It’s Like A Movie…

…With the sound of lack and limitation screeching in the background

Characters falling in an out of dramas on queue

And still the storyline is maintained

Although the main character fails to realize it

As usual

As if everyone else knows and they keep on gossiping about why the main character hasn’t figured it out yet

“Maybe next week,” they whisper to one another when the camera is not

“Maybe next week they producer will finally tell the director to tell the writer to include maybe include the lost brother in the script who was separated at birth to come as a teacher and finally tell the main character what the moral
of the story is.”

Even though producer, director, scriptwriter, editor, cameraman and actor all go by the same name.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele

If The Soul Were To Scream

If the soul were to scream it would be to the sound of bone crushing.

If the soul were to scream it would be to the sound of the body being ripped apart from the inside-out with the invisible claws of freedom.

If the soul were to scream it would be to the sound of birth giving.

If the soul were to scream it would be to the sound of a quitened mind that thinks of no thoughts.

If the soul were to scream it would be to sound of love that comes in the form of evil.

If the soul were to scream it would be to the sound of gun fire.

If souls were to scream it would be to the sound of competing.

If souls were to scream it would be to the sound of revenge.

If souls were to scream it would be to the sound of the ego.

If souls were to scream human ears would only hear laughter.

If souls were to scream we would cover it up with loud music and people.

If souls were to scream one would hear that she can never hope to attain that for which she seeks unless she becomes it.

If souls were to scream one will see that ultimate power lies in services to man, which is services to God, which is
service to self. Service to All.

If souls were to scream it would be to the sound of a dead end/ of the road/ less travelled.

If souls were to scream it would be to the sound of conformity.

If souls were to scream it would be to the sound of limitation.

If the soul were to scream it would be through making others feel how abundant we are due to how connecting we way by making the other feel what I feel…the only way our souls communicate with us not knowing is through feeling, for “feelings are the language of our souls.”

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele

The Success Principles Mentorship Message #1

Saturday, June 20, 2009 7:26 PM
“Jack Canfield”
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Dear Musa,

Welcome to the first email you’ll receive as part of the 21-day Success Principles FREE Mentorship Course – filled with success strategies that can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

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And now – with a heartfelt welcome from Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer – let’s get started with today’s Mentorship Message…


As human beings, we often believe we don’t have enough money,romance, success or joy in our lives. But what we need to understand is that greatness exists in all of us. It’s simply a matter of pulling that greatness out of ourselves and using it to get us from where we are now…to where we want to be.

While many people believe they are entitled to live a great life, top achievers we’ve met over the years know they must take 100% responsibility for achieving the lifestyle, relationships, financial freedom and opportunities they experience in their lives.

This isn’t always easy. But one way to start taking more responsibility is to begin responding differently to the events that occur in your life. Remember the formula from Principle #1 of The Success Principles book?

—->>> E + R = O

Event + Response = Outcome. That’s right…you can actually change the outcomes in your life – and get better ones – simply by responding differently to challenges and opportunities that occur.

Listen now as Jack walks you through how to respond differently using the E+R=O formula. Click on this audio link now and wait a few moments for today’s audio lesson to start playing:

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Taking 100% responsibility is what successful people do. And it’s the first step YOU must take on your new Success Principles journey.

We’ll see you tomorrow with another mentorship message.

In friendship,


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The Key To Unlimited Freedom

I get this voice, it sounds like mine but I’m not so sure, nagging me, willing me to write.

Saying, “tell them, tell them, tell them,” after I told “myself” a sentence that moved me.

Usually something I have heard before but was not enlightened enough to really listen.

“You not listening,” I heard “myself” saying.

Which is truthful.

All of my hunches, intuition, sixth sense, gut feeling I only listen to and do what they suggest only 15% of the time.

On one hand I ask God for guidance, then on the other I don’t take heed to Her words.

And now after starting to meditate for this past week, these “words” of guidance are becoming louder…or can I say I am now more inclined to do as the say than I was before.

“The kingdom of God is within you.”

As corny as it is, it feels so real…surreal.

“Feelings are the language of the soul.” – Neale Donald Walsch

And it scares me.

The idea and possibility of going to a place where I can get the answers to any question or challenge I am facing…it’s liberating.

And this level of liberation is so out of this dimension that, I guess, it’s exciting…and scary.

Me thinks I must rather say it feels so good it’s exciting :).

Ja and that’s were it is, right there. Exciting, and emotion I should rather hold on to and focus on.

In any case, what I was suppose to have brought to attention was that:

true success comes to those who give for the primary purpose of helping another to grow.

Which in turn is going to make you successful in various ways, including financial, since we are all connected.

There is no greater teacher than experience, so try it, it’s unbreakable.

Dedicate the next hour in giving love and gratitude to all things, people and circumstance.

All you will experience from then onwards is love and gratitude cloaked in physical form(s)… well until you start thinking thoughts that are not loving and grateful.”

“We become what we think about.” – Earl Nightingale

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Be The Freedom You Seek

There was a motivational poster my science teacher by the name of Mr. Swart had against one of his that I couldn’t understand.

At one point I had enough and asked a friend whether he understood it.

He immediately said yes as if wondering what human could understand such a basic statement.

I then asked if he could amuse me and explain it to me.

He explained, “The quote is in the form of a question asking what if the enemy that must be feared is not any one outside ourselves but ourselves.”

“Which literaly means that the enemy that should be battled is with ourselves.”

Now I take it that everything external that we all to hurt us is an external version of ourselves we hate.

Hatred is just an error in thought or perception.

Change the perception and you change the outcome.

Negative emotions are also known as resistance, and this blog update I attracted via twitter talks about releasing the resistance.

I pray you find it uplifting and helpful and inspiring and motivational and enriching and awesome and full of love and tenderness.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele

Be The Success You Are Pursuing

On 11/17/09, Bob Proctor wrote…

Dear Musa,

“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’

Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”

Napoleon Hill 1883-1970, Author of Think and Grow Rich.

Sent to you as a courtesy of: Bob Proctor

Watch a great video with Bob Proctor.

To learn something new please go to the following website.

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“>Click here now

Don’t Say I Never Told You So

The subject getting rich or “getting” anything for that matter is mainly focused on physical acquisitions.

An act of acquiring physical things – i.e. A job, a promotion, clients, good grades, a car, a house, a baby, a husband, a girlfriend, playstation, perfect health, a sexy looking physique, etc – believing that these external factors are going to giving you what you really want: Happiness.

Take you Musa for instance, you would like to receive and abundance of finances through a multiple of sources & in increasing amounts that would elivate the comfort and pleasures of life for all the people you love (with you realising that how we ard all connected has expanded to the entire universe, yourself included) without you having to lift a finger or driving to work for it.

And you have began identifying this as an emotion, or Energy in MOTION.


Thank the Lord for Robert Kiyosaki’s teachings in “Rich Dad Poor Dad” which I believe was the very first time in your current life you heard of the truth meaning of Financial Freedom.

Which is building, creating or buying a system that generates income(s) that you dictate, without effort, in as many streams as you would want.

But in your sudden enlightenment have forgetten that even if you would have become “African’s Multi Millionaire That Nobody Knows” there is a good chance that you’ld still won’t be happy.

Which in you case means Freedom.

“Happiness cannot be found in things, but in the Creator.”

A formula you perpetuate within this blog, which is serious need of a new look mind you, and your other social networking accounts that (wo)man is also a creator since we were created in the image and likeness of God and therefore use God to co-create our experiences. Good or bad.”

All this for the simply purpose of being happy – that’s why I love you blog title so much…expect for the “pursuit” part, it’s as if you are affirm the image of always seeking instead of the image of “being” happy.

I believe it was Bob Proctor who said that all of the most truly successful people – true success means being Happy AND Rich, an oxymoron in your world I’m sure – he had met, was inspired by or coached to wealth (physical, relational, financial, emotional and spiritual wealth) meditate.

If I told you that for you to ride a bike, you need to use both your feet but then you kept on using one and kept on falling whose fault is it?

Just like I am telling you that in order to be the awesome successful you long to be and you don’t embrace my wisdom and you keep on falling, whose fault is that?

Meditation always you to be in touch with the organised syndicate that runs your life, it is unconscious that is why you don’t CONSCIOUSLY acknowledge this.

You are soul, spirit, energy, formless and therefore abundant, unlimited, free successful & simple, God, Universe – cause – and all else is physical, effect…which can be changed and manipulated to your benefit.

All this is done by Thought.

You know this, but it hasn’t become your way of life yet.

It is not that I am sick that makes me sick, but the thought that I am.

When I THINK that I am limited, my actions will act in accordance with that “thinking.”

When I THINK that I am unlimited, my actions, no what anyone says, will act as if Nothing Is Impossible.

And you need to first feel before you can create or manifest it.

And what better place to feel it first that giving it to yourself through meditation.

A status is an emotion, my cashflow rich assets are not the cause of my results.

I am.

I am.

And since all of us are connected – give love to a stranger and the form of a silent prayer and the universe will conspire to give it back to you in some form, person of circumstance hence the connectivity – by saying “I” I also mean “You,” since you and I are One.

One just like God or the Universe are separate yet singular.

It’s gonna weird at first with your comfortable clothes, sitting in silence of 15 mins or more managing the chaos of your thoughts into focusing on your breathing.

But that will soon where of with practise and you will become to feel your soul and your unlimited abundance you radiate in, with love.

All we are is love, a self deception we’ve been trying to execute hence the struggle and misery we come across.

All things are effortless, it’s believing that it’s not that makes us unhappy, as will try to force the effort out which then becomes our experience…


“Hatred and/ or anger are competitive emotions that make you experience a world of limitation.

Love and/ or gratitude are creative emotions that make you experience a world of abundance.” ~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

“Stand ye out and be different and don’t let the others trick you back into where you were.

It’s not easy.

It takes fortitude.” ~ Lester levenson, Keys To Ultimate Freedom.

“Adversity is a prod to growth.” ~ Lester levenson, Keys To Ultimate Freedom.

“You should thank those who oppose you because they give you an unusual opportunity for growth.” ~ Lester levenson, Keys To Ultimate Freedom.

“It is a good opportunity to grow when people are saying things about you, opposing you.

It gives you a chance to practice the real Love.

It gives you a chance to practice the real Peace.

Because they are making sounds with their mouths is no reason why you should feel bad about it.

Opposition is a very healthy thing.

It prokes and firms growth.” ~ Lester levenson, Keys To Ultimate Freedom.

(c) Musawenkosi Tshoaele, 2010

We’re All Connect: You Wouldn’t Willing Cause Another To Feel Pain If It Was Going To Cause You To Feel Pain Also

It literally feels like I woke up trying to push the furious flow of a powerful flow of water upstream with futile results.

Something my girlfriend said last night triggered an unchecked negative emotion which I choose to hold on to before going to bed, an error in thinking which does not harmonies with the rich, abundant happiness that my spiritual self is.

The unlimited spirit that holds my body together also forms the air between myself and another person or object.

That external person/ object is also composed of the spirit that I am although in a possible different vibration than I am in, a vibration that depicts the colour & form, giving us the illusion that due to our differences we are separate from one another.

Which is not true.

This “I am separate from you” mentality has led to misery, pain, discomfort, struggle, hatred, anger, dissatisfaction and other related emotions that are created by man and are not God created, and are thus the foundations of the Hell experience.

Even God is seen as a separate being from us with some people at times looking up to Him during prayer and not looking within – even after being reminded this with verses like “the kingdom of God is within.”

For me another interpretation of Let Go and Let God could be letting go of the thoughts and feelings that make me feel bad and embrace the positive goodness that God is, the positive goodness that I am.

And one way to do that is to break focus with it.

Feeding the discomfort with your focus and attention is just going to expand & increase it.

You will seem to attract past and future experiences that would justify and validate your current mood and it would feel like you are sinking faster and faster in your man-made quicksand which causes tension and stress through your body and that is where disease comes from.

Willing yourself to feed into your mind positive “feel good” images – the mind thinks in pictures, not words – by taking your focus away from thinking, talking, and feeling about your unfortunate state of being and into:

reading inspiring books or articles,

listening to or singing along to your favourite music,


taking long peaceful walks taking in everything you see with awe and amazement,

closing your eyes and forcing each and every cell of your body to vibrate in a state of happiness for as long as you can,

taking a piece of paper and writing about what you would rather experience and how you would feel right now if the thing you wanted to happen happened,

eating and feeling joy as you allow your taste buds to celebrate at how good eating that bowl of cereal feels like you almost want to cry tears of joy, all exercises that might even take less than 3 minutes to do.

“Give thanks in all circumstances.”

Being humbled and giving thanks in all situations, good or bad, helps us see the lesson that has been brought to us by our subconscious mind.

A lesson that is needed to be learnt for us to grow in spiritual evolution bringing us closer in alignment to the Order wich is our unlimited Source Supply of God.

Something I need to sit in silence on and allow myself to voluntarily take in, accept and become.

An individual can stay mad or hold grudges for years on end and reap the repurccisons or she can do that for 3 minutes, and focus on attracting and manifesting and created the abundant success and happiness she is and thus deserves, by birthright.

– Musawenkosi Tshoaele, Copyright (c) 2009 – All rights reserved.