We Are Abundant To The Extent Of Our Belief

Twitter Update: #gratitude We are abundant to the extent of our #belief. Beyond that is a thrill known as #faith.

And where is this I am refering to?

We can begin by your sheer will to live.

Time and time again you and I have dodged the bullet sometimes without realising or maybe even taking it for granted.

That [staying alive/ living] takes some faith to do, even if most of it is subconscious.

How many do you know who aren’t alive today to read this?

That is something do be grateful for.

Time has taught me to be grateful for the heart that’s still pumping.

So I’m grateful for Time too.

Circumstance tends to blind the hopeful to the light of salvation.

Shoulders back, back straight, chest out, even though I feel wounded emotionaly, is one of the reasons that has speeded the process of my success.

Especially those days when I feel like I’m going to breakdown and cry, it’s on those time when some at work where I’m strongest…

Feeling weak makes me strong?

No, not in that way.

What I meant is that growth occurs when we stretch ourselves. Be it voluntarily or unexpectedly.

How does one handle change?

…Google it!

Or maybe Ask & It Is Given
can help.

Lol, help is less than $17 away, hehehe

Yours in deep gratitude,

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

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