God is a Placebo

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
~ W. Clement Stone

You need to believe in a higher power.

Something outside of your physical limitations when you have done all you can.

It is when YOU have done all you can, can you leave the rest to something grander that is not prohibited by physical limitations to complete.

Some call this “thinking substance” God.

Some call it the Law of Attraction.

Some call it the Universe.

Some even call it the blessings from the Ancestors.

Some call it Mother Nature.

Whatever definition you give to this formless substance, when believed in, gives you a sense of relief.

This relief you feel, once you have passionately released your frustrations to this Source Energy, will then allow in the good that you want so much.

Because good things come to you easier when you let go of negative emotions like struggle, since you attract to yourself the essence of what you feel.

You cannot attract something positive when all you feel in the journey of attracting it are negative emotions.

When there is resistance in your body, that should tell you that you are disallowing the good you desire in your life.

It is only when you release this tension – in the form of confiding in someone (or it this case something) that you BELIEVE has the power to change your situation for the better – that things will begin to change for you.

You my call this form of confiding prayer.

Or meditation.

Or just a simply a heartfelt request to Infinite Intelligence.

Keeping in mind that sending weak requests will produce weak responses.

It is when you really get to the core of what you feel the problem is and then asking for a possible solution that Source Energy will provide for you will you then receive it.

As ye believe, so shall it be done unto you.

That is why I say God is a placebo.

Many people have believed and benefited from this Source.

It is from this BELIEF that these people have received what I would like to call the “God Effect.”


Unexplained assistance at just the right moment, without intentionally practicing religious processing that have been stated by the church as the only means to get “God” to respond to your prayers (aka requests).

So if naming this Higher Power, which exist in and through you, as God is causing you to feel as sense of resistance that originates from the negative connotations associated with the name…don’t.

But my request to you, in order to better your life situations in all areas, is to believe in a grander, greater, higher, unlimited “thinking substance” that you have immediate access to in your time of need and counseling.

So before taking a nap or going to bed, go within and talk to yourself (yes, I said!) the way you would talk to your best friend on what your challenge is and how YOU see the best solution would be, although allowing any other possible one YOU don’t see to also come forth by the time you awake.

And watch what will happen…

I love you.

Thank you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS: Don’t let the negativity associated with religion strip away from you the benefits that come with aligning your emotions with Source Energy.

Believe and seek refuge in a higher power, you need not called it God.

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