The Only One Standing In Your Pathway Of Progress [Happiness] Is You

The only adversity man can ever encounter is man herself.” – Musawenkosi Tshoaele

The things you thought you could do, and the things you thought you couldn’t do as led you to this point.

If what you are right is pleasing to you, I applaud you.

Chances are the rebel in new challenged the norms of what other people said and you continued living, maybe even carving out the world as you saw fit.

There are others who, based on what other people might think of them, live a “community acceptable” life.

The “couldn’t dores.”

Because being less than magnificent is cool, the in thing.

“I should rather perform less 100% so not to bring attention to myself.”

“They are used to not appreciating what I do, so I might as well under deliver.”

The point of life is increase, to receive more. But this cannot come to one if she practices principles that do not speak of increase/ more.

If you want to receive abundance, you must choose to do things in a successful way.

Doing or saying or thinking or feeling things that run contrary to the good, loving, abundant, magnificent God that you are will just lead to undesirable manifestations.

We are at cause of what we experience.

By reaction.

By emotion.

By intention.

By desire.

Even by resistance.

Do away with this resistance and the things that make our hearts sing will be experienced by you.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

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