You Fear the Sabre-tooth

6753809I read somewhere that the brain is wired since the stone age to think negatively so to protect us from the dangers that existed then.

Sabre-tooth as an example.

These days this negative thinking works overtime, stopping us from getting ahead in life.

Because we fear trying something new.

Fear of the Sabre-tooth.

This happens without us even realizing.

Without reading, preferably instructional books, then nothing will contradict that thinking.

You could even try swapping listening to the car radio station or your phone playlist for an audiobook.

The hours you spent while traveling, could be spent sharpening your mind against the Sabre-tooth.

Marvel_avengers_alliance_sabretooth_by_ratatrampa87-d6tj8tgThe benefits of investing in yourself will eventually be seen via your outlook in your life.

Maybe that’s what you need.

Maybe that’s what need.

A different outlook.

That comes from developing a habit of reading or listening daily to go sh*t.

~ Musa

Replace Your S** t Habits With Good Ones

I kept on seeing and hearing the name Simon Sinek being projected in my head.

Simon Sinek.

As if stuck in the frontal lobe of my brain.

Simon Sinek.

All this, haunting, while trying to sleep.

So here I am, writing about him.

I don’t know much about him.

He was first brought to my attention by a business partner who has a background in medicine.

Google Sinek.

From the little I know of him is that he’s a speaker.

He speaks about most about leadership. On what defines a leader and what drives her. Reasons why they are true leaders. Amongst other things.

He’s available on different social media sites, I also follow him on Twitter and IG.

He’s an author as well, he wrote Start With Why.

And there are lots of videos on the ‘Tube that have he’s talks.

I think there’s a vid of one of his talks I posted in one of my blogs that I thought was awesome.

There’s a bias that comes with being a leader that I want to take advantage of.

The monetary benefits of being paid to solve problems being one of them.

It’s as if followers create problems while leaders get paid to solve them.

So I’ve been listening to some of his audios as well. Him, John Maxwell and Gary Vaynerchuk are the 3 guys I’ve been filling my head with of late.

And Eric Thomas. #TGIM

I guess I can be obsessed with certain things in my life, such as my personal development.

If I don’t invest the time for it, noone else will.

Then I will just be like the rest of them, blaming my job or spouse or community or the government or the gods for my current, undesirable situations.

Not realising that the true problem here is me.

I fix me, all else gets fixed.

It’s an inside job.

~ Musa

Florence Wattles’s Letter to Mrs. Towne

Wallace Delois Wattles’s daughter – Florence Wattles, shortly after his death in 1911 – wrote to Elizabeth Towne.

“Mrs. Towne was the owner of the magazine called Nautilius, which published most of Wattles’s articles.

Florence writes “My dear Mrs. Towne, Your letter of the 14th received…perhaps a little later I can write the romantic story of my Fathers life and make it really worthwhile.

You knew, didn’t you, that he lost a good position in the Methodist Church because of his “heresy”?

He met George D. Herron at a convention of reformers in Chicago in 1896 & caught Herron’s Social Vision.

I shall never forget the morning he came home.

It was Christmas.

Mother had put her last dollar into a cuff box & we had placed it beneath an evergreen branch which served for our Christmas tree & which we had illuminated with tallew candles & strung with popcorn.

Finally Father came home.

With that beautiful smile he praised the tree, said the cuff box was just what he had been wanting – and took us all in his arms to tell us of the wonderful, social message of Jesus.

The message which he later embodied in “A New Christ.”

From that day until his death he worked unceasingly to realize the glorious vision of human brotherhood.

For years he was cursed with poverty & the fear of poverty.

He was always scheming & planning to get for his family those things which make the abundant life possible.

In the first chapter of “How To Be A Genius” he says: “Man’s greatest happiness is found in the bestowal of benefits on those he loves.”

The supreme Faith of the man never left him.
Never for a moment did he lose confidence in the power of master intelligence to right every wrong & to give to every man & woman his or her share of the good things in life.

When we came to Elwood (Indiana) three years ago, Father began a Sunday night lectureship in Indianapolis.

This was our only source of income.

Later he began to write for Nautilius to word out his philosophy.

He wrote almost constantly.

Then it was that he formed his mental picture.

He saw himself as a successful writer, a personality of power, an advancing man, & he began to work toward the realization of this vision…He lived every page of “How To Be A Genius.”

In the last three years he made lots of money, & had good health, except for his extreme frailty.

I have written this hurriedly but I think it will give you an idea of the life struggle of a great man – his failure & success.

His life was truly the Powerful Life, and surely we can say, as least in Elswood, “The name of him who loved his fellow men led all the rest.”

With all good wishes, I am, Very sincerely,

Florence A. Wattles.”

Written by the daughter of Wallace D. Wattles author of the timeless, personal improvement classic The Science of Getting Rich a life changing book that you can grab over at

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Who Is Wallace D. Wattles?

The information gathered on this particular update was received from the Internet.

So I cannot be held liable for possible misrepresentation of person(s) mentioned on this blog.

You cannot expect to have change in your life if you still do the same things you do on a daily basis.

That is one of the many statements made by Wattles, to go out of your comfort zone to be able to live that extraordinary life that awaits you.

Wallace D. Wattles, born 1860 died 1911, is a man recorded as having much failure in his earlier life but later become a very wealthy & successful writer.

As to what those failures were I do not know and does not matter to me.

What intrigues about the man is the book he is best known for: The Science of Getting Rich, also available at

“The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best. Therefore it tends to become the best. It takes the form or character of the best, & will receive the best.”

In his later life Wattles took to studying various religious beliefs and philosophies, i.e. Hegel, Spinoza, Descartes, Swedenborg, Leibnitz, and Schopenhauer to name a few.

And I believe that is was due to the “New Thought” these past teachers were philosophizing that Wattles lost a good position in the Methodist Church because of “heresy.”

At the age of 36 Wallace met up with a Congregational Church minister & professor George Davis Theron, who was preaching a form of Christian Socialism.

And it was from this teaching of “New Thought” – that centred around the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins – that Wallace discovered the “New Thought” principles & put them into practice in his own life & wrote books outlining these principles.

And it is from that experience with Theron that inspired the great and powerful works like The Science of Getting Rich and others such as:

  • Health Through New Thought and Fasting
  • The Science of Being Great
  • The Science of Being Well
  • and a novel – titled Hellfire Harrison
“You don’t have to get something for nothing, but can give to every person more than you take from him.”

Wattles also wrote articles to a magazine called Nautilus, owed by Elizabeth Towne, who published a lot of W. D. Wattles’s articles in almost every issue in the early 1900’s until his untimely death in 1911.

His daughter wrote to Elizabeth Towne shortly after his passing.

I have posted a link to his The Science of Getting Rich free ebook in one of my earlier post, so I’m sure if you can fish around my archives you will find it.

I’ve just realized there is much to cover after writing this.

But nonetheless that is why Wallace D. Wattles is one of my greatest inspirations.

An inspiration I thought is worth mentioning in my blog.

“Give a little child a pencil & paper & they began to draw crude figures; that which lives in them is trying to express itself in art.

Give them a set of blocks, & he will try to build something; that which lives in them is seeking expression in architecture.

Seat them at a piano, & they will try to draw harmony from keys; that which lives in them is trying to express itself in music.

That which lives in man is always seeking to live more.”

~ Wallace Wattles

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS. The excerpts in bold italics were taken from The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.