What Is The Law of Attraction & How To Make It Work Faster

The law of attraction is growingly celebrated theory that states whatever man fusses about, he will attract to herself.

Whatever the mind of (wo)man thinks about (s)he will attract it.

The catch…?

It is the things you believe in when you think that become attracted to you.

An example: I need money so I begin to think about.

Days, weeks, months & years pass and you would think that I’ve been getting “broker” by the day.

How is that I am thinking about money/ receiving love from those I relate to/ having a healthier body but nothing of the likes is revealing itself to me???

Answer: It’s because of what you believe.

Source out your true belief towards a particular idea, & through relentless introspection and self truth talk, you find that you believe in the opposite of the wealthy, healthy, joyful image you hold in your head.

You want more money – but you might believe that you do not. This is through negative connatations you might have around money.

I don’t deserve.

Money is the root of all evil.

Blood needs to be shed for me to be rich.

It is sinful to have more money than I am receiving right now.

And the list goes on of beliefs that run our lives and our experience of it.

The best way to accelerate the law of attraction is to believe that which you are thinking about.

Believe you can.

Believe you are more than worthy.

And feel the feelings you will feel once you have acquired it.

Make it your intent.

Everybody wants a better feel of life, a few believe they can and thus do. Many of us think we can but believe we can’t.

Belief overrules thinking.

What follows here is book via Amazon that I recommend on helping you with techniques on How To Eliminate The Invisible Blockers That Limit Our Experience Of Wealth In Our Lives.

Yours in loving & abundant prosperity,

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

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