When You Let Go & Trust…

You see, that’s the thing with inspiration.

Sometimes one needs to do the thing and then let the inspiration catch up to you.

Take this blog for instance.

At the beginning I wasn’t inspired to write this entry but I wrote one anyway to keep my blog fresh & up to date.

The news on TV & radio (amongst other social conditioning vehicles) are doing a pretty good job on focusing on the bad things in life.

So my mission is to inject some positivity in the mix, in the form of this blog.

I live to structure my life around positive information & people that’s why I don’t watch TV much.

Nor do I fill my mind up with reading up on the latest horrors the media would love to update me about.

Ignoring won’t make it go aware.

So would fussing and conditioning my mind over.

In fact, it’s the latter that propagates it.

What I do is heal it.

By “it” I’m referring to the things that make me feel offish.

I heal the “bad” in the world by first healing myself…

…If I haven’t lost you by now then you’re the kind of person that you should go through this website first chance you get www.zerolimits.info

Thank you.

I love you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS: There you go.

Blog done.

Was even inspired to end it with a link for you.

Isn’t it thrilling of how things work out when you let go & let God?


Enjoy www.zerolimits.info


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