Spirit of Gratitude

Spirit is something you cannot touch with your physical hands.

It’s something that you know.

Something that you feel.

Much like gratitude.

Something that my American friends publicly celebrate once a year, on the fourth Thursday of November.

And it is my assumption that, much like the rest of the world, once Thanksgiving is over we forget about it.

The principle of gratitude.

The process of gratitude.

The practice of gratitude.

It’s a law.

Like the Law of Gravity.

And like gravity it can be used to our advantage.

It can be used for our pleasure.

And that just makes me feel appreciation for this instant tool that you and I can begin using today, to better improve our attitude.

It is not what happens to us that hurts us, it is the meaning we give to what happens to us that hurts us.

And one way to change the meaning, so we could become motivated to take inspired action, is by being grateful right now.

You need to feel grateful for what you ALREADY have.

You need to feel grateful for what IS working for you in your life.

You need to feel grateful for the journey you have taken to get to where you are right now.

You need to feel grateful for the positive, or at least hopeful, conclusions and events that are coming your way in the future.

Gratitude pulls in more stuff for you to feel grateful for.

It’s as if your heart and soul is saying to the Universe/ God, “Bring me more people, things and events that will make me feel more of what I am feeling right now.”

This is true for all emotions, but when you deliberately use the power of gratitude to work for you, more things that you will be grateful for will come your way.

There’s nothing like activating the spirit of gratitude on a daily basis.

Saying thank you, and meaning it, does a lot more good to you more than it does the other person.

Writing out things that you are grateful for will, in time and when you keep at it and get emotionally involved in the process, will attract unexplainable yet favorable “coincidences” in your life.

It’s like tapping in to this vortex that produces pleasurable results for you, just because you are in a state of gratitude.

I also love how Maya Angelou advised Oprah Winfrey to affirm and say THANK YOU whenever she encounters something that upsets her, because saying thank you in the face of adversity strengthens your faith.

Always remember to adopt the spirit of gratitude daily, and to not take it for granted.

But the proof is in the pudding.

If you are looking for ways of experiencing different and improved life experiences, then try out expressing gratitude…for all things.

There’s a reason why you have attracted them in your life, and it is from your expressions of gratitude that you will source out the lessons that are taught from these experiences.

Allowing you to grow from them.

Allowing you to become stronger and wiser due to them.

Isn’t that something to be grateful for?

I love you.

Thank you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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