“Dig the Well Before You Drink the Water”

Don’t know if it gets to you too but I find it upsetting how you get people out there who throw dirt and talk smack about other people’s dreams.

Overhead this girl saying she got herself a learners driver sign for her car, while at the same time this same girl didn’t have a car in the first place.

Her friend replied on how dumb that was.

“I mean shouldn’t you have the car first before you have the accessories?”

…okay come to think of it that does make more sense, but sometimes you need to do wild things like that to keep you going.

To keep you focused and to remind you daily on what you want to achieve for yourself.

What the learner driver girl was doing, unconsciously I would assume…or maybe I’m just hating, was making the goal an emotional one.

Something I am only now getting to understand its true meaning as a method of fast tracking reaching my goals.

So have the path laid out first in your head, before you walk on it.

But you need to make it an emotional path.

To play that video you play in your mind with such vividness and clarity, it’s as if you have the thing you want already here…with younow.

Because speaking out of experience that’s how I attracted my first car in the first place…keeping it was another story all together more on that on another post.

Cleared out the back of my mom’s place so that the space can be used for parking.

I had a picture of it on the computer desktop so that every time I was on my work pc I kept on bumping into it every time I switched programmes.

I drove my car in my mind every day even before I had one in my hands.

You should never stop believing no matter the noise you might hear from other people’s insecurities about your drive to succeed in something that will improve your life.

Life is too short for you to play small because of you not wanting to make people around you uncomfortable.

So it’s important to act in pursuit of your desired end result.

Like this successful business builder I listen to via audio CD put it: “dig the well before you drink the water… ”

…sounds like a Zig Ziglar quote come to think of it.

Point of the matter, do whatever it takes to keep your dream alive.

No matter what anyone says about how “realistic” you should be.

Even if it means acting in a small way right to remind you daily and inspire you on ways you can take to bring you closer to your goal.

Thank you.

I love you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS. The same “dumb” girl is now driving her brand new car with a relieved learners driver sign at the back window.

Never stop believing.

The Four Seasons

She lives in a different season than me

She blows summer kisses to me that get frozen by my winter mornings

The Love I make with her falls away like autumn leaves

Before it reaches her soul by the time spring blossoms

She lives in a different season than me

But why then does she feel so close to me

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele