What Is Positive Goal-Setting?

When you think about an objective,

but feel negative emotions (doubt, worry, fear) whenever the thought about it comes up,

you will in effect repel whatever opportunities may come your way to help you achieve this objective you desire.

For example:

When you want to improve your money situation,

but have a negative belief about what having an improved money situation will mean to you,

you will repel any and every opportunity to improve your finances.

Same goes for your health.

Same goes for your finances.


Question your beliefs.

Ask yourself why do you believe attracting an improved relationship will cause you to feel pain.

Ask yourself why do you believe improving your physical health will cause you to experience discomfort.

Stay with this questioning process until you get the answers,

the real answers,

some of which do not have any basis in your current reality.

Cast those meaningless beliefs aways and reinforce them with new ones.

New empowering beliefs that need to be conditioned in your brain through the form of improved associations with like minded people on a regular basis, or maybe even through the form of daily morning & evening affirmations…

I love you.

Thank you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS: This update was inspired by a previous post about negative goal-setting.

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