The Only One Standing In Your Pathway Of Progress [Happiness] Is You

The only adversity man can ever encounter is man herself.” – Musawenkosi Tshoaele

The things you thought you could do, and the things you thought you couldn’t do as led you to this point.

If what you are right is pleasing to you, I applaud you.

Chances are the rebel in new challenged the norms of what other people said and you continued living, maybe even carving out the world as you saw fit.

There are others who, based on what other people might think of them, live a “community acceptable” life.

The “couldn’t dores.”

Because being less than magnificent is cool, the in thing.

“I should rather perform less 100% so not to bring attention to myself.”

“They are used to not appreciating what I do, so I might as well under deliver.”

The point of life is increase, to receive more. But this cannot come to one if she practices principles that do not speak of increase/ more.

If you want to receive abundance, you must choose to do things in a successful way.

Doing or saying or thinking or feeling things that run contrary to the good, loving, abundant, magnificent God that you are will just lead to undesirable manifestations.

We are at cause of what we experience.

By reaction.

By emotion.

By intention.

By desire.

Even by resistance.

Do away with this resistance and the things that make our hearts sing will be experienced by you.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

Why You Feel That Life Is In The Dumps or You Are Not Getting The Things You Want As Fast As You Should

I need to write this out to myself for future referral:

Success Is A Mindset

Do you get it?

I had a problem with the amount of air Rhonda Bryne in respect to how I can attract money using the law of attraction.

What I am deeply grateful for was how she introduced me to David Schirmer, a successful trader and businessman who went from humble beginnings filled with hardship to multi millionaire using the law of attraction.

But what stuck in my mind, during the short presentation of money and the law of attraction within The Secret dvd, was what David said.

This was what had be do some more research on the guy only to find a wealth of information about him and the work he does.

David Schirmer said – “Wealth is a mind set. It is all in how you think…”

And I ask you this, “do you get it?”

I never DID get it and maybe Rhonda felt that since this is the most important thing to get there (Loral Langemeier was brilliant as well, not to mention Marci and Jack as well you know…heck everyone was awesome!) that she felt she should cut the teachers of The Secret short because we got it.

Yes I am a bit annoyed about that due to the amount of work, and releasing of blockers and truth seeking in connection to the law is and has been one of the most intensive self taught “course” I have ever decided to undertake.

…at least Rhonda Bryne could have alerted me of that don’t you think?

The journey has been nothing less than beautiful though I have to say J

That is what lead to this article.

The beauty of the going back to the fundamentals is much like watching a movie for the second time around, things you missed the first time become revealed increasing my understanding of the subject.

That is how what David Schirmer said began highlighted almost for me like Inspiration tells me “Musa do you remember what he said? About wealth begin a mindset? Could it also be true about success? Is success a mindset too?”

You see that just made me stop…and think…

Steve Pohlit was promoting a link to his website the other day via his twitter account in which he wrote some of the likes that the 1% rule is not a ratio but a mindset.

It’s said that the top 1% of the people in the world receive around about 97% of the money being that can be earned in the world.

So today I insert a couple of coins in the vending machine today with a feeling of not really wanting to eat the junk this cash machine is offering and as a result most of my coins where accepting, everything else came out by the “take your change” slot.

The button you push to release the change on the vending machine was not working (did you know that the technician can wire the vending machine that way? You push the button and I fails to respond. I didn’t ask why though, but surely to capitalist intensions) so I stopped to think about success.

So there I am, funnelling through the change that managed to survive being captured by the capitalist policies of the vending machine from my left hand through my right hand and then through my left hand again, looking at the machine not with resentment but in, well I would say deep, focused thought.

Then the voice in my head said, with the ever so peaceful stillness I am coming to associate with and become familiar with these days, Success Is A Mindset.

A person’s mindset, or how her mind is set, determines how he responds to things.

It is in how she response that his actions can be seen as those of a successful person or not.

Let’s make subjective example: you.

I can feel you adjusting your seat after I said that, yes you, let’s make an example of what I am talking about her with you as one of my examples.

A. Something happens in your life that changes things as there were, do you rant and rave, bitching like the rest, feel hurt or sad, and collect other past experiences that match in some way or the other to your current discomfort or misfortune. Being in a mood on injustice and unfairness that like for weeks on end.


B. Do you recognise the change and look for opportunities within the supposed failure or defeat, analyzing what you have gained from your loss (yes, read that again…analyze what you have Gained from your Loss), having a laser focus outlook in life and telling yourself that what you want is already yours, it’s just a matter of time until I have it. Having “it will work because I will make it work” perspective. An attitude you deliberately work on applying and improving, applying and improving, applying and improving X 10 until it becomes a habit.

Doing something new is usually rejected by the mind, even if it is good for you. This is true until the “new” has become a habit. And I read, I invite you to dispute this until you have personal experience of how true it is, somewhere that the “thing” becomes a habit after it as been done for a period of 10 times…or was it a full 30 day period, everyday not missing a day in between? Like I said, do the research.

So are you A or B?

There is no in betweener you are either the former or the latter, then again go betweeners usually fall in the A category so either answer you will be aware of where you are mentally.

Were you are mentally has a direct link of were you are physically.

Think about it…pun intended.

Girl #1 goes around holding a feeling of success and sees herself becoming, VERY IMPORTANT you SEE and even more powerful FEEL the good you would like to experience, and making a success of her life, even going as far as writing it out on a piece of paper an unaudited plan of what she feels needs to happen before she becomes. Feeling and seeing and feeling and seeing the exact same feelings and experiences she would feel and experience once the thing(s) she wanted to happen happened.

Girl #2 goes around bad mouthing other people’s successes. “it’s not his money.” “she slept her way to the top,” “she doesn’t deserve it,” “he didn’t work hard for what he has,” “she’s lucky,” whenever asked “so what would you like to do with your life,” followed up “well I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” or the same thing she said 2-5 years ago with no signs of her hustling towards her desire. It’s one thing to do as one of the Japanese Proverb states “A Clever Hawk Hides Its Claws” but it’s either you have results or you don’t.

To find out whether you are a successful person or not, look at your results.

The results don’t lie.

So Musa use your successful mindset as beacon to eliminate all of the crap that burn to nothingness from your touch with you only focusing on what you are becoming, not what you were.

Like Dr. Joe Vitale wrote in his Attractor Factor:

Step One – Know what you don’t want

Step Two – Select what you would like to have, do, or be

Step Three – Get clear

Step Four – Feel how exciting it would be to have, do, or be what you want

Step Five – Let Go

Yes, I wrote that for you because I wanted you to go re-read it. It would be like watching a movie the second time.

We Are Abundant To The Extent Of Our Belief

Twitter Update: #gratitude We are abundant to the extent of our #belief. Beyond that is a thrill known as #faith.

And where is this I am refering to?

We can begin by your sheer will to live.

Time and time again you and I have dodged the bullet sometimes without realising or maybe even taking it for granted.

That [staying alive/ living] takes some faith to do, even if most of it is subconscious.

How many do you know who aren’t alive today to read this?

That is something do be grateful for.

Time has taught me to be grateful for the heart that’s still pumping.

So I’m grateful for Time too.

Circumstance tends to blind the hopeful to the light of salvation.

Shoulders back, back straight, chest out, even though I feel wounded emotionaly, is one of the reasons that has speeded the process of my success.

Especially those days when I feel like I’m going to breakdown and cry, it’s on those time when some at work where I’m strongest…

Feeling weak makes me strong?

No, not in that way.

What I meant is that growth occurs when we stretch ourselves. Be it voluntarily or unexpectedly.

How does one handle change?

…Google it!

Or maybe Ask & It Is Given
can help.

Lol, help is less than $17 away, hehehe

Yours in deep gratitude,

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

Money Received In The Hands Of The Ignorant Is Money Lost

Please note: I am not a qualified financial planner nor do I have decades of practical experience on what follows.

This is me amusing myself & hopefuly making you think about taking a look at your money management skills, maybe even increasing your financial I.Q.

The heart of my money management strategy should be to creating new income streams to me. The income generated from these new monies would be the one I use to pay my expenses with.

The commercially appealing concept of paying off my debts first, before focusing on attracting ways to make more money is a tad bit backwards for me.

I spend about a year focusing squashing my debts.

At the end of that year I am still living below my means & getting by with the singular, monthly income I get from my job…without debt…

So what, I’m better off now ’cause I’m broke & debt-free?

Why not source out ways of allowing in streams of cash flowing through me, with possessing world-class money management skills that keep the cash coming in consistently & increasingly so?

I’m just saying: if you want to get & stay rich, do as the rich do.


You thought getting advice from a middle class, government working, non asset controling cutey like myself is going to make you the next Warren Buffett?

Be careful of who your advisors are.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

PS. “…you must then find ways of holding yourself consistently in vibrational harmony with those desires in order to receive their manifestation.”Ask & It Is Given going for $16.47 at the time of this update.

By the powerful Universal Law of Attraction, you draw to you the essence of whatever you are predominantly thinking about. So if you are dominantly thinking about the things you desire, your life experience reflects those things.”