Your Wish Is My Command

Was listening to a radio interview of a tv personality who mentioned that everything she has, from her experiences, her best friend and her team, etc was an answered prayer from God.

Each and everyone.

That type of acknowledgement is rare and power.

We ask, well those who dare to, from the Spirit or God or Life to give us answers the one moment, and forget about it in the other.

Whereas if we were to ask for something, well I prefer giving thanks for receiving with the emotion I would feel once I get it physically that is, and then go out in the world expecting to receive ways and hints and gut feelings that would lead us to receiving the things we wanted.

This in the form of receiving answers from God.

When I say “expect” I DO NOT mean for you to go out in the world and send out emotional, mental and verbal “emails” of desperation to the universe because you want “IT” in the next hour.

What I am inviting you to do is not to think of lack and anxiety but of love and abundance – ok if love is too much fr you, let’s replace it with gratitude, even though is rated the moment powerful feeling you can vibrate in.

Feel loving now…

Feel grateful now…

Feel abundant now for the ways you are attracting to getting what you are wishing.

I believe that’s why they said one must be clear when it comes to what exactly one wants, or otherwise end up attracting something remotely similar to the blurry image of the thing you created in your mind.

When a person has an emotional connection with the thing they desire, it will manifest, at times through inspired action, faster than if she just had the “emotion-less” image on its own.

That is why a prayer of gratitude is one of the most powerful prayers one can partake in, and best of all doesn’t cost you a cent!

Musawenkosi Tshoaele, Copyright © 2009 – All rights reserved.

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