Why I Don’t Wanna Be Broke And Lazy

I enjoy taking a break from my work life story so not to get too attached to the role that I play. It’s in those days that I remind myself that I am not my current salary grade. What I mean by that is that the company pays me what I believe I am worth. And since I believe that I am worth that, the company willingly pays what I believe my worth is to the company.
Ok so after a while, thanks to how the value of things seems to increase by the year, my ability to afford things becomes expensive, especially in comparison to what I earn at work. So it’s from that realisation that I think, “Hey! I should get paid more since the price of living is getting too expensive for me.” You then hang around more and more people who agree with your point of view and instead of walking up to your manager to ask for a pay raise, we form a union organisation and go on a strike demanding we get paid what we are worth.
The company turns around and says, “But you told us you were worth what we pay you.” To which we answer, “No that was a long time ago and things have changed. Pay we me what I am worth to you today.”
Maybe those aren’t the exact words we use but in essence I believe that is what we are communicating to the source of our income. This gets tricky because no matter what the company gives you, you will feel that it not enough. In truth, it will never be enough because you are worth more than your take home salary. This is something you know internally but you would get by with what you have, just like your parents did, until things get too much, leading up to you possibly going on strike again. With the possible idea of working towards adding a self sustaining income generating passive source of income, that makes money for you whether you are there or not – even in your sleep.
Just imagine having more than one source of income…what about an additional 10 sources of income producing R100 or R500 each? How about 100 of those sources of income….10, 000…? Ten thousand of those multiple streams of income would make you a MILLIONAIRE…
But that’s not the kind of conversations one would have during lunch with the other colleagues now is it? We would rather gossip, or talk about how unfair the workload is or where we are going to drink up this month’s pay.
All the while telling ourselves & others that things will be better, we just need to go apply for better positions and hope that we make it.
I’m just saying, wouldn’t it better to speak about ways to serve the public in effortless ways, i.e. going into real estate, stock trading, writing a book(s), opening a chain of restaurants, franchising, applying for tenders, registering a company that you would hire professionals to manage while you are at work, going to seminars or workshops that deal with doing the things that you love and getting PAID for it?
No, not with the guys I work with. Thinking like that is crazy talk because the fear, doubt and anxiety kicks in. Projecting as many excuses that would keep them where they are until the thought of progressing in life becomes too overwhelming that they push away the thought of leaving their comfort zones so to earn a fortune instead of making a living. This becomes too frightening to them.

“How You Feel About Everything Is What You Are Living” – Abraham

So they stick with what works and master the skill of beating traffic while the minority, like myself, look and study ways of living better than I currently am. That does not make me think I am better than them, actually I am grateful for what the do and act because I can use that as a measuring stick of why I don’t what to become…broke and lazy.
(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010. All rights reserved.

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