When They Interview Me 5 Years From Now I Will Tell Them…

Looking back, all I could do what fantasies with Intent & Emotion of the life I was going to live.

Believing in my dreams with the growing desire of wanting them to become reality was one of the things that keept me alive.

And in any case when it came to real material possessions, all I had was my mind.

The greatest and the most powerful assest every (wo)man has at their disposal.

And I played with it like a shark needs water to breath.

Everyday I imagined the impossible as if it was real, for me in any case.

Making whatever “realistic” plans to reach my “unrealistic” goals.

Every morning when I woke up I reminded myself who I was.

I was the end result of my successfully accomplished goals.

My stride was different.

My use of grammar and speech “improved.”

My carriage was full of self pride.

The vision I kept imagining in my head become clearer.

It began to be part of my memory, as if I’ve lived it before.

All the while being open to anyone or anything that will makes this lifestyle, my lifestyle, I kept closer to my heart than the lungs I breath, a reality for me.

(c) Musa Tshoaele

Law Of Attraction: How To Make The Agents That Work Against You Work With You

In reading the personal development material I have been reading over the years I thought about the many a elements of success – this I did voluntarily so to break focus from a particular relationship challenge I am beginning to overcome.

One of the elements of success I immediately drooled over that quickly grabbed my attention was the saying “action speaks louder than words” which has brought new meaning to it than it did before learning about the laws of success – which also includes the sub law referd to as the law of attraction.

Even David Schirmer, one of The Secret teachers, also makes reference to this (see www.signpoststofreedom) of how being a walking encylopedia will not bring you success.

You must take action!

Truth be told watching and reading things like The Secret and thinking that if you only think about success, without any corresponding CONTINOUOS action, success will come to you.

This is partially true therefore you would mostly experience partial success.

Prayer and affirmations are both part of the same parcel as they are both tools that create our experiences.

And if they are both left unchecked, which is mostly the case since all the magic of creation happens in our subconscious “unconscious” mind any way, we run the risk of living a life with a variety of results.

Your “ups and downs” of life having a life of their own.

And who said the only time your prayers and affirmations “count” would be when we consciously take part in these practises of change.

Dear loveable reader it is when these acts of creation are done without thinking, unconsciously (“subconsciously”) that they are the most effective.

That prolonged thought you have, that prolonged emotion you hold on to and allow to occupy permanent residence in your body, the casual words you have with people you speak to even the name calling you mumble to yourself, these are, my beloved highly successful infinite being, the very prayers and affirmations that literally create our lives!

Formal or informal they still do the trick.

Apart from looking at your current results to see what type of words, feelings, thoughts and actions or inactions you associate with yourself – take the role of an observer today and look at what kind of creations you are creating with every thought, word and actions you feel.

With one quick assessment ask yourself: Do they make me feel good or bad?

With that quick assessment you will then see wich of the two roads – good or bad – you are travelling on and then you will immediately begin to limit and break focus on one and increase and expand on the other.

It’s a habit that must be lovingly, deliberatly and persistent be practiced daily until it has replaced your old unsuccessful ones.

Begin today.

You will begin to pick up momentum as you keep on looking at life as half full.

And then you will one come to a point of having developed a skill that will mentally blocking all negative thinking, focusing on how things should be not how they are.

I bless you days with an unlimited supply of happiness in many a forms and multiple streams.

Love & gratitude.

(c) Musa Tshoaele

Dealing With Stress

What is Stress?

The word stress comes from the Latin word “stringere” – which means “to strain” or “to tighten.”

This is exactly what stress is about: in a stressful event our body tenses to allow for a quick response.

Stress is normal – it helps us to survive and react to our environment.

However, stress can become unhealthy and dangerous. In nature, our bodies are designed to react to a threat with a quick bodily response.

Normally, the threat would be dealt with and our body would return to normal.

In our hectic daily life, stress has become the normality so our bodies do not return to relaxation but are constantly tense to react to the multiple stress factors around us.

When we do not find time to unwind and our bodies never get to relax, stress becomes dangerous and unhealthy.

What can you do about stress?

1. Make A Decision: when faced with a stressful situation it is your decision whether you see it as stressful or not.

For example, if you are stuck in traffic on the way to work, you can either frantically switch lanes and hoot at other drivers, or you can sit back, listen to your radio and acknowledge that there is nothing you can do about it.

2. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself: most people focus on the bad things rather than the good things.

How often do you talk to yourself in negative way? “stupid me.” “I can’t do this.”

Check the way you think about yourself and try to change the message you use.

Encourage and support yourself: “next time I’ll try harder,” “I will try the best I can” or “I’ll be all right.”

3. Check Your Diet: caffefine, sugar, fatty foods and alcohol are bad for you.

They deplete essential vitamins and raise arousal levels even further.

Switch to avocados instead – they contain natural anti-depressants and are excellent stress busters.

4. Exercise: exercise breaks down stress. When exercising you allow your body to physically react to stressors. After exercise you will find relaxing much easier.

5. Sleep: ensure that you get enough sleep – 6-8 hours should be enough.

6. Sex And Intimacy: yes it’s good for you! Sex and intimacy allow you to physically and emotionally relax.

7. Recreational Activities: have fun in your spare time. This will help you to shift your focus away from stress allowing for better work/ life balance.

8. Meaning: think about why you are doing all this. What is the meaning behind your life/ work/ family? Reflect on your priorities.

Habits of Effective Stress-Managers

 they know how to relax

 they eat right and exercise often

 they get enough sleep

 they don’t worry about the unimportant stuff

 they don’t get angry often

 they are organized

 they manage their time effectively

 they have and make use of a strong social support system

 they live according to their values

 they have a good sense of humour

…managing stress is not a magical process but rather one that means mastering new behaviours and finding new ways of looking at yourself and the world.”

Acknowledgment must be given to the Employee Wellness Programme Psychology department within the South African Revenue Service.

PS. I wish you a happy new year!