The Better Life [Health] Story Is Just An Emotion Away

There was an update that Nina Ferrell made on her facebook page about how illness is the result of my holding onto non-positive moods and thoughts within my mind and body.

For me it felt like the illness – in the form of negative thinking manifested into chicken pox – was tied of my hold on it and wanted out but I kept on “holding onto” (repeatedly thinking with focused intent) it.

I would have healed faster than the rate I did if only I “let go” (choosing to work on thinking of something more pleasing preferably a desired life experience) the resistant thing I was renting out all thoroughout last week.

It was like “Musa you want to be better?”


“Ok then here I am flowing through your body, healing you.”

No, I don’t want to be healed.

“But you said you wanted healing, yes?”


“You are healing as we speak but you bitching about how the world is working overtime at keeping you down is like a mental block that limits the Goodness I am to flow natural through you. Healing you from the inside out.”

No. I am angry. I am humiliated. I am disrespected.

How can I feel good when I am making it a point to not feel good?

I cannot not feel good and expect to experience the benefits that would come to me if I were to feel good, i.e. Excellent Health.

I can’t feel good and feel bad at the same time.

Just like I cannot think of two different things at the same time.

Just like a blossoming rose a human being is designed to be more, to grow, to promote to the flow of increase, the flow of nature – so as the rose grows from a bud to the point where it blossoms for the world to see, Musa decides to go against nature and shell up and regress when all I am is expansive and progressive.

I went against nature.

And I did this by thought. In fact it’s far deeper than thought only, I did this by mood.

The more uptight and tense I am the faster I attract manifestations of resistance towards me, like undesired circumstances in your life.

Relax back into the Order of all things.

Deep breath in with your nose…

Slow breath out with your mouth…

Deep breath in………

Slow, slow, slow, delicious breath out…….

Smile 🙂

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

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