Sales Article

I was recently involved in an exciting and yet intense management training program.

That was a one of a kind program…the best I have ever encountered.

Especially about what I learnt about sales, since this is what they teach you at entry level.

But there was one thing I found was common with all the top guys in the office.

The one thing that all salespersons should have.

Something in fact I believe everyone should have:


» “Great excitement for or interest in a subject
or cause.”

These managers in training where genuinely excited about what they were doing.

Be it being excited about the product that we were selling.

Or the opportunity this program was offering us.

Or the kind of motivated people we were surrounded by.

And have you noticed how when you’re excited how easy it is to get someone else excited?

Even if it means you have to fake it.

But fake it genuinely.

Something I was struggling with until I got to practicing it.

With close to 200 people a day, for six days, for 3 months.

Find something about what you do or why you are doing it that excites you, & project that excitement in your product or services offered.

Do this often enough it will become second nature to you.

So if you want to make more sales, or make more friends, increase your level of excitement.

Be enthusiastic about…life!

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