It’s Not About the Money

Because if you are focusing on the money, or anything you want, from a feeling place of lack, you are sending signals of lack to the Universe. And, therefore, lack is what you will receive.

If you focus on what you want from a feeling place of already having it, then the receiving will be faster for you.

This is the kind of thinking that successful people adopt, whether they know it or not.

Once you let go of being obsessed with your lack of not having what you want already, that’s when it comes to you.

Just like when you’ve misplaced your nail clippers for example.

As soon as you forget about it that’s when it shows up.

Same goes for the things in your life.

The signal you’re giving off, think about this “signal” as your feelings, usually trumps the actions you take to get what you want.

There is never a happy ending to an unhappy journey.

That is why you find some people achieve success faster than others.

Call it luck or a string coincidences but when you look deeper you will find that successful, healthy, high achievers enjoy the process more than the end result.

And once you begin to apply this concept, of being happy first before you get what you want, that is when life will be less of a struggle for you.

So your work now, after identifying what you want to be or do or have, is find ways of experiencing positive feelings as often as you can.

If You Want to Live a Better Life then You Need to Change for the Better

The results you are getting in your life are the effect, the mindset you have (as in the thoughts you are thinking) are the cause of your results.

If you want to change your life then you need the courage to go to the root of your problem, which in this case is your thinking.

You change your mindset and life will begin to change for you.

Going at it from the outside in, expecting the other person or event to change before YOU change first, is a backward way of doing things. And this is where you will live a life of struggle.

You cannot focus on changing your results alone because doing that will only be a short-term solution for you.

You need to work hard on the CAUSE of your current results. Your mindset.

As within so it is without.

But this is not a quick fix.

Just like anything worthwhile you need to work at replacing your current thoughts (the cause of your current results) with newly improved thoughts so to receive newly improved results.

You can narrow it down to a formula.

Flood your brain with improved ideas that you follow through on by taking action on them, and you will eventually create a new life for yourself.

But you need to put in the work first for the results to show.

You need to put in the wood first before you can start the fire.

That is why success, be it in your:

  • Work and Career,
  • Relationships,
  • Physical Health,
  • Recreational Time
  • Finances or,
  • Spirituality,

all begins with a successful YOU first.

As much as ideas change lives, they only do so only if you take consistent action on them.

You can sum up success as being the consistent action towards a worthwhile idea. And now having uncovered that the successful outcome in question is a successful you, then the consistent action (conditioning) that needs to be taken daily should be on YOU.

Which brings me back to the purpose of this article.

How many minutes a day do you dedicate to your personal development?

You attract the things you feel make for a successful life by the person you are. As in you attract not what you want but who you are.

If you do nothing in the form of becoming a better person, it will only make sense for you to stay the way you are, continuing to attract the same things you have always been attracting in your life.

You reap what you sow.

Do something now and it would make sense for you to expect something in return.

Do nothing now then you shouldn’t be amazed when you receive nothing in return.

The word “work” in this article is used with the understanding that there is a part of you that rejects new events, new people and new things that have the potential to improve your life. A part of you that needs to be worked on until you finally get the results you want.

This part of you rejects the new because accepting them would mean allowing the unknown into your life. We fear what we don’t know. So to avoid the risk of the potential danger that comes with the unknown, the brain rejects it. In order to protect you by keeping you in your comfort zone.

But sometimes this backfires, especially when this “something new” will lead to an improved life for you.

You need to be aware that this part of you exists and that you must guard against it by developing the habit of always questioning what it tells you. Accepting only what makes sense, and rejecting whatever doesn’t.


  • Go to that seminar,
  • Attend that training,
  • Read that (non-fiction) book that will allow you to develop new skills,
  • Hang around people who are more successful than you to speed up your success rate,
  • Find that mentor,
  • Find that coach,
  • Eat less, exercise more,
  • Write those goals,
  • Write that plan,
  • Take that action,
  • Read those affirmations,
  • Practice daily meditation,
  • Show appreciation more,
  • Listen to motivating audio programs more,
  • Tell them how much you love them more,
  • SHOW then how much you love them more.

The benefits of the new you are limitless.

What you need to keep in mind though is that self-improvement is a lifetime commitment. So you will need to stick to it for the long run in order for you to see the fruits of your labor.

You need to change YOU first for your life to change because if you keep doing what you have always done, then you will keep getting what you have always gotten.