It Is In the Silence that the Truth Will Be Revealed to You

But as you might have guessed most people avoid the silence.

“In silence wisdom speaks clearest, you cannot expect to learn the truth, if you only listen to what you think you know.”

I know a guy who insisted on putting the radio on when he realized that the conversation we were having in the car has ended.

Something about not wanting to be left alone with his thoughts.

To me that sounds like a man who is a slave to his thoughts.

Are you a slave to your thoughts too?

Since man becomes what he thinks about most of the time it would be a good idea to begin to learn to control your thoughts.

With about 72,000 thoughts a day, most of which being the same thoughts you had yesterday, how in the world do you do that?

It’s simple…

By monitoring how you feel.

How you feel is usually an indicator of what kinds of thoughts you are thinking.

There are only two kinds of thoughts.

1. Negative thoughts and,

2. Positive thoughts.

If you are feeling bad then you are thinking negative thoughts.

If you are feeling good then chances are you are thinking positive thoughts.

The idea is for you to feel good most of the time, because if you feel good you then attract more things to help you feel good.

And the fastest way you can feel good, if that’s your objective at the end of the day, is to learn how to meditate.

This process not only improves your mood but also teaches you how to monitor your thoughts and to choose the ones that are of benefit to you.

And if what they say is true, that you become what you think about, then practicing and applying this to your life would of enormous and profitable benefit to you.

It’s only when YOU are the master of your mind that life really responds to your attitude.

When you are the Captain of Your Ship.

I love you.

Thank you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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