heart beating against my lungs
beating on my lungs
puncher wounds
like bullet holes
pouring out blood streams
that stem out into red roses
that fall like cement petals
that form networks
subliminal connections
that maps out the distance between states
of minds
that remain closed by the bipolar
bayangi loya
is it mad max
witness me
or an observer
pg block like an explora
call the God center
but hell is scrambling my signal to heaven
don’t know if I’m praying to God or looking up to the Devil
slit throat
the more smiles
the happier
the better
I gather
uyangi thola…
hiding my joy
behind my tears
burns through my fatherless veins
and itch like inyaope..pho
smoking up the house so to choke up the evil spirits
only to find them tanning on the roof of your high…
…on your own supply
they got you beat didn’t they…
breathing through straws
your throat is cut remember…
uyangi buza
noma uyangitsela…
unspoken words
like ismumu
mining my way to the afterlife
wondering why they can’t hear me
dhladhla mkhwenyana
on and off the platform of death
while life is trying to pass you by
first stop New Canada
kuya ngawe if bayaku loya
uyangi thola
you remember
noma ugcwele ukudlala…dlala mkhwenyana…

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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