What Do You *MEAN* Just Relax and Trust??!

Sometimes the negative event that is happening in your life is caused by the negative attitude you have towards it.

Remove yourself from the situation if you can or at least delay your emotional reaction from it for now.

Do something else that will allow you to focus completely on that something else.

Something totally different from the thing that upsets you.

And enjoy yourself while doing this positive task.

Whatever the task, the objective is for you to achieve an improved emotional & physical state that outshines your previous state.

What usually happens when you Let Go & Let “God” is that when you come back to the challenge, you would be in possession of inspired action for you to take in order to overcome your challenge.

Or better yet,

You might even find the problem has been solved all by itself.

Your improved mood sends out positive, powerful frequencies that solves far more problems than any negative, weaker mood could.

Sometimes doing nothing could be the best thing you could ever do…until you feel INSPIRED to act on your situation.

Those actions have proven to produce the best results in history.

Thank you.

I love you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele


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