I Can Never Lose, I Can Only Gain

Sometimes in life I get so focused on how much I don’t have that I am blinded to all that I DO have.

Over the past few weeks I have experienced a change in the relationship I had with 2 of the most influential people in my life.

These ladies I have grown to admire & love have somehow taken to communicating with me telephatically instead of the verbal or written (via text or email) medium I have grown used to.

Changes in my life, especially sudden unexpected ones, cause discomfort.

I am possessive.

If there’s a certain path my life is travelling on & if that very path is comfortable for me, I stick to it or else I voluntarily change course and allow other things in as I see fit, for whatever reason.

It is this unwillingness for change that has made my days so …challenging.

My friends & mentors, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer in his golden classic, “Real Magic” and Neale Donald Walsch in my current read When Everything Changes Change Everything advice that I become observer & not a victim.

I should learn to avoid changing things after they have already happen, but to recognise them and then go straight into fixing them from at “source level”.

“Nothing has meaning save the meaning you give it.” – Neale Donald Walsch

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

Getting Rich By Being Poor

Driving down old potch rd it hit me how on point Letu was. The billboards in Soweto are very much different from the ones in your Rosebank, Hilton, Sandton, Hatfield areas.

But also similar in the way that they sell a lifestyle.

And people buy into it with out really noticing.

It’s something that Think and Grow Rich taught me: Autosuggestion.

Which basically means if an image keeps being fed repeatedly in your mind, we find ways of attracting it, i.e. A friend keeps going on about a certain shops where the best deals in out can be found, sooner or later you find yourself in the shop.

Or in our case every corner I turn I see 20ft billboard dedicated to selling me beer.


If the companies selling the poverty stricken a lifestyle of finding salvation at the bottom of a beer bottle were not making money of this strategy, then we would be seeing them on the main roads of our townships.

But we do.

How benefits more by keeping people ignorant in managing their lives than the people how really on this ignorance in order to make profits.

I had a discussion with one of my facebook on how for me it’s like deciding for which team I want to play for.

The Winners or the Losers.

The entrepeneur or the worker.

The power of advertising exploits the masses at a subconscious level to become dependent on business for their survival.

It is unconscious that is why most would disagree with the above statement.

A guy once ask, “How long would you survive if you stopped working today?”

Most would because the trap by business has worked too well.

Most can’t imagine the thought of having to fend for their self basing their income on performance rather than time.

I can work on serving 10 happy clients a week than reek in maybe R500 each (performance) who in turn do my marketing for me via word of mouth or I can go spend almost 10hrs a day preparing, travelling, working, travelling, returning every work day only to get paid R5k at the end of 4 weeks.

I live amongst people who find the latter easier than the former because just like billboards, you find people, media, churches, friends and family who sell the idea which could be translated as, “You rather be broke and go to work or learn increase the money you earn at will by going in to business.”

“Oh and by the way, what are we drinking today?”

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

Why The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

He calls it scripting.

How he writes out a detailed perfect day he would rather be living rather than his current experience at that time.

With him putting emphasis on the positive feelings he would feel if he were to be receiving, right now, the things he is scripting about.

I tried it this morning, it felt good.

He claims that every script he wrote on his journal that is dedicated for scripting became an actual experience.

I mean what do I have to lose?

(I have found the magic in the results does come from the methods themselves but from the intention behind the methods.)

Any excuse to feel good right now I am taking.

Who knows, maybe if I script out a joyful relationship with my mother, filled with a deep seated love, happiness & laughter I would be helping God co-create it for me.

(c) 2010 Musawenkosi Tshoaele

For Every Physical World Problem There Is Always A Spiritual World Solution

“For every physical world problem there is always a spiritual world solution.” ~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

20 years ago today, 11 Feb. 1990, Mandela was released from Robben island, with it began the clutches of an apartheid system here in South Africa.

Anything “black” and South African would not be heard with such frequency as it is today if it was not for that historic event.

An invitation for the de-colonisation of the mind, not only politically or racially (then again who said racism ended 20 years ago too? It’s just not displayed as arrogantly as it was before but the (wo)men in the frontline will tell you acts of the past regime are still instigated and made sure that they instilled in the forth coming generations too…like a birthright) but financially, relationally, spiritually & mentally.

The current government, which has been kept into power for the fourth consecutive term, can do only so much in terms of bring the people the freedom and wealth it preaches about during their campaigns and State Of The Nation Addresses.

Because even if they were to even drop this wealth and freedom on our laps, most of us wouldn’t even recognise it because we are busy asking for globally recognised handouts – not everyone is seeking for the tools one needs to be self dependent.

I mean why would they? It’s the governments job to do that isn’t it?

The flawed system of the past has conditioned our mothers and fathers, who were conditioned by their grandmothers and grandfathers, who then pass on their understanding of the world to my generation and add the world “freedom” at the end of the silent lecture we learn through their actions and inactions.

Strong ties to the movement which now runs the country will make you an instant millionaire with government contracts, known as tenders, being given to you first before the public even gets a sniff of them.

Charity begins at home.

I have come to the observation that as much as the system of the past has been stripped from the naked eye of the public, its effects still linger on in the conditioned minds of those who my generation look up to for guidance.

The wisdom that blossoms out of the lips will be told to the nation’s future with as much passion and authority as we had heard them spoken, all the while widening the gap between the rich (mentally which also links to financially) and the poor (mentally), because the majority of black people have been conditioned to see their selves as failure while the minority elite, white people included, have been conditioned to see themselves as successful.

And that legacy, in either household, continues to be inherited for generations to come.

This is a profound generalisation since in some black households their focus is on abundant prosperity regardless of environment and circumstance, then carries over to the next heir of the family name.

It is this kind of true freedom from all this physical web of illusion man thinks he is caught in that I believe was the message that was introduced to the South African Republic 20 years ago.

The message to all of us to stop fighting, with ourselves, because all is well.

Most even today are fighting.

Their “Nelson” is still in jail.

Aluta continua.

The struggle continues.

And salvation is not in external elixirs like your African National Congresses or guerrilla attacks or Robben Island or figures like De Klerk or Zuma – but within.

Salvation, freedom, happiness, peace is an inside job, it all starts within.

A practical example of sourcing out this power to resolve all conflict that lies within is one I’ve being putting into practice lately.

I’ve developed a habit of walking around the house and doing whatever I do when I’m at home with the telly, pc and radio off.

Allowing me to project to my mind, (without distractions) a single question or enquiry I need an answer, not moving on to any other question until the first has been answered by my soul – the spirit self, the unlimited source of supply that is the universe – which then will come to me through my mind.

And with the intent of receiving solutions and resolutions to these enquiries & concerns I open up myself to hearing the greatest of all truths from not anybody outside of myself but from my Self.

A spiritual love affair I have with the intelligence substance that all the minds of this world (past & present – past since all thought is energy and since energy does not die, a thought thought up in 1904 is still easily available to me even in 2010) are hard wired into.

#1 I learned to still the mind and #2 focus on the emotions I will feel when I achieved the image of success I would rather experience rather than what I am currently encountering and #3 inspired thoughts will come up that need for me to #4 take inspired action for me to #5 receive preferred results.

In its basic form all things are energy.

All things are spiritual.

So whatever challenge may arise it’s only logical for it to be fixed by the spirit.

And since you are spirit, what differs you from the rest is that you have an intellect that can voluntarily co-create with the formless substance that produces the things imaged by your intellect, it is only fitting for you to consult your spiritual self for speedy solutions for any and every challenge that may come to you.

When doubt, worry and fear sink in ask whether you would allow them to yet again stop you from doing something about the discomfort you are currently experiencing.

That is when they will bribe you with the comfort you are now in (as much as it pains you to be so) & realise that for change to occur you have to be outside of your comfort zone. Doing the same thing you did last week, last month, last year is not going to change what makes you emotionally uneasy. And if it did, you would be in the same position you were in last week, last month, last year.

Focus on your desire. And keep progressively realising your dream one step at a time.

Support the movement.

Your movement towards what you desire.

When you become stagnant then conflict arises.

Nothing (no thing) is static – remember, everything is energy? So it cannot be still or else it would die, and since energy cannot die, all things need to be active.

So peace of mind comes from movement.

Taking Action.

For maximum results work on directing your mind towards what you desire the most.

Hold the emotion of how it will feel when you receive it if you were to receive right now as often as you can – and mind that you do not ask “how” you will receive it. Leave that to the universe.

That may no matter what happens to you, good or bad, it is leading you closer and closer into the direction you want.

Inspiration will come to you. You will be inspired to do something, via a feeling and/ or thought.

All that will be left is taking the inspired action(s) to receive it.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Relax Your Way to Results with Peggy McColl

Earlier this year my husband Denis and I went out for a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant.

While we were dining, an inspired idea popped into my head.

I tend to pay attention to inspired ideas as they come up and I decided to share this one with Denis.

I said “Honey, I’m thinking of selling the house I bought in Florida, what do you think?”

Well, knowing the real estate market was declining and sales were infrequent, he thought I had temporarily lost my mind.

I continued to share with him some reasoning behind the inspired idea.

The house in Florida was one that we rarely used.

The insurance company wouldn’t insure the contents because we did not reside in the home.

It can be a challenge taking care of a place when we live 1,600 miles away.

Denis agreed with all of those points.

Plus, even though I bought the house and owned it outright, the monthly expenses were an unnecessary expense.

We were not using the house as a rental property, nor did I want to.

We simply had the home available in the event we decided to take a trip to a warmer climate.

Initially when I bought the house I thought we would be using the house more, but with my busy travel schedule, speaking engagements, conferences, etc. we rarely stayed in the home.

Later that evening, after returning home from the restaurant I called a Real Estate Agent in Florida.

I asked, “Steve, how is the real estate market down there?”

He replied “Don’t you get the news up there Peggy? It’s terrible!”

“Well Steve, I’d like to sell my house. Are you interested in listing it for me?”

He responded: “How much are you thinking of selling it for?”

I gave Steve the price I had in mind and he said the house would be the most expensive house on the street.

I wasn’t really concerned with having a premium-listing price because the house was a unique home and it was beautifully decorated.

Steve was willing to list the house.

He drafted up the appropriate papers and sent them to me via email.

I signed the papers, sent them back, and a “For Sale” sign went on the lawn.

Because I teach and practice the law of attraction and believe it is far more effective to relax our way to wealth or relax our way to anything that we desire, I relaxed and gave thanks for the quick sale of my home.

In my gratitude journal I expressed my elation with the quick sale of the home and for a closing price that was very close to my listing price.

I was also grateful for the quick closing that the new owner requested.

Every day I wrote in my gratitude journal expressing my gratitude for the sale.

I also listened to my own relaxation audio meditation every evening, which allowed me to stay connected to the powerful emotions of gratitude, joy and faith.

Two weeks later my Real Estate Agent called me with the news that we had an interested buyer.

He said: “There is only one problem Peggy – she wants a fast close – she wants to take possession in three weeks, are you okay with that?”

Well, of course I was fine with a quick close.

A quick close date was precisely what I gave thanks for.

Additionally, she paid close to the listing price for the house, and within three weeks, my husband and I were on a flight to pick up a check for the sale of the house.

As much as we hear about the powerful laws of attraction, not everyone practices them.

One of the challenges is that we are conditioned emotional beings.

If our previous conditioning is to stress over things, we will literally push away the very things we desire by being stressed.

Switching to a state of relaxation opens up our creativity, engages the law of attraction and draws to us that which you desire (ideas, people, events, experiences).

It may seem like a backward way of thinking to relax when you deeply want something, but relaxing our way to wealth is a powerful concept.

After I took action and listed the home, I gave thanks every day for the sale of the home and stayed connected to positive emotions.

I relaxed and every morning and evening used my own relaxation guided meditation.

It is an absolute truth that positive emotions will produce positive results.

Deepak Chopra said: “Relaxation is the prerequisite for that inner expansion that allows a person to express the source of inspiration and joy within.”

If there is something you desire, follow these 3 simple steps.

#1. Decide what you want.

#2. Decide what it will “feel” like when you have it (which involves the emotions of faith and relaxation); and

#3. Go straight to feeling those emotions – and practice them on a consistent basis.

And, when you do, you’ll be amazed at the power of your own creative ability.

Peggy McColl

Peggy is a New York Times Best Selling Author, Consultant and Speaker.
She has created many programs based on Wealth Creation.

I continue to receive inspiring stories like these from subscribing with Insight Of The Day

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele

The Lies We Tell Ourselves Become Our Truth

My observation has led me to believe that I’ve been living a lie.

We all are.

And if we lie to ourselves long enough we come to believe our repeated lies that either bring fear or love into our lives.

This became clear when revisited the idea that my life is just a reflection of my focus.

The heavy head, dry throat, body tension & fatigue, limited air intake when I wake up in the morning…but wait a minute, I said to myself as the sleep begins to wear off, I’m sure I slept sober last night.

My thoughts begin to clear and that’s when I realised that the previous day’s emotional disease not only refused to phase off with my transition from my conscious to dream state but – like all thoughts we hold on to for long periods, manifested into the body.

I immediately identified this imbalance and began putting a principle I learned that can fix this for me.

“Focus on how you would like things to be rather than how things were/ are.”

Since I had images of wealth in reserve, images I am currently, progressively working on making my physical reality, I started fueling my lungs with emotions of joy, faith, love, gratitude, hope, pride…deceit?

I was lying to myself.

A lie I continue to invite others to embrace and practice religiously, pun intented.

How can I tell people to lie to theirselves, the same lie was processing through my veins just a moment ago, when I was not feeling the happy feelings of joy, love, etc, when all my body is giving me feedbacj that all is not as well as it should be?

I should be ashamed.

…then again isn’t everyone doing this?

Isn’t eveyone lying to themselves?

“I can’t do this and that.”

“I’m ugly.”

“I’m going to be successful.”

“I’m sick.”

“I love you.”

All the above are lies that can change in a split second, some take time for us to believe, but when we do we begin to live them.

(c) Musa Tshoaele