Relax Your Way to Results with Peggy McColl

Earlier this year my husband Denis and I went out for a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant.

While we were dining, an inspired idea popped into my head.

I tend to pay attention to inspired ideas as they come up and I decided to share this one with Denis.

I said “Honey, I’m thinking of selling the house I bought in Florida, what do you think?”

Well, knowing the real estate market was declining and sales were infrequent, he thought I had temporarily lost my mind.

I continued to share with him some reasoning behind the inspired idea.

The house in Florida was one that we rarely used.

The insurance company wouldn’t insure the contents because we did not reside in the home.

It can be a challenge taking care of a place when we live 1,600 miles away.

Denis agreed with all of those points.

Plus, even though I bought the house and owned it outright, the monthly expenses were an unnecessary expense.

We were not using the house as a rental property, nor did I want to.

We simply had the home available in the event we decided to take a trip to a warmer climate.

Initially when I bought the house I thought we would be using the house more, but with my busy travel schedule, speaking engagements, conferences, etc. we rarely stayed in the home.

Later that evening, after returning home from the restaurant I called a Real Estate Agent in Florida.

I asked, “Steve, how is the real estate market down there?”

He replied “Don’t you get the news up there Peggy? It’s terrible!”

“Well Steve, I’d like to sell my house. Are you interested in listing it for me?”

He responded: “How much are you thinking of selling it for?”

I gave Steve the price I had in mind and he said the house would be the most expensive house on the street.

I wasn’t really concerned with having a premium-listing price because the house was a unique home and it was beautifully decorated.

Steve was willing to list the house.

He drafted up the appropriate papers and sent them to me via email.

I signed the papers, sent them back, and a “For Sale” sign went on the lawn.

Because I teach and practice the law of attraction and believe it is far more effective to relax our way to wealth or relax our way to anything that we desire, I relaxed and gave thanks for the quick sale of my home.

In my gratitude journal I expressed my elation with the quick sale of the home and for a closing price that was very close to my listing price.

I was also grateful for the quick closing that the new owner requested.

Every day I wrote in my gratitude journal expressing my gratitude for the sale.

I also listened to my own relaxation audio meditation every evening, which allowed me to stay connected to the powerful emotions of gratitude, joy and faith.

Two weeks later my Real Estate Agent called me with the news that we had an interested buyer.

He said: “There is only one problem Peggy – she wants a fast close – she wants to take possession in three weeks, are you okay with that?”

Well, of course I was fine with a quick close.

A quick close date was precisely what I gave thanks for.

Additionally, she paid close to the listing price for the house, and within three weeks, my husband and I were on a flight to pick up a check for the sale of the house.

As much as we hear about the powerful laws of attraction, not everyone practices them.

One of the challenges is that we are conditioned emotional beings.

If our previous conditioning is to stress over things, we will literally push away the very things we desire by being stressed.

Switching to a state of relaxation opens up our creativity, engages the law of attraction and draws to us that which you desire (ideas, people, events, experiences).

It may seem like a backward way of thinking to relax when you deeply want something, but relaxing our way to wealth is a powerful concept.

After I took action and listed the home, I gave thanks every day for the sale of the home and stayed connected to positive emotions.

I relaxed and every morning and evening used my own relaxation guided meditation.

It is an absolute truth that positive emotions will produce positive results.

Deepak Chopra said: “Relaxation is the prerequisite for that inner expansion that allows a person to express the source of inspiration and joy within.”

If there is something you desire, follow these 3 simple steps.

#1. Decide what you want.

#2. Decide what it will “feel” like when you have it (which involves the emotions of faith and relaxation); and

#3. Go straight to feeling those emotions – and practice them on a consistent basis.

And, when you do, you’ll be amazed at the power of your own creative ability.

Peggy McColl

Peggy is a New York Times Best Selling Author, Consultant and Speaker.
She has created many programs based on Wealth Creation.

I continue to receive inspiring stories like these from subscribing with Insight Of The Day

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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