How To Have The Power To Attract What You Want Rather Than What You Don’t Want

Life is just a reflection of the inner images, you associate yourself with, in your head.

The type of “movies” you replay in your head, inspired by past experiences probably, and affirm as being what you are about becomes so real for you in your head, you end up believing it them which therefore leads to you playing them out.

Yes, the mind is that powerful.

Belief is reality, change the belief and you change the reality.

Those “I can’t” or “It’s impossible” self-defeating self talk puts us in a state of mind that when temporay failure becomes manifest we are too quick to say “I knew this couldn’t be done. I just KNEW IT!”

Of course you did.

And it is because of this knowing, this knowing that we are going to fail, we (not “they”) delibarately brought this failure right straight to us.

What I am saying here, something most won’t believe, is said your bet was against you losing (due to how much you worried about it and doubting its success and fearing to succeed or lose [which in order case produces the same result]) you voted for the president of failure and not the president of success.

If my researched theory about how the mind works mentioned above is true, then you have systematically brought to you the results you are currently facing.

These results are only bad if we don’t learn the positive message the mind has mailed to us in the form of this event we are coming to terms with.

Yes, all events that come to us have a positive about it if we but work at gentle but persistently seeking it.

The diamond inside the coal.

All there is IS Love.

Love IS all there is.

Every good we receive is Love, all bad encountered is good, and once we learn this good lesson we discover that the bad that had occured is good, and therefore: Love.

Explore, experiment & grow with your mind, and find ways to focus on the thing you want to receive, (HINT: Play make believe and find images of it you can paste in a place you will notice regularly or carry around with. Saying “thank you” to yourself for receiving the thing in que…in “answer” ;)) and be grateful for it daily after having received it.

“The principles work only if you work the principles.” – Jack Canfield, The Success Principles

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

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