The Formula For Consistent Success You Use Day In Day Out But Take For Granted

Every successful performer I have talked to, listenend to and read about have “acted as if” before they became.

Success truly is an inside job.

Success in an emotion.

Neale Donald Walsch suggests that thought comes first before emotions.

Success is a mental image man holds in her mind more often that other mental thoughts during his daily business.

A mental image held with the purpose because we want to “it” become real don’t we?

I wake up in the morning because I see an image of myself at work. So everything I do from the time I wake up is gearing towards making that vision a successful one.

This process is so habitual that most are taking for granted, not realising that within this almost daily routine above is the full proof formula to success, in everything!

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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