You Can Only Get Good At What You Do Through Practice

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

I remember reading somewhere that the amount of money you earn can be linked to the amount of skill needed by the work you do.

If you want to earn more money then you would need to improve on your skill.

And what I’ve found “skill” to be is experience.

If you do something long enough you begin to have a certain skill towards it.

Even if it’s something you believe you absolutely suck in.

If you have a great attitude towards doing something you believe you’re not that awesome in, and then you keep doing it over & over again, then pretty soon you’re gonna start getting good at it.

You now have developed a skill to it.

Why do you think I write such awesome blogs? 😀

I didn’t one day wake up and start writing online articles that are easy on the eyes or that generate a lot of traffic to them.


It was through practice.

Because not only have I’ve been writing a lot of them, but I’ve also been finding ways on improving my skill, and most importantly, IMPLEMENTING the tips I found.

Do what makes you money with a great attitude.
Or at least find something that you love to do and look at ways of how you can make money from it.

The idea is to love what you & to do what you love.

Sales Article

I was recently involved in an exciting and yet intense management training program.

That was a one of a kind program…the best I have ever encountered.

Especially about what I learnt about sales, since this is what they teach you at entry level.

But there was one thing I found was common with all the top guys in the office.

The one thing that all salespersons should have.

Something in fact I believe everyone should have:


» “Great excitement for or interest in a subject
or cause.”

These managers in training where genuinely excited about what they were doing.

Be it being excited about the product that we were selling.

Or the opportunity this program was offering us.

Or the kind of motivated people we were surrounded by.

And have you noticed how when you’re excited how easy it is to get someone else excited?

Even if it means you have to fake it.

But fake it genuinely.

Something I was struggling with until I got to practicing it.

With close to 200 people a day, for six days, for 3 months.

Find something about what you do or why you are doing it that excites you, & project that excitement in your product or services offered.

Do this often enough it will become second nature to you.

So if you want to make more sales, or make more friends, increase your level of excitement.

Be enthusiastic about…life!

Wallace Wattles Quote

“hold the vision of yourself in the right business, with the purpose to get into it, and the faith that you will get into it, and are getting into it; but act in your present business.

Use your present business as the means of getting a better one, and use your present environment as the means of getting into a better one.

You can advance only by being larger than your present place; and no man is larger than his present place who also leaves undone any work pertaining to that place.

The world is advanced only by those who more than fill their places.

Do, every day, all that can be done that day.

If, now, it is possible for you to make each act an efficient one, you see again that the getting of riches is reduced to an exact science, like mathematics.

You can make each act a success, because all power is working with you; and all power cannot fail.

…successful action is cumulative in its results.” – Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich

Human Beings Are Such A Mess, & Why I Think That’s Ok…

I’m sitting here thinking to myself how we as human beings are a freaking mess.

This thought comes to me in the wake of the management training program I was in up until this past Monday when I quit.

It was intense.

It was developmental.

It was grilling.

It was fun.

I just couldn’t handle the pressure.

So I could choose to be disappointed about me blowing the program or I could look at the positives that came from it.

That’s when it hit me on how everyone that pulled through to the office at 6am was such a freaking mess.

But those that stayed where, I would assume, excited about the opportunity of getting themselves together.

They knew they had flaws but on the other hand they also knew that they can easily iron out those flaws with the right associations & strategies.

Nobody truly knows what’s going in your head unless you invite them in.

Never allow yourself to take a sip from the cup of self pity, rather through yourself in the ocean of self development.

“The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.”
~ Anthony Robbins,
Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!