The Lies We Tell Ourselves Become Our Truth

My observation has led me to believe that I’ve been living a lie.

We all are.

And if we lie to ourselves long enough we come to believe our repeated lies that either bring fear or love into our lives.

This became clear when revisited the idea that my life is just a reflection of my focus.

The heavy head, dry throat, body tension & fatigue, limited air intake when I wake up in the morning…but wait a minute, I said to myself as the sleep begins to wear off, I’m sure I slept sober last night.

My thoughts begin to clear and that’s when I realised that the previous day’s emotional disease not only refused to phase off with my transition from my conscious to dream state but – like all thoughts we hold on to for long periods, manifested into the body.

I immediately identified this imbalance and began putting a principle I learned that can fix this for me.

“Focus on how you would like things to be rather than how things were/ are.”

Since I had images of wealth in reserve, images I am currently, progressively working on making my physical reality, I started fueling my lungs with emotions of joy, faith, love, gratitude, hope, pride…deceit?

I was lying to myself.

A lie I continue to invite others to embrace and practice religiously, pun intented.

How can I tell people to lie to theirselves, the same lie was processing through my veins just a moment ago, when I was not feeling the happy feelings of joy, love, etc, when all my body is giving me feedbacj that all is not as well as it should be?

I should be ashamed.

…then again isn’t everyone doing this?

Isn’t eveyone lying to themselves?

“I can’t do this and that.”

“I’m ugly.”

“I’m going to be successful.”

“I’m sick.”

“I love you.”

All the above are lies that can change in a split second, some take time for us to believe, but when we do we begin to live them.

(c) Musa Tshoaele

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