The Tighter The Grip The More Painful The Experience

So how are you feeling right now?










…Wow. If I felt all that at the same time I would be overwhelmed too.

How does that make you feel feeling all the way you do?

Like I’m not in control of my results.

Ok…now based on what you know and blog about even over at blogspot how true is that?

…It’s of course an incorrect definition of what I’m experiencing but I can’t deny I’m feeling FANTASTIC when I aint.

You’re quite right about that one. As optimistic as we would like to be, sometimes we need to call a spade a spade right?

That’s for damn sure!

Indeed. But I’m sure you would agree that if what you focus on expands, how much more of the negative things will you come up with if your focus is ON the negatives? A lot more isn’t it?

…Ja sure.

How much better would you feel if you were to take your focus and momentum OFF what you don’t want – because I’m certain you don’t want things to remain as they are since they aren’t getting you any where – and ON to the things you DO want?

Ja man but it’s not easy man!

Yeah because you’ve gotten so used to feeling hurt that you’ve become loyal to pain than you are of pleasure?

You feel you don’t deserve to feel pleasure so you would rather feel pain because that’s a feeling you are more familiar with? As in that is your comfort zone?

Just because you’re nothing speaking to me doesn’t mean I can’t read your thoughts ne?

I guess I’ve hit a nerve so for publishing purposes slowly…and gently let go of the pain you are feeling right now – as frightening as letting go may seem to you right now – and share your thoughts with Me…

…I feel safer in the pain.

I know. This is because pain has protected you in the pass right? I mean why get rid of something that works right?

…But it’s not working.

And why is that?

Because things don’t go my way at the end of the day.

Is it? Ok. So how can we begin to change things so that they turn around for us?

By beginning to let go of limited self image I have for myself and reaching over to a better self concept of myself.

Even if I fall at least I would have tried.

Because holding on to my old self is costing me in money and emotionally and physically…

Always ask: ‘What is this I am feeling?’

‘Could I accept it and allow it?’

‘Could I let this go?’

‘Would I let this go?’


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The Art of Letting Go

Sometimes you need to let go.

Ideally this “letting go” process should be an every day thing.

I think it’s because in most cases letting go is part of a healing process.

Especially when holding on is doing more bad than good.

This guy made an example of holding on to a pen.

The tighter the grip and the longer you grip it, the higher the chance of it hurting your hand.

Same goes for everything else.

It’s a scary thought letting go of things you’ve gotten used to making you feel pain.

In theory yes we want to feel pleasure but the fear of loss is greater than the need to gain.

So make it a gradual release.

One inch at a time.

One finger at a time.

One day of a time.

I love you.

Thank you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Be A Serial Optimist

“No one has power over you unless you give it to them, you are in control of your life & your choices decide your own fate.”
~ A Tweet from @TheGodLight

You must always look for the silver lining.

You must always look for the good in all things.

And this must be done BEFORE shit hits the fan.

Because it’s easier to set the sails of your boat, your mind, in calm waters.

(So practice when the going is good.)

It’s another matter when the same boat needs setting in a storm.

(Now you implement when the going is rough.)

You could look away and tell yourself, “There’s no storm. There’s no storm. There’s no storm.”

Because that’s not the truth of the matter when your emotions feel that there’s nothing BUT storm about you.

“What you resist will persist.”
~ Carl Jung

Accept the storm.

Allow the storm.

Then look into how you could build the momentum of moving yourself through the storm.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”
~ Winston Churchill

Complaining and taking persist action towards improving your situation is better than just complaining while sitting on your hands.

“Take MASSIVE, consistent, action.”
~ Anthony Robbins

I love you.

Thank you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Worst Case Scenario: What If The Internet Were To Shut Down?

These Mayans 2012 predictions couldn’t have come a better time, if only the movie “2012” could have been released in 1984 neh? It would have made the “predictions” less believable, Internet and all.

The Internet shutting down?? I know, I know the likelihood of that happening are slim to none, just like how that crazy scientist proposed how the world is in actual fact not the center of the universe.

Just thought I should probe your mind a little, in the very sober holiday season state you are in.

How well insured are you against something of that magnitude happening though?

Can you use your online skills offline as well?

Maybe I just idolize the past but I believe that one needs to include diversification in the way one sees the Internet also.

So that just like the world ended in the year 2000 & the Mayans prediction comes true, we would have in our possession hard copies of the fun stuff we posted on the net.

I hate to say it, but come to think about it, if people buy into these predictions like they did the millennium craze, enough to influence other spineless crowd followers into fear, then I have no choice but to capitalize on this unfounded fear of death like I know other corporates will.

And knowing what the media is capable of – see Zeitgeist Movie – I am sure they will play their part in trying to make us run around like headless chickens while reaping the rewards of our staged vulnerability, as short term as it might be.

Who knows, maybe they will prolong this fear by leaking rumors of how one can’t be really certain WHEN the world would end (remember the fun the media had in issuing the “war on terrorism”), holding us in the state of uncertainty while finding a way to vacuum clean our pockets.

If you teach a large enough crowd how to fear, then you will always have control over them.

The modern day version of mass dictatorship.

Online journals should have offline versions.

Notes on your “crack”berry must be written out for you to see whether the battery in on or off.

Something to re-awaken your senses, to make you feel human again, something you can touch, smell, taste, hear, and see.

Interacting with another human being instead of feeling repelled by them. Having a fear of crowds but no minding participating within a forum of a million or more people globally.

Relationships are key, heavens, you might even realize that they are the link to everything else. As in the state of your overall relationships are the result of the state of your finances and your health.

When chaos abounds within your life or/ and body remembering the fundamentals could save your life. That in how we are human BEINGS and not human DOINGS.

Slow down.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in and feel yourself taking a slow, deliberate breath out.

And see things (life) from a different love (light, same thing).

Yours in eternal peace, and ever-flowing joy,


PS. Yes, with all things said “2012” is quiet entertaining, if Sci-Fi and thriller and killer graphics are your thing.

I absolutely love the ending though when the world…nah, what a spoiler that would be. Grab a copy retailing at for $14.99 at the time of this posting, if you don’t have one already or the DVD rentals are out of stock, to know what I meant about the awesome, awesome ending.

What Is The Law of Attraction & How To Make It Work Faster

The law of attraction is growingly celebrated theory that states whatever man fusses about, he will attract to herself.

Whatever the mind of (wo)man thinks about (s)he will attract it.

The catch…?

It is the things you believe in when you think that become attracted to you.

An example: I need money so I begin to think about.

Days, weeks, months & years pass and you would think that I’ve been getting “broker” by the day.

How is that I am thinking about money/ receiving love from those I relate to/ having a healthier body but nothing of the likes is revealing itself to me???

Answer: It’s because of what you believe.

Source out your true belief towards a particular idea, & through relentless introspection and self truth talk, you find that you believe in the opposite of the wealthy, healthy, joyful image you hold in your head.

You want more money – but you might believe that you do not. This is through negative connatations you might have around money.

I don’t deserve.

Money is the root of all evil.

Blood needs to be shed for me to be rich.

It is sinful to have more money than I am receiving right now.

And the list goes on of beliefs that run our lives and our experience of it.

The best way to accelerate the law of attraction is to believe that which you are thinking about.

Believe you can.

Believe you are more than worthy.

And feel the feelings you will feel once you have acquired it.

Make it your intent.

Everybody wants a better feel of life, a few believe they can and thus do. Many of us think we can but believe we can’t.

Belief overrules thinking.

What follows here is book via Amazon that I recommend on helping you with techniques on How To Eliminate The Invisible Blockers That Limit Our Experience Of Wealth In Our Lives.

Yours in loving & abundant prosperity,

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

"Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes."

I’ve been having this post in my draft folder since last year.

I am doing some mental house cleaning and decided that I show edit and publish it, how knows maybe someone out there would benefit from it.

There have been changes happening in South Africa.

There have been so much change happening here at home – Protea South Extension, Soweto, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, Africa, Planet Earth.

From the improvements being made on the road that frustrate a lot of drivers – there were incidents were people lost their lives due to pits that were not suppose to be the during that late drive, but I wont go into that, it IS my opinion – to the change in politics with the inaguaration of South Africa’s 4th elected President of the Republic this past Saturday – 09 may 2009.

My former boss, the now new Minster of Finance Mr Pravin Godhan, is now in the President’s Cabinet.

So as we speak we are now under acting management here at work – the South African Revenue Service – and the anxiety and excitement that is pumping through people’s blood streams needless to say with the Soccer World Cup gratefully coming to our South Africa has got the nation buzzzzzing!

It’s this flow of change that causes and “stir” the spirit in us – not that before this all of man was stagnant.

In truth all we are is energy that stirs in accordance to our concentration of thought.

I’m talking about the vibes you get off others and the ones you release in reaction to the ones you are receiving.

With people cutting in front of you in traffic, having to deal with office gossip from colleagues you held in high regard and thought were friends at work – paradox: friends and work – to things happening within the family, having father introducing you to your step brothers for example.

Such event might even give the ming the go ahead to do what it does best, from being trained deligently so, that in bringing back past emotions I canned that had to do with how I felt as a result of my parents painful separation and divorce.

I’m reading a book by Dr. Joe Vitale where he writes there that repressed emotions, particularly the emotions you use to hold on to the past with, come out in some form or another.

The book goes into how I cannot expect to fully commit my entire energy on something I want to accomplish if I’m busy fueling the things of the past (grudges or painful memories) with a portion of my energy that I have allocated to it.

What I mean is it’s like giving 85% of my energy and thinking that I am giving it my all (100%) of myself to something or even someone.

With 15%, is it 15 neh?, of my energy into making sure that I still hold an age olg grudge against the fact that my sister directly influences the emotional pain my mother is experiencing from her (sister) insensitive antics especially when I are the one that has to play peacemaker.

As if programming the mind and saying, “listen mind,from now on expect this person to always cause me to feel pain in always because she…well, she always does!” then delegating a portion of my mental thought energy (memories) into making certain that this request is processed and kept alive until further notice.

With me wondering “why does she KEEP doing that??”

Genius is because you expect it!

I can’t speak for everyone else but I have kept these energies locked safely away in the memory cabinet title “The Past.”

So there goes Musa and his 85% self wondering why is success and abundance coming at him in drips and drabs, not knowing that I receive as much as I put in.

And if 85% is what I am giving, 85% will be what I am receiving.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

What in computer college they refered to say…you know I forgot the term but it had to do with what you put in you get out.

The same goes for the mind.

Our mind.

The best way to achieve success and even improve our health is by letting go of the grudges we hold against the people we attract in our lives & send them love in its place…this can be done is a split second or over a period of 26 years.

Entertain this idea and you will begin to live a life with less struggle than before.

Who knows, maybe the pain you are currently experience might directly linked to the hatred or anger you have on a particular person or circumstance…who knows?

Ever heard of the The Sedona Method?

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele

The #1 Underated Reason Why Most Experience Failure

“Your close relationships are either a catalyst for manifesting what you really want, or they’re a hindrance to your manifestation.

If you truly value the power of love in your life, you owe it to yourself to discover how to tap into the power of your relationship as a force for manifestation.” -Drs. Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks

(c) Musa T 2010