Tongue Tied

It left me tongue tied

You left me tongue tied around your waistline.

You wore me like a safety belt.

The green one for prosperity because you had me digging for gold…

…with my tongue...

…tied around your waistline like a safety belt.

You were my safe place.

Nothing could hurt me because they couldn’t find me through the multiverse portal I found

Between your thighs

The wealth of information as I spoke with interdimensional beings

In tongues

With my mouth making sure your doors stay open

So you can feel the heat from my breath


Heat from the way I speaking to you

As I was wrestling with you

Finding the keyhole to unlock you





And out

Again and again

Until you opened up to me

And I drank from your overflowing well

And I drank you whole

Before returning you back to him…

~ Musa

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