those thorny rose kisses/

i keep kissing the stem/

never the rose/

she too high/

for me/

she looks to the side/

but loves the attention/

of my lips on her/

drunk on my blood/

as i kiss her body/

never the face/

the face is meant for someone else/

do you see the scars on my tongue?/

the scars on my thoughts/

that’s how much i love her/

looking away/

as i kiss her/


rich with thorns/

that hook the insides of my mind/

that hook the insides of my mouth/


by piece/

as I drip and drop/

in love/ with the pain

with the pain/

of a love like smoke/

i try to grab/

and you gotta love the fap_

but miss/


no i miss/

or misplace the joint/

but my squad stays on point/

but it’s like/ …dont say it….dont say it….

…dont say it….dont say it…./

it’s like smoking zol…/

the high numbs the pain/

that no gain pain/

that could drive a clown insane/

because it’s a joke/

i’m a joke/

get it?/

because i don’t/

so i go back to the kisses/

those thorny rose kisses/



because my life is a movie/



~ Musa

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