How To Kill A Rat

I can only “get up and go to work, get up and go to work, get up and go to work” for only so long.

What I need to be careful of is to avoid resentment.

Resenting the entire process of

  • waking up to my alarm clock,
  • feeling tired in the morning,
  • being broke & working for my debt with almost half my salary going to the government in taxes,
  • traffic,
  • office politics,

and the list goes on adding fuel to my self-created misery, will only lead to them increasing and expanding because all my focus is on them.

This is called the “Rat Race,” getting up going to work so that I can pay my expenses off, with me reasoning that for me to pay them off completely I must either get a second job or a job promotion.

So here I am running faster on this treadmill, getting a promotion and a higher income, that automatically makes me qualifying for more credit not caring about how the more I earn is the more I am taxed.

So even before my salary reaches my hands, the government takes its share.

I then see the money in my account but I would need to make a withdrawal based on how much debit orders are going to need for them to make a successful savage attack on my single source of already taxed earned income I receive ONCE every 4 WEEKS.

Leaving me with about 10%, if not a deficit of 10%, on my account to survive on for the next time a get paid, in a month’s time.

So here I am, living from paycheck to paycheck, while acquiring or “managing” my debt, expenses that at times exceed my income, thinking that the solution to my discomfort is working harder for my money.

Being a slave to money.

The thought of “having money working harder for me,” never entering my mind.

And being a master to money.

All the while making the rich woman richer at the expense (pun intended) of my energy and time.

I exchange my time and energy for money, because growing up that was all I heard.
“Go to school, get a job, and work hard for your money, buy more assets which in fact sit on your liability column because they take money out of your pocket – therefore sitting in someone else’s assets column.”

If I worked hard enough I can get married, buy a house, a car, have kids, buy a bigger house, and a bigger car, go on vacations (thank God for credit cards, I say to myself) and take my kids to private schools because that was the sales pitch I bought into while growing up.

Well I’m grown up now and all that was bull.

I’ve grown up now and worked my ass off on getting into the rat race faster than most people my age at the time, thinking that the rest, the “good life,” will unfold by itself with little or no effort on my part since I’ve done the “hard part.”

Think again.

It hasn’t even started.

Like being trapped in a cycle that makes “rest” & “enjoy” or catch a breather for just 2 days.

The weekend.

I knew something needed to change for change for happen.

Drowning sorrows for 2 days & going back to the 5 day battle I choose to endure come Monday.

That’s when, like a Godsend, I first discovered what Dr. Joe Vitale calls ”the escalator to life.”

The easy way to getting what I wanted in increasing quantities, on a continuous basis.

Which include having millions of sources of incomes that I setup and leave with them generating money for me whether I wake up or not.

And for me to increase this abundant flow of income I would just need to add another income stream to the multiples I already have & there I go.

No alarm clock to wake up to get up early in the morning.

No traffic.

No office rules.

No office politics.

No being broke 2 days into after just getting paid.

The only catch is the tax that I would have to pay, but if I were to do it right I might even get to keep the money that I make, with it getting taxed AFTER I’ve received it.

And that’s how I aim to kill a rat.

By attending seminars, going to workshops that train me on new skills I need to develop so that I can master the effortless ways of being a multi millionaire, all the while using my earned income from my job to create a self sustaining flow of passive income and portfolio income.

My parents spend thousands of rands getting me an education to become broke, poor and middle class

(unintentionally so, because all I was was a broke middle class working for the rich),

so it will only make sense for me to pay thousands of rands to get the education and experience I need to become rich – thousands of rands I would only get back in return through my overwhelmingly successful business & investment ventures.

And I managed to get a mentor while I was at it.

How To Kill A Rat

  1. Speak, and most importantly, to a financial planner
  2. Attract a seminar(s) per year
  3. Attract a mentor(s)
  4. Use earned income to invest in ways to learn and setup passive and portfolio incomes
  5. Read and DO EXACTLY what Think and Grow Rich
  6. Read and DO EXACTLY what Attract Money Now

because most of the time people know the path, but there’s a difference knowing the path and walking it.

Here’s to your freedom.

Have a merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and an Abundantly Prosperous New Year.

(that’s includes you too sis’ Fikile!)

Yours in grateful expectations.

© Musawenkosi Tshoaele 2009

Why You Have To Give To Others What You Want For Yourself

Why You Have To Give To Others What You Want For Yourself

Today is a The Day of Reconciliation, public holiday, and my girlfriend and I decided to go donate blood at nearest SANBS branch to us, which was at our beautiful Maponya mall.

Well, actually it was her idea and we all know how manipulative you girls can be, all for the good of mankind mind you, and so we ended up on the floor in reception area of their non-government organization.

The receptionist/ nurse at the clinic wanted to know why I wanted to donate blood, and I attempted to explain the Law of Giving and Receiving to her.

After the first sentence, all I got from her was a “Huh?”


My mind went on overdrive as I attempted to bring her up to speed to what the world, in relation to the Law of Giving and Receiving, was all about.

But due to the manner of my presentation as if I was talking to someone who was familiar with the subject of spirituality,

explaining this New Thought to her abundantly beautiful, humble, nurturing and special mind was…

…well, it got me tongue tied because I failed to take inconsideration the level of understanding of my audience.

It’s either she got the jest of what I was trying (have you notice how when we “try” to do something we mostly fail?) to relay to her and why I wanted to donate, in between the parables I was babbling

– which I hope she understood was that I was doing this from a giving heart, pun intended –

or she either told herself “This man must be mad crazy! And since we are in short supply of some mad crazy blood let me just give him a short brief and let him decide on whether he’s game or not.”

Everything was a go expect for the meds for indigestion I’m currently finishing off – diet needs to be improved, doctors orders.

If I still want to donate after 24 hours of taking my last pill then I’m more than welcome to go back there and do just that.

At best what I really wanted to inform of was that it has come to my experience that there is an invisible flow of something, which has everyone else living on the very circular, endless channel it flows on and which we were born into,

that carries our intentions covered in our deeds, good or bad, away from us only to boomerang them back to us.

In reality, we do not give out material things like

  • Christmas cards,
  • statements and comments,
  • hand shakes,
  • inner thoughts about self and others,
  • favors,
  • chores,
  • service,
  • products,
  • duties

and any other forms of action without simultaneously giving out the intention or emotion behind it.

In fact what we do give IS the intent or emotion and not the physical act or deed.

So when two people get told the same thing and setup goals that will systematically make them successful with one person achieving success while the other does not, the latter went of with an emotion/ intent of failing

Unconscious to her, otherwise she would have succeeded no matter what she did.

So when we give our intentions in and through our actions – thought, word, deed or act – this invisible flow of something I mentioned early carries it out to everything and everyone in this world.

When humans “pick it up” as it enters their mind as an idea, inspiration or thought

(this needs to read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich interpretation of how the mind works like a broadcasting and receiving station),

they might entertain this intention that is clothed by the image they picked up, the mind thinks in pictures and not in words, and thus release it again back to the invisible circular stream of something that flows through and with everything and everyone.

And therefore making it possible for it returning back to you, the source, for you to only begin another cycle again and again…

So, nurse, it is from my experience of this that I would rather give the intention of love by clothing it in act of blood donating in order for me, by law, to receive more love in my life.

Therefore promoting the concept of abundance in this world.

I give that which I want for myself.

And it is by understanding this Law of Giving and Receiving that you will understand that what I am doing is not for selfish reasons, but for a universally generous purpose.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele 2009

Life’s Chains I Break Free From

I gotta say
Im thankful 4 all misery that has come my way
All day
May –
Even when I didn’t wanna play
When the sky was grey –
Friends where few
Only because I had my head down
Focus elsewhere
Couldn’t see those that did care
Calling them rare
Thinking life wasn’t playing fair
Trippin on engines that runs this world like tracks that crossroads on a freeway
Joy telling me she can’t stay
Even afted i kissed her four –
More than
Ten times outside her home in between my Italy and her Germany
I miss u loving me
Even if it was a lie

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele

“It doesn’t take much to be rich” she said, and it didn’t click until she mailed me a detailed presentation of a strategies that clearly indicates when to buy and when to sell.

Pure stock trading.

Assets that make money for me TODAY.

Of course I’m going to lose money Not only would I be making consistent profits from the exchange but I would be gaining more practical experience of how to increase & keep the money I make.

She mentioned how she used to attend workshops being the only black woman there.

How she kept on wondering where others of our race were and why they did not attend financial liberating meetings like the ones she been going to.

It would be ignorant for me to say that information is not easily available and if it is, one has to pay for it.

Therefore making the rich richer – knowlegde wise – and the poor poorer as they watch the gap between them and the rich widen.

My experience has shown me otherwise.

Information, like anything else, IS easily accessible if one makes it a point to find it.

“Seek and ye shall find.”

I mean for instance, I never knew what the law of attraction was.

I made it my intention to find out what it was/ is, and I did.

Life is the result of our intention for it.

If you make it your intention to do what you can to reach a specific goal, 9 times out of 10 you will reach it.

The other 10% could come as a temporary defeat which is actually a feedback to you of what you need to do or learn before you become successful.

That means if I come out of a failure having learnt what I needed to soldier on and succeed (also known as experience) I’ve effectively tend that failure into a success.

So I rephrase: If you make it your intention to do what you can to reach a specific goal, 10 times out of 10 you will reach it.

Just like the idea of getting rich bein easy.

Make it your intention to find out how effortless it can be, and you will.

(c) 2010, Musawenkosi Tshoaele

You know what, before I leave there here’s a book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth, I read that has educated me on how the rich think – or thought they did.

At the time of this post it was going $14,95…I mean $14,95 a lot to invest for the purpose of becoming a millionaire?

I give you multi millionaire T. Harv Eker in Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

Never Lose Your Momentum…

You can have anything you want, by giving everyone everything that THEY want.

I had a tough conversation with my @thube about what am I doing to create the financial satisfying lifestyle I am promoting.


I have spent most of my days playing computer games, becoming a walking encyclopedia with the self-help books I’ve reading, listening to personal development audio clips & writing about my perception of what I have read, and making non-impactful attempts at visualizations and affirmations.

And the Steps Towards Riches I proudly advertise via Think and Grow Rich are steps half taken, hence the partial success.

I think I was talking to myself when I spoke of having the courage to act.

To take action by writing out a plan for my goals…

And there was a time in my life when I did this [the implementation of my goals] so well that my successes came effortlessly.

I was what Dr. Joe Vitale would call Action-Oriented.

Come to think of it, this was a trick I learned from reading The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Dr. Stephen R. Covey some years ago were he wrote how I have roles in my life that need to be well played in order for me to highly effective.

For instances I am a:

  • Son
  • Brother
  • Cousin
  • Nephew
  • Grandson
  • Friend
  • Boyfriend
  • Colleague
  • Employee
  • Community Member
  • Writer
  • Internet Marketer
  • Spiritual Being
  • Physical Being
  • Blogger, and so on.

Then I look at how I work on improving on the roles I play so to make my life better.

Because when I am happy, I am able to infect everyone around with my being happy.

So now that I have my roles laid out I can now focus on how I can best improve on them.

So I take the 24-hours I have in a day and minus the time I sleep, and with the remainder I will decide on the what portion do I dedicate in being a better Spiritual Being, Son, Brother, Colleague, Internet Marketer, Friend, etc.

These would be a number of tasks I give myself to complete like meditating for 15 minutes in the morning, doing my house chores for 30 minutes.

Giving my sister driving lessons for 1 hour.

Dedicating the 7 hours I spend at work making it easier for co-workers to interact with me [I tend to be anti-social at times with everyone talking about a life or scarcity when I live in a world of abundance. Who can I relate to without taking a step back in my progress?].

30 – 45 minutes networking with people on the Net.

The amount of waves I made planning out my action-oriented days has gotten me employed, new clothes, a car, a computer with internet connection,increased self confidence, informal education in the form of the self-help & empowering books and audios I now have, and other small success that I allowed to become blurred with me losing my momentum.

The hunger that was there when I was a dependent in college and during my time as a temp’ worker needs to be resurrected.

Somewhere along the line I lost focus and began thinking that I do not control the outcome, my pace slowed down and almost everyone who I outran at the starting line caught up and left me behind.

But this must only serve as a motivator and something I need to work on towards my intend success in life.

The only true difference from a person who is success and one who is not, is the former takes action while the latter does not.

“Knowledge, Without Application, Is Potential Power.”

And this sense of fulfillment comes from giving myself to the world in joyful service that is harmonious to my purpose, the reason why I am here.

Anywuu I just thought I should share because you beautiful and I love you.

Have blast Taking Action, and if this be my last blog for the year: HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND AN ABUNDANTLY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele 2009

Let The Love That You Are Glow Excitedly

Just got in to work and on opening my mail – the first thing I ever do when I turn on my workstation – I see that Mbali, the abundantly awesome cousin that invited me to to take a journey on this path of enlightenment, sent this to me late afternoon yesterday.

Thought I should share this with you because I really REALLY need for you to succeed.


Well, isn’t it obvious, I love you.

Progress always involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first. – Frederick Wilcox

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele