Why Knowledge, Only Once Applied, Becomes Power

Anyone with a voice and an audience can convience the world of an abundant way of living, without having lived this idealistic life himself.

Enthusiasm sells.

And if you do it long enough you start having a following that believes you and places you on a podium of authority – you are now an expert.


Only to go back to the game of life doing the complete opposite of what I write here.

There’s verse in the Bible that warns against hypocrites.

Because without the experience that comes due to the application of these bountyful success principles I preach on this blog, doubt creeps up as the hidden message that readers read in between the lines – like a hunch or instinct – an the wealth in the message falls on deaf eyes :]

If change is what you want in your life, [1] :it can come through the aid of those who have walked the path you would want to see yourself living.

[2]: remember as the quote, “you are the average of the top 5 people you spend most of your time without.” If you have a brilliant idea and share it with someone who is in the same financial, physical health, environment, etc as you are, of course (s)he will gun it down as an absolutely stupid idea – thank God Thomas Edison & the living legends like what Nelson Mandela represents stuck with theirs when people, the government & the world said it cannot be done – yes, I am proposing that you might need to find new friends.

[3]: do something, with unwavering faith outside of your comfort zone that promises to bring change in your life, for a straight 30 day period. See what David Schirmer has to say about this.

For change to occur, egos & pride needs to be placed aside. The journey to desired change becomes easier once the burden these weights carry are shrugged off ones shoulders.

What I you willing to let go off to become the better person you want to become?

I can psyche you up right now as you are reading this, but what actions [ actions attract results] are you going to take to live the life you see possible in others?

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

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