We’re All Connect: You Wouldn’t Willing Cause Another To Feel Pain If It Was Going To Cause You To Feel Pain Also

It literally feels like I woke up trying to push the furious flow of a powerful flow of water upstream with futile results.

Something my girlfriend said last night triggered an unchecked negative emotion which I choose to hold on to before going to bed, an error in thinking which does not harmonies with the rich, abundant happiness that my spiritual self is.

The unlimited spirit that holds my body together also forms the air between myself and another person or object.

That external person/ object is also composed of the spirit that I am although in a possible different vibration than I am in, a vibration that depicts the colour & form, giving us the illusion that due to our differences we are separate from one another.

Which is not true.

This “I am separate from you” mentality has led to misery, pain, discomfort, struggle, hatred, anger, dissatisfaction and other related emotions that are created by man and are not God created, and are thus the foundations of the Hell experience.

Even God is seen as a separate being from us with some people at times looking up to Him during prayer and not looking within – even after being reminded this with verses like “the kingdom of God is within.”

For me another interpretation of Let Go and Let God could be letting go of the thoughts and feelings that make me feel bad and embrace the positive goodness that God is, the positive goodness that I am.

And one way to do that is to break focus with it.

Feeding the discomfort with your focus and attention is just going to expand & increase it.

You will seem to attract past and future experiences that would justify and validate your current mood and it would feel like you are sinking faster and faster in your man-made quicksand which causes tension and stress through your body and that is where disease comes from.

Willing yourself to feed into your mind positive “feel good” images – the mind thinks in pictures, not words – by taking your focus away from thinking, talking, and feeling about your unfortunate state of being and into:

reading inspiring books or articles,

listening to or singing along to your favourite music,


taking long peaceful walks taking in everything you see with awe and amazement,

closing your eyes and forcing each and every cell of your body to vibrate in a state of happiness for as long as you can,

taking a piece of paper and writing about what you would rather experience and how you would feel right now if the thing you wanted to happen happened,

eating and feeling joy as you allow your taste buds to celebrate at how good eating that bowl of cereal feels like you almost want to cry tears of joy, all exercises that might even take less than 3 minutes to do.

“Give thanks in all circumstances.”

Being humbled and giving thanks in all situations, good or bad, helps us see the lesson that has been brought to us by our subconscious mind.

A lesson that is needed to be learnt for us to grow in spiritual evolution bringing us closer in alignment to the Order wich is our unlimited Source Supply of God.

Something I need to sit in silence on and allow myself to voluntarily take in, accept and become.

An individual can stay mad or hold grudges for years on end and reap the repurccisons or she can do that for 3 minutes, and focus on attracting and manifesting and created the abundant success and happiness she is and thus deserves, by birthright.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele, Copyright (c) 2009 – All rights reserved.

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