You Need to Believe to See It

Not only must you think about what you want, I suggest you also learn & practice feeling good while think about what you want

A good way, one of many, that you could do this is by practicing the daily discipline of 15 minute sensory visualization.

By “sensory” I mean having a 15 minute session daily where you imagine what you will:

» See,

» Taste,

» Touch,

» Smell,

» Hear,

in vivid details – the detail of your visualization or imagination will increases the longer you practice this daily discipline – once you have the thing that you want.
The most important factor is that you need to feel good during this process.

And always act as if you already have that which you are wanting to achieve as you are imagining/ visualizing your Chief Aim.

The aim is to raise your vibration to the frequency of your goal.

To bring in more you need to BE more.

And one of the way to do that is by daily, vivid imagination.

If you vibrate the frequency (the feeling) of struggle, that will become your experience.

If you vibrate the frequency of success, then that will become your experience.

The results you receive are caused by what’s happening inside you.

The Be – Do – Have formula.

For you to be free of the pain of not having reached your goal, so you can experience the PLEASURE of achieving what YOU want,

begin the daily process of visualizing/ imagining

(with as much vivid detail as you can – and ENJOYING the process)

for a minimum of 15 minutes the goal or desire you would love to see happening for you…as if it is already happening for you.

I love you.

Thank you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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