A Business Like No Other…

new-mlm-companiesI think network marketing levels the playing field.

I could be wrong, it’s just my observation.

From my limited observation, businesses are handed over from generation to generation.

The only legacy I’ve seen being left the masses is poverty.

Some families are brought up with the option of aspiring to be business owner, while other families are sold the idea of becoming employees or self employed.

Asking the government to fix this in the form of land distribution, for instance, is as effective as the removal of our now current President from office.

But network marketing nullifies this dependent mindset.

The right one also offers you training and mentorship on how to succeed by also developing a business owner mindset.

But the best ones allow for your network marketing business to be passed on from generation to generation, just like these families I spoke of earlier.

With the right training to develop your skills, I believe anyone can succeed in what they put their minds to.

Multi level marketing included.

One of the hiccups I have with conventional business is the start up capital, amongst other uncertainties.

But obviously if you are committed enough and want it badly enough then you can find solutions around that.

I guess one chooses ones battles.

With me preferring minimum start up capital.

Minimal operational costs.

No overhead.picture2

With some part time but consistent work ethic, the results are predictable.

Results that can supplement my current salary.

Results that can be on par with my current salary.

Results that can eclipse my current salary.

A business like no other.

Look as a disclaimer, anything legit that allows you to make extra income is great.

Be it MLMs or another job or part time gig or strip joints.

I’m just talking about what I’m exposed to.

Do you due dilengece.

This working you way up to your salary month end only to start at zero the following month, is insane.

But most of us are doing it so it’s ok right?

I don’t think so.

~ Musa

The Fixer

B33rFzqCYAIREuFSometimes when the road ahead looks very dark, anxiety levels go up.

That’s when I come to you God to help shed some light.

But if the road I’m taking vele has no street lights then I’m relieved knowing that you are by my side.

I’m taking this knee with this post because I’m also in dire need so my ancestors need to be also involved in this prayer.

Because without them I would be here, and without You they wouldn’t have been.

I light my candles and incense with this update in gratitude of what I already have.

Thank you for our business.

Thank you for our jobs.

Thank you for the shelter you are providing us.

Thank you for the water and lights that we sometimes take for granted.

Thank you for the food we eat.

Our perfect health and the rich relationships we have.

Thank you for the clothes on our backs.

And the large amounts of income that come to us through various sources, with increasing frequency.

All praise goes to you God.

I am bound to make flops along the way.

I just want to thank you for softening the falls.

Thank you for giving me the courage to fail forward.

Because there is no learning without falling. And I need to learn so I can grow to be my better self.

Continue guiding us through to our better self.

Yours in gratitude,


Being Better Than Your Old Self 

htwfaip​”The way to get things done,” says  [Charles] Schwab, “is to stimulate competition. I do not mean in a sordid, money-getting way, but in the desire to excel.” 

Ran our of characters for me to post this on Twitter so I’m posting it here.

Thought this was a cool quote.

Competing to be better than who you are.

From a book I’m reading again by Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People. 

Thank you.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

~ Musa

Law Of Attraction: How To Make The Agents That Work Against You Work With You

In reading the personal development material I have been reading over the years I thought about the many a elements of success – this I did voluntarily so to break focus from a particular relationship challenge I am beginning to overcome.

One of the elements of success I immediately drooled over that quickly grabbed my attention was the saying “action speaks louder than words” which has brought new meaning to it than it did before learning about the laws of success – which also includes the sub law referd to as the law of attraction.

Even David Schirmer, one of The Secret teachers, also makes reference to this (see www.signpoststofreedom) of how being a walking encylopedia will not bring you success.

You must take action!

Truth be told watching and reading things like The Secret and thinking that if you only think about success, without any corresponding CONTINOUOS action, success will come to you.

This is partially true therefore you would mostly experience partial success.

Prayer and affirmations are both part of the same parcel as they are both tools that create our experiences.

And if they are both left unchecked, which is mostly the case since all the magic of creation happens in our subconscious “unconscious” mind any way, we run the risk of living a life with a variety of results.

Your “ups and downs” of life having a life of their own.

And who said the only time your prayers and affirmations “count” would be when we consciously take part in these practises of change.

Dear loveable reader it is when these acts of creation are done without thinking, unconsciously (“subconsciously”) that they are the most effective.

That prolonged thought you have, that prolonged emotion you hold on to and allow to occupy permanent residence in your body, the casual words you have with people you speak to even the name calling you mumble to yourself, these are, my beloved highly successful infinite being, the very prayers and affirmations that literally create our lives!

Formal or informal they still do the trick.

Apart from looking at your current results to see what type of words, feelings, thoughts and actions or inactions you associate with yourself – take the role of an observer today and look at what kind of creations you are creating with every thought, word and actions you feel.

With one quick assessment ask yourself: Do they make me feel good or bad?

With that quick assessment you will then see wich of the two roads – good or bad – you are travelling on and then you will immediately begin to limit and break focus on one and increase and expand on the other.

It’s a habit that must be lovingly, deliberatly and persistent be practiced daily until it has replaced your old unsuccessful ones.

Begin today.

You will begin to pick up momentum as you keep on looking at life as half full.

And then you will one come to a point of having developed a skill that will mentally blocking all negative thinking, focusing on how things should be not how they are.

I bless you days with an unlimited supply of happiness in many a forms and multiple streams.

Love & gratitude.

(c) Musa Tshoaele

This Law of Attraction Stuff Is So Uncomfortably Life Transforming

…the purpose behind me writing this was to rant about how this study of the law of attraction is …not so easy!

But that was before I was led to a facebook group called Delibate Creations.

The group name on its own made me recalled the message that I kept on hearing but under a different light.


I keep on hearing how us humans are “individuations” of God, at a minituarized.

But deep down, I see know, that I have rejected the idea of being God because such a statement, I felt, was offensive to God making it “un-Godlike” and therefore being of the devil.

Little did I know was that it was due to this lack of understanding of why this is so that I will forever keep blaming everything and everyone outside of myself for the results I am having.

That due to my incomplete teaching that I speak of God’s will with the impression that there is no partnering involves between me and Her that makes this will, His will, envoked in my life.

The impression that God is there & I am here, and my purpose in life was to make God happy & follow His commandments or else God won’t be happy and will be sent to hell as a result.

Punishing me for my sins.

It was under the above understandings that ranting about how things don’t work would have been justified.

But now this is not the case.

Amongst the misleading biblical scripture of how God should be feared and how women should be subordinates to me it is written that God made us humans in the image and likeness of Herself.

Even Jesus said that that which he did, we will also do.

It was from such Truths that statements like “We Become What We Think About” began to emerge from the like of Earl Nightingale.

Statements which are repeated in different ways but mean the same thing, and all boil down to this:

We create our lives through the thoughts we think.

Just like God we create all that we are experiencing with the thoughts we all to flash randomly within our minds but unlike God we are unconscious of this.

So unconscious that we live our lives according to fate, like playing russian roulette with the unconscious, living life on autopilot.

I play Actor, Scriptwriter and Director of my life but get upset when, due to the lack of control over my movie, something happens that I “did not want” to happen.

I mean what did I expect taking my hands my hands of the wheel while driving 120 km/h on the freeway, that I was going to reach my destination without hussle?

This wn’t ever happen until I stop and say, “Hey, I created that.” “What a wonderful creation.” “Damn I’m good!” “I Love you.” “I wonder what else can I create? Let me focus on getting my next Deliberate Creation manifested and see how well that goes.”

Until such a point is reached that by consciously taking control of what I think about, would I begin to take control of my life.

It obviously goes into deeper methods of instant manifestations via self suggestions, affirmations, meditations, visualization, listening to instincts and intuitions as your guides towards what you requested through constant thought with emotion (also known as prayer) and a whole lot of other stuff that will help arm your with the necessary ammunition you need to fight your old paradigm with.

Old paradigms die hard especialy since they are engrained and even second nature through time and perfection.

I’m not saying that half a decade will pass before you and I really get the hang of it, honestly accepting that noone can hurt us without our constent then would life be truly magical.

This may seem to be too much to ask and one may even revert to the old more comfortable paragdim.

But for the open minded life will take an adventure like twist to it that literally changes lives.


(c) 2010, Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Letter To A Friend – III Edition

Dearest Friend,
{I trust and pray you have received my first letter in which I prayed for change in your life.
Followed by another which was a remembrance of my love for you.
Just to continue to display God’s persistent love for you through me, I write to you yet again.}
The world you are experiencing is but a world of your own design. 

A design that can be easily redesigned through being grateful of what you have and of what you are going to have. 

And it is due to this ability of choosing and changing what you what life to mean, making highly impossible to find yourself “stuck” in any one environment. 

Mind you, an environment of your own creation, just like the feeling of incarceration associated with it.

I believe freedom should begin first in the mind, and for it to spread through your entire body you have to show appreciation for having thought that thought of freedom until that thought becomes a dominant thought. 

It is from this very act that your sense of freedom will overflow within, and expand and multiply without. 

You have to feel free in order to experience freedom, and for you to feel it, you must first own it. 

It is the images in your head you hold longer than others that create your world as you see and experience. 

The thinking process that you hold dear to you, with no sign of letting go, is the thinking process that your life will be defined by.

Therefore with this said the only person that holds the keys to the cage you find yourself in, the cage that limits your growth; the cage that limits your expression; the only person that truly holds the key to your freedom is yourself.

And a way to free yourself is through appreciation and joyful anticipation.

Expansion through the power of gratitude.

An idea I will continue to feed you with persistently, until it breaks through the walls of your subconscious with you accepting this idea as Truth.

You are rich beyond your wildest dreams, you just can’t see it. 

What is worse is that you don’t believe it. 

You have to believe because that would lead to you reaching a state of knowing, and if you are grateful for what you know no one outside of you would tell you otherwise. 

Because then you would not only have faith in yourself, but you would be having faith in God. 

And having faith in God is having have in a world of wealth & abundance. 

It is this world that I implore you to be grateful for. 

Which in turn is being grateful for who you are, and what you are [this definition can only be done after plucking out what does not represent or define you first] is Magnificent.

A ball of Creative Energy that has the power to mould something, everything, anything, out of thin air.

You apply this power to create by holding clear images of the person you want be, with all the possessions this person has and being grateful for finally becoming this true image of yourself. 

This is you having so much faith that you honestly believe that you are that which you are becoming, and being in a state of appreciation of this faith, makes it possible for you to be anything you want to be.

And that, my friend, is true freedom.

Your world, your government, your society, your family can give you so much and go so far.

But it is when you thank God as opposed to asking God for your freedom, that you will feel as if you are given these blessings in the form of white robe to wear around your heart.

With that said life can therefore never be seen as four walls that surround and restrict you but an open field of opportunity. 

I say a field of opportunity because it can be compared to a blank canvas waiting on you to paint whatever it is you want out of life.

Now do you see who is truly calling the shots?

Gratefully yours,

M. Tshoaele