Musa’s Letter of Apology

I am sorry.

I am sorry for the pain, the struggles, the hurt and the stress you had to go through to make ends meet for your sake and those of your family. You have worked HARD to get to where you are today and I am sorry for how you had to muscle your way through every obstacle life threw at you.

I am proud of you though.

I am proud that you have made it this far and have the unmatched skill and experience to go even further.

Even when you were up against the wall, you still kept swinging.

Even through the humiliation of your neighbours, friends, co-workers and even family members, you still held your head up high. I am still proud of the life changing decisions you have made and I applaud you for the extra-ordinary courage you summoned to step up to your call for change, and not allow life to have its way with you.

You knew YOU were in control, and that if you want things to change it was up to you to make it so.

It was your responsibility.

My heart bleeds for not siding with you from the beginning. My eyes were too young to see how YOUR heart bled in floods for the Titanic strength you had to sum up for you to leave that painful, painful lifestyle in favour of a better one.

But I see now you were in the hands of God all the time. You had guidance. And the way you came to rest your restless heart against His chest has made a miracle of a life for you. A miracle I am fortunate enough to be a part of.

You have brought me closer to God, as I continue to see the evidence of His work through you on a daily basis.

I see His “light” radiate through you even in your carriage as He continues to bless you with more and more strength and beauty to not only love others but, most importantly, love yourself.

He continues to do these and more through you with every jam He pulls you out off and what I am learning from you is how His relentless love – in blessing you with these game changers – is teaching me to TRUST more in Him.


I must TRUST that He will pull through for me, and all of us, on everything I pray for. And this FAITH I have in Him will be evident to me with every prayer He answers. Therefore, is it only fitting that I remain in a constant state of GRATITUDE for the blessings that I am in the process of receiving.

Your LOVE for us and your ability in taking responsibility for the cards life has dealt you, has kept us alive and well taken care of. I can’t help but wonder: Who is the one taking care of YOU? The one making sure you are well dressed, well fed, well cultured and pampered and ready to take on life everyday with renewed enthusiasm, again and again, with persistent, stealth-like, supernatural vigour & bravery.

I have concluded that it can only be your positive belief in God that I see is still taking you to even higher levels.

He lit your way through your darkest days. And every time you fell down, He dusted you up before putting you back on your feet and told you, “Let us try again.”

Let us try again…

He provided you with the instant wisdom from His Infinite source of Intelligence and has allowed you to leave a legacy through your “love-actions” in the form of the countless blessings He continues to make available for you.

I see God work through you like a cleansing instrument of LOVE as a remainder to the rest of us to keep the FAITH & TRUST in Him, even if there is no immediate way out, long enough to see Him produce phenomenal results for us. Long enough to see our prayers answered.

And it is due to such firsthand experiences that I am a believer.

I have come to bear witness to the unexplainable events that bring me the relief He continues to create in my life.

I see His work. And it is good.

I want to thank you for TRUSTING in His protection by giving you this book by Norman Vincent Peale, which contains real world suggested applications of principles taken from the oldest self development book I know of: The Bible.

So not only would you be thinking about His Word as you read, not only would you be preaching His Word as you praise His name with others, you will be practicing The Word through your actions. As the instrument of God’s Love you are, for the whole world to see and remember who THEY are, and who they must surrender their burdens to. And watch Him, well, Zig Ziglar says it best in how “God takes our foul ups and uses these foul ups to take us up.”

In GOD We Trust.

And I am grateful for this reminder – a reminder I am returning to you in the form of “The Power of Positive Thinking

Thank you.

I love you.

Your son,

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