great time.

It was a very successful program.

In fact, Mark and Jack came up with an idea for an MSI that they would partner on and execute together.

They would write a book with 101 inspirational stories in it and it would be called Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Keep in mind, in the beginning it was just an idea, but they have since sold over one hundred million copies.

There are numerous success stories that have come out of those seminars.

But, after a period of time, because each one of us owned our own businesses, we stopped conducting the seminars and went on our own separate ways.

However, every one of us grew immeasurably from that experience.

As Thomas Carlyle once said, “When your mind is expanded by a big idea, it will never go back to its original shape.”

CEO Space, a company that operates globally, came out of that program.

A couple of companies that I have since started – The Bob Proctor Matrixx and The Bob Proctor Network – came out of those seminars.

It all started with a single idea that was the result of a question that I asked myself at 35,000 feet somewhere over the South Pacific.

Thousands of individuals today are wealthy because of that idea.

In fact, historically wealthy people have always followed the strategy of setting up multiple sources of income.

Let me ask you a question – How many sources of income do you presently have?

If you are like most people, the answer is probably one or maybe two when actually you could have a hundred, two hundred or more and all it would require is a decision.

Let me ask you another question – How much time do you spend by yourself for the sole purpose of thinking, of creating ideas, ideas that will enhance the life of others or possibly improve the service that they offer?

If you’re not doing it, you might start. You will find that it’s a great way to invest your time.

In fact, spending time thinking is the most constructive thing that you can do with your life.

It is, as I have already mentioned, the highest function of which you are capable.

My company recently started a company for the sole purpose of helping people establish MSIs and at the same time become associated with other people from all over the world that want to multiply their income.

This company truly brings like-minded people together in a spirit of cooperation where they can help each other improve the quality of their life by setting up and sharing multiple sources of income.

The company is run by a young lady who professionally is an electrical engineer. Her name is Tiffany Baron.

After a decade of working at a job where someone told her when to go to work, when to go home and how much she could earn, she decided that she wanted to change.

She wanted to enjoy the freedom that she was reading about and the income that could be earned by establishing multiple sources of income.

This company was started because I’ve often thought that it was rather sad that the group of us never really kept that original company going.

I often thought I should do that again.

You see I believe that there are a lot of people out there like I was when I first became aware that everything around us is the expression of an idea, and you and I have the ability to create ideas.

There are a lot of Tiffanys and Harrys and Jims that would really love to have multiple sources of income, but they’re not quite sure how to do it.

We thought — if we started a global network that anyone could join, where people could come together on-line to help each other build something substantial by working in cooperation with each other, where the membership fee was very minimal, then thousands more could enjoy the freedom and the creativity that many of us are already enjoying.

That’s when we gave birth to the idea of where for $5 per month anyone can explore MSI ideas, and they can move them into action to change the course of their life.

Bob Proctor

P.S. When you act on this idea you are going to be so happy you read this Friday story and like many others you are going to be very pleased that I took the time to think on that flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Go to

Take a look.

Get involved.

Have some fun.

Earn yourself a million.

Then tell somebody else how to do the same thing. For more information, send an email to:

Bob Proctor mentioned Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, get your free download on adobe format with this link.

Yours in prosperity,

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Blog Post That Gives More Than It Takes

That’s one of the principle written in one of the chapters Wallace Wattles wrote in his personal development & success book The Science Of Getting Rich.

Which you can download at or amongst others.

The chapter in question (Chapter 14) is titled “The Impression Of Increase.”

What it basically says is that the Universe is a formless substance that is perpetuated by growth, evolution & increase.

So if you perform an act that promotes this “idea of increase” – aligning yourself with the harmony that IS the Universe – then you will find yourself exposed to & receiving more resources or opportunities to help you do more of these “acts of more” that promote the impression of increase.

Which is part of what the Universe, the “all of everything,” is.

For example Wallace Wattles, & yes we’re still talking about one of his books The Science Of Getting Rich downloadable here – suggests that we must give in use value than what we take in cash value.

It’s the universal “give more than you take” principle.

Were he even refers to selling a hunting rifle to an Eskimo as opposed to selling him a painting.

The rifle is worth more value to him than a painting because he will use the rifle to get him the fur & food he needs to make him rich, not like a painting which won’t do him, financially that is, any good by just hanging on his Eskimo wall.

This makes me think of what Robert Kiyosaki said in one of his books about the difference between an asset and a liability, assets being things that bring money IN your pocket, whereas liabilities are things that take money OUT of your pocket.

Like your house “own” for instance.

Many people think that their house is an asset when in fact it takes money OUT of your pocket, that’s why you pay a mortgage on it.

It’s only an asset to your banker because she’s the one receiving the income every month from YOU, in the form of you paying off your house every month.

It only becomes an asset to YOU when you rent it out so that, after all the respective expenses, the tenant pays off the mortgage for you and you still have a profit left over, the profit that goes into your pocket.

Come to think about it I recommend you get a copy of Robert T. Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” if you want to get an idea of how the mind of a rich women or rich men thinks via your local bookstores, a second hand (used) book outlet like the one we have here in Southgate Mall (even Protea Gardens sometimes has a temporary exhibition of books of this nature), friend, family, library or you can order it on

It has come to my observation that depending on where you are in your life the effects that The Science Of Getting Rich has can vary from person to person, maybe it’s because we all might not be going through the same things at that very point in time.

One woman took the practical principles contained in this book & after implementing them in her own life created an idea that cashed in for her millions of dollars, from reading it in just one sitting – with continuous reference to it throughout her journey to success.

And there was one guy I read of who read The Science Of Getting Rich through a number of times before he FINALLY GO IT!

Which led to him also getting a license for hosting a seminar about it.

Just writing about it now makes me want to go back to it and devour all the juicy richness of its wealth consciousness content and gaining more from it than I did from my last reading.

“When you read a book through the second time around you don’t see in it something that you never saw before, but you see in yourself something that wasn’t there before.”

I got that quote, and have more in reserve, from an audio I listen to every time I get in my car and have on repeat, by Earl Nightingale which I downloaded from a Mark Victor Hansen website.

I want to end of this update by saying that success is a mindset and that it comes from the habits we partake in our daily lives and moments.

So are you current habits progressively driving you towards the financial success you want or are they keeping you in the spider-web of lack and limitation that is echoed by the company you keep?

I mean come on…you want to be rich but you surround yourself with poverty?

How does that work?

That’s like going around in circles and thinking you are making progress.

“If you do the things you keep doing, you will keep getting the things you’ve always gotten.”

So here I am asking you to be have an open mind in grabbing a copy of The Science Of Getting Rich that would allow you to take that very important first step towards the life you laugh about with your friends.

A life the other 3% of the people in the world, who make 97% of the money that is being earned in the world are living.

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Earl Nightingale said

Earl Nightingale said “You Become What You Think About,” like you become what you think about.

So you think, and then you become.

Let me say that again:

“You become what you think about”.

So what are thinking about?

“You become what you think about.” – Earl Nightingale.

So take that one idea and, like Swami Vivekananda said

“Take up one idea.

Make that one idea your life –

think of it, dream of it, live in that idea.

Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea & just

leave every other idea alone.

That is the way to success.”

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele