What’s On Your Mind?

That was what Facebook keeps asking me every time I log on.

I never took much interest in it until a friend of mine noticed that it does not ask what’s on your mind anymore, but has been modified to “What’s going on?”

The “loss” of the old that is to be now replaced by the new gave more clarity and emphasis to the “loss.”

It was at that point that I began to see social networking’s enticing pull to update your status in a different light.

I’m sure you’ve read Think & Grow Rich by Dr. Napoleon Hill –

(if you haven’t then this book would make for an extremely helpful Christmas present for you or someone you care for – Search for it @ Amazon.com for details)

– as this life improving book goes into practical suggestions on how to use what’s on your mind to the best use possible.

As in whatever it is that’s not only on your mind but whatever it is that DOMINATES your mind, will come to produce itself in your life.

Whether you prefer it to happen or fear it happening for you.

How IN HEAVEN does that work?! you might ask.

Have you ever noticed how whenever you think of something, your mind gives you more suggestions that come close to what you are currently thinking of?

Take, for instance, when you have something in your mind that worries you.

When it is said that you worry yourself sick what has happened is that your mind kept feeding things to your mind that are in harmony with what you are currently thinking about.

That’s why it is suggested you think about possible solutions and not focus on the possible hinders to the solutions your minds comes up with.

No matter how ridiculous these solutions might be for you at first, the idea behind this creative process is to get the ball rolling, allowing your mind to expand and continue coming up with suggestions that will begin to improve your current circumstances.

There’s something you should keep in mind, pun unintended, and that how thoughts compound on top of one another.

This is how a simple thing like feeling gratitude for things like:

» the clothes you are wearing…

» then following it up with being grateful for the various of luxuries that electricity is giving you…

» then following that up with how fortunate you are to have someone you love & someone how loves you back (conditional love, no?)…

…could have an incredible effect on your mind, which in turn will have an improved effect on your mood.

This all because you have deliberately taken control of what YOU choose to dominate your mind, which in this case happens to be Gratitude.

Energy flows where attention goes.

So Facebook, & your current life results if anything else, should serve as a reminder of what is on your mind.

Because, if the above is true, then what you are living is the effect of what was caused by your thinking.

Therefore in order to save yourself from experiencing things you would prefer not to experience, fill your mind with the things you would like to experience.

HANG OUT MORE with people you would like to be more like.

As a footnote, your mind does not recognize the word “not.”

As in if you say, “I do not what such and such.”

What your mind registers is you saying, “I do want such and such.”

So refrain from being an “I Do Not” kind of person and instead practice and enjoy being an “I DO” kind of person.

You attract what you think about the most, whether you want the thing or not.

I love you.

Thank you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS: Be careful of “counter-attractions.” That is, thinking about something you want, all the while feeling the lack of it.

You need to pull it in with your positive emotions.

Your emotions either pull in that which you want in your life (these will be your good feeling emotions) or push that which you want away (these being your bad feeling emotions).

So feel good in your thinking.

Or at the least feel an improve feeling in your thinking and things that make you feel good will find their way to you.

PPS: You would be under served if I did not bring to your attention the link that will direct you to the site that is offering you incredible book Think and Grow Rich I mentioned to you earlier.

Happy Holidays to you and the people that you love and care about.

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