We Imagine It Before We Experience It

Ok then, you say, what about the things I could not have possibly “imagined?”

Read Steve Pavlina’s explaination regarding those curve balls life throws at us.

But all in all we imagine the thing before we experience it.

Update: It’s all energy. Everything is energy. Even how we feel emits a vibration, much like brainwaves, and this emotional vibration adds to the attraction force we give off to the world. So feel feelings of lack will produce lack, even if we are thinking thoughts of abundance.

Adding emotion(s) towards what you are imagining makes what you are imagining happen, for real, for you, faster.

The fine print in the above is that you need to believe it can happen.

Imagine something all the while thinking it will never happen defeats the purpose, even though repeated imaginings of this desire of yours can (through your persistence & focused will power) manifest in your life.

So practising thinking thoughts that are of your choosing, how you would like your day to play out for example, and if you believe in what you are imagining, your day, and your life, will play out by YOUR design and not by default.

A good way to master this is through understanding – take this Free 21-Days Manifestation Challenge for yourself & marvel at the power of your mind (an extension of my previous post about The Eerie Technique).

(c) 2010, Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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