How The Power Of Focus Can Make You Feel Joy, Right NOW!

Finding joy in (enjoy) the now because this eliminates regret from the past and the worry of the future. Focus on the gift of the present. Find joy in what you are doing now – breathing included.

I love “good vibe” emotion boosters and made a mental note to that when I encounter one I should jot it down somewhere so I can pull it out of the hat, so to speak, and act on it – baby I keep doing that and I will end up having a website full of practical principles of “feel goodness” for me to share & use.

Joy is perception, much like anger; love; worry; faith; doubt; prosperity and etc.

So as I type this out from the comfort of my phone this morning – oh that reminds me: “I AM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL FOR THIS SILVER BLACKBERRY CURVE WITH UNLIMITED INTERNET ACCESS AND DOWNLOADS THAT I AM ABUNDANTLY RECEIVING, EFFORTLESSLY & JOYFULLY!!” – I can either choose to do this with uncontrolled focus or control it in finding joy in whatever it is I am doing now.

Thank you for finding joy in reading this emotion booster of an update – I am so happy and grateful for the expansive & various forms of love and success you are joyfully receiving.

Yours in profound gratitude,

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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