The Trip Down To Durban, Margate

There was a post I made here looong ago were I promised to upload some pics of our trip down to Durban.

The last time I played on the beach was when I made the trip to Cape Town to go see an ex-girlfriend who I met on Mxit and had enough cash saved up on me to make the trip for weekend by plane and back again.

That was my 1st trip to the mother city and one of the most memorable weekend I had!

People from Elsies River and Mitchell’s Plein do know how to have a great time!

Out of respect for the co-workers who I made the trip down to Durbs with pictures with them in were omitted from this update.

Something about not being comfortable with people looking at how good they looked inside those ocean wet swimwear they were in 😉

Otherwise for me, the whole entire experience was a magical one.

Just walking down to the beach and hear through my skin the abundance & power of the sea crashing against the rocking shores that were had to pass on our to the beach was…familiar?

It was something that had a spiritual meaning for me that I found hard to wrestle with this time around, as the waves were telling me of how the spiritual me is as magnifence and boundless as they are.

Feelings of “connectivity” with all things were tugged against my heart like angel playing with it like it would a harp, with the notion of “I am separate from all” leaving my mind and body as if I was enlightened…re-united to All, once again.

“You are a spiritual being having a physical experience,” I seem to hear Durban South Coast say to me.

“Life is ment to be effortless,” it continued on our way back to accommodation we booked for that week, “it is your ego that you feel you need to please that makes life a struggle.”

“The more the ego, the more the effort.”

“The less the ego, the less the effort.”

“By going within, to the spiritual being that were are, quitening the mind and becoming alarmingly aware of your breathing, will you begin to go forth living like the instrument of God’s love you are.”

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele, Copyright (c) 2009 – All rights reserved.

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