What Age Will Follow This Information Age?

I was listening to a Tony Robbins audio clip through my iPod while I was walking around naked and herding cattle, where he mentioned that predicting the future will make you a successful person.

As in (no need to get excited I’m not a cattle herder & though I do enjoy walking around naked, I do not do it in public) filling a need before there’s a market for it.

Being a step ahead of the game and becoming a trendsetter. The lead pioneer of the industry you are in.

Like creating a market that did not exist before a person like you entered the scene.

What can you give to others that will make their lives better in exchange for money?

Give yourself 10 min to ponder (hehe I said “ponder” funny word that) on that for a while.

What are you good at, or you are experienced in, that you can package into a product or/and a service that you can sell to people who are willing to buy this part of you so to make their lives better?

Using people like Pat O’Bryan and [affiliate link] Les Brown to help you achieve this goal you might have of generating a 10,000s of $100 streams per month to your bank account…do the math, & see yourself surrounded by the lifestyle – last I checked the American Dollar was going for R7.067 to the South African Rand November 25, 2010 *salivating*

Because I believe the next age following this Information Age will be the Entrepreneurial Age.

I think this Age of the Entrepreneur will take many by storm because I feel some people are already jumping on this bandwagon, as subtle as this unconscious awakening is, people are coming to see for themselves the warnings that people like Robert T. Kiyosaki mentioned in his Rich Dad Poor Dad about the coming years.

About being prepared for the buckling up of the monetary system, yet again. A monetary system based on money that doesn’t exist – money is only energy, invisible, just like thought, therefore as powerful as when make it.

Lies, actually, which a whole lot of people are banking on, pun intended, to provide for them when they reach retirement.

Baby boomers were expecting this from the government and guess what happened to them when they retired in 2008? And what is stopping this from happening to you and me when we hit 60/65?

“Make lots of kids along the way so that we can move in with them when the government pension is not enough to pay for the bond (mortgage) water & electricity and food for the month?”

Wouldn’t it be nice to be that grandma or grandpa that your grandchildren come to to ask for money from?

As you live a life of excellent health and rejuvenated vigour, globetrotting, multiple sources of passive income earning, luxury hotel and cruise ship boarding, family foundation & legacy leaving old timer?

Because you prepared yourself for 2012.

Who knows when the next financial crash is going to be (maybe we should ask a German psychic dolphin for a prediction), but I would prefer getting richer and richer like I saw most of the rich elite doing when the latest financial crisis hit, and not relying on the self preserving government to get me back in the rat race (get up, go to work, get paid once a month, pay the bills, get broke, get up, go to work, get paid once a month, pay the bills, get broke, get up, got work…).

ant philosophy Pictures, Images and Photos

I am no prophet but I am believer of the Ant Philosophy, of preparing for winter during summer, and vice versa.

“It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.” – Whitney Young, Jr.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010. All rights reserved.

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