The Emotion Of TRUE Desire

Why would I want something while holding on to the feelings of its absence?

The answer to question came back as:

Maybe it’s something you learned that as a kid. Feeling lack instead of abundance when you wanted something.

This way of thinking got carried with you to your adulthood.

When you wanted something, realizing that you didn’t have it at that moment, you usually, cried for it until you got it.

Success, no?

Maybe you learned as a child that desire is that feeling of lack you get when you want something.

You tell yourself that maybe if you feel that feeling of lack long enough, and maybe even complaining about it and hanging with other people who complained about not having it – so to feel a sense of belonging I guess – that one day someone would give it to you.

What I’ve come to notice is that during my complaining there comes a point when I feel that I’m struggling to get what I want.

And all of my life I felt that this was the way to go and that you can never get something without not having to struggle for it.

I am certain you too were sold this idea of “having to struggle for what you want in order for you to get it.”

Well, for me I didn’t much like the feelings of sadness, despair & frustration, to name a FEW, that came with struggling my way towards getting something that I think will make me happy.

As if to say I’ve earned the good from enduring the bad for so long.

I mean surely there is an easier way of succeeding, apart from doing the way it’s ALWAYS been done?

And there was…

There was a lady I used to work with who now works in a better position, with the obvious pay raise that comes with it, and an office facing the ocean.

And all she did was have a journal with her where she writes out what she wanted in life, but instead of feeling resentment for not having what she wanted, she focused on the feelings she would have once she received what she wanted, and then feeling those “future feelings” as she was writing them down.

She was feeling the feelings she would feel, right now, once she received the thing she was desiring.

Soon enough, with her daily & persistent scripting, the positive feelings regarding her goals intensified and she began to enjoy this new creation process.

And, as expected, from this daily ritual of impressing an ideal on the mind with emotion, grew inside of her the faith in believing that this goal she was scripting about will come to pass.

It so happened that she was led to an ad that said they were looking for someone who “almost” fit her experience and qualifications.

To which she said, “why not” and applied for the position.

She let go of the successful application and continued the enjoyment of writing her new life on her journal.

Next thing you know she gets a phone call telling her she’s being considered for the job.

This led to an interview over the phone, which she waltz through, & now she has the job, the money, and the work environment she desired (with the side perks of working with wonderful people too!).

The real power of near effortless attraction comes from the true desiring with emotion of the things you want in life.

Feeling Good As You Are Desiring The Things You Want In Your Life.

So let’s recap:

  1. she continuously wrote down what she wanted, cultivating the feeling of having already received it;
  2. she felt good as she was dedicating her time to literally write her way into the future she desired;
  3. then when opportunities came that called her to take action, she took action!keeping in mind to not jinx the process thanks to the faith she was strengthening

I find this way of getting what you want way better than struggling your way to it just because struggling is socially accepted.

And apparently she got the inspiration of this manifesting technique from reading the Dr. Joe Vitale book Spiritual Marketing: A Proven 5-Step Formula for Easily Creating Wealth from the Inside Out

Dr. Joe Vitale seems to write a lot, and I do mean A LOT, about things that have to do with manifesting the things we want in an easier way & how we can go about removing the things that block us from getting them.

You can find out more about him via

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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