What You Should Know About the Flow of Money

Musa: In our last interview you said, and I quote: “People are pissed off about money because people are pissed off about money” can you please explain that?
Money: It all comes back to what I’ve been saying since the beginning. People are vibrational beings. The atoms that make up your body vibrate. Even the words you speak and the sound you hear is vibration.
You don’t hear sound, you hear vibration which you then interpret as sound – that’s how you hear.
Even emotion is vibration.
You see the bumper sticker behind the car in front of you saying, “When days are dark friends a few” this is because of the negative vibrations they pick up from you. It is negative, it is repelling.
Have you ever noticed how people are drown to people that are in a positive vibration? It’s because they make them feel good, the feeling that they get from them, even without speaking a word – their vibe [vibration] – makes them feel good.
Positive emotions draws things in, negative emotions pushes things away, that’s why grumpy people will always feel a sense of loneliness.
Thoughts vibrate too, believe it or not. That’s where talks of “brainwaves” come from.
Therefore meaning, like words and emotions, there are negative thoughts that repel and there are positive thoughts that pull stuff in.
Now if all the above run true – that our thinking, what we feel and what we say are all vibrational – then when you think negatively about something [money] and the lack of it (because this might obviously your current reality of it), that will be your experience of it.
And not forgetting that Money, just like people, is also made up of the fun stuff scientist call atoms.
The vibration atoms give out what is called energy, I mean you cannot “give out” something that you are not so therefore these atoms are, in fact, energy.
This makes sense when you factor and in the ability to repel and/ or draw in other energies. For since energy of the same vibration cling or draw or attract to one another it is also true that by adjusting the vibration of this energy, it can repel other energies too.
That’s why there is conflict when one guy is in a happy mood and the other is not.
I [Money] am ALWAYS in a happy mood, that’s why I don’t stay long, if I ever do, with someone who’s pissed off.
Negative vibrations repel me. That’s why you see the rich people with smiling faces in the shopping mall.
It’s not that they have money that’s why they are happy, they are happy that’s why they have money.
Musa: Hold up, I know people who are happy but don’t have money or enough of it than they wish they had. What say you about that?
Money: Something is “blocking” the money in. Either they have a negative belief [negative thoughts repel] about money or their bitching and mourning about being poor or broke and having conversations about this account that’s taking money away or the kids wanting so much that I can’t afford or, like you just pointed out, how there’s never enough money to go around.
You can’t have one wheel going north (positive) and the other going south (negative) and expect fast, positive results that correspond with the vision of where you see yourself going.
Your words, your thinking (thoughts) and your emotions (feelings) have to be in alignment with the thoughts, words or feelings you would have as if the thing [money] were in your possession right now.
If career climbers dress for their next promotion, why can’t you act your [desired] wage?
(c) 2010 Musawenkosi Tshoaele. All rights reserved.

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